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What is the myth of China?

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The myth of China is in a poem. It was supposed to be the best poem in China. Or the best of its kind in China. The great poet Li Bai once exclaimed when he first read the poem in the Yellow Crane Tower, "I have nothing to say about the beauty of the scenery here, it was all said by Cui Hao." And indeed, no one had written a better poem then Cui Hao.  

What had Cui Hao written? Why is it so good? Is it true it's the best poem?

It is all because, the poem carried a myth of China, and the myth is in a form of beauty in the poem.  

I shall translate the meaning of the poem here. 

The man was left riding a yellow crane
Remain was the empty building of yellow crane
Never returned oh ye crane
For a thousand years, white cloud floats on the empty vain 

Sun too bright on the river and Han Yeung trees too vividly clear
Fine grasses on the Island of Parrots were melancholy dear
The sun was set yet I know not where to go here
Floating on the waves a sad mood was near

And of course, it is an excellent poem in its original old Chinese form. The poem had raised an issue and the issue was so strikingly true and pierced into the hearts of those who really cares.

It is a feeling of lost. 

But what had been lost? 

Is it a guiding spirit that had been here with the Chinese but lost forever? 

Who am I? Where did I come from? What am I going to do? Many questions remain unanswered.

The Chinese were left alone empty handed. The ancient spirit has been gone.

It is a kind of a sadness that can never be brushed away, if you have really felt it. It was like the sunny trees. It was so vividly clear to you, that you are lost. You saw the trees and you know it is all true and your fate cannot be revised. It was written and it was painted like the trees on your eye. And they seemed to be living in an island of parrots. Fine people have nothing to say, while the parrots were noisy. The feeling was very clear. Li Bai must had been in the same feeling that he was suddenly dumped and suffocated. He cannot say anything. He closed his mouth and put down his pen. 

It was the feeling of an orphan in the contest of old Chinese culture. Modern Chinese culture is not like that, but the old wound had been a feeling never brushed away.

The most important teachings had been lost. What had been left was a few of the ancient stories and broken materials. 

There were two losts in Chinese culture. One was natural lost and the other artificial lost. The old Chinese culture was willfully rewritten and replaced by the rulers secretly since Zhou dynasty. Only the works of Confucius was left free. There were no books to read, as said by the author in the Dream of the Red Chamber. 

If some people do not agree on the artificial lost of the Chinese culture, they cannot deny the real and natural lost of Chinese culture.

Many of the science and knowledge brought into these days are without source. It seems that the Creator had left but luckily a manual was kept. The Chinese knowledge about the human body was just like a manual from the Creator, or a very wise alien from outer universe. Those who studied Chinese medicine found the Meridian points were so wonderfully designed and constructed, yet no one really knows where did they come from. 

If by chance we have a manual of the human body, what about the soul? Do we have a manual about the soul also? 

It seems that the real guidance had been left. And he was flown away by a yellow crane. 

And my point is that one ought to be happy, if one knows the situation that there is really a lost. If the lost be admitted and confirmed then the lost is not a lost. The missed truth can be recovered or recreated if you are aware of it. 

I went to see the Yellow Crane Tower recently. And I had written a poem about it. 

It was like this:

Second visit of the building of yellow crane

Loneliness is but emptiness as a feeling
It is more empty like thousand year clouds floating
Parrots are happily noisy while the bird was diminishing
A very bright river highlights the missing

Water flows for a return
Millions of birds, left or right and everywhere flying
Victories are knowing and searching
Celebration, oh my gloden crane, when you are back coming

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A note by the writer
Staying in China is a happy moment. Especially when I visited the Tower of the Yellow Crane. It seemed you are talking with the old friends, and they are so talkative, you feel lonely no more. Politics are not my interest, I never like to read the political news about HK, though friends are busy updating them for me. Literature and music are a beautiful time. I am never bored with the poems.


What is the time difference of now and future?

9207  what is the time difference of now and future?

 I was staying in a hotel room near the river of Gan in Jiangxi. Its a grand view indeed, you will see how the river flows from south to north.  Its final destination is a grand lake of Po Yeung. The lake is so big, you will think you are in the Eastern sea. 

By the river side, there is a highway. Not every camera is interested to point at those cars in the highway. The river is so striking, your thoughts are all there and neglected the highway.  There are very few ships, but lots of cars. 

One thing you will observe about the cars are that they are very slow. If you spotted one and see how it goes from the far south to the far north, it needs a time more than you can endure. 

From the view of a high rise building, the cars are slow. But once you are by the side of the cars, they were running beasts speeding by your side.

Its like the moon on top of that night. The moon seems motionless, but she is running in a speed ten times the speed of a fast train in China. 

Yet she is very slow in a far away view.  

It is the same with the modern politics. 

Every one were so busy fighting each other. They would work round the clock to get things done. 

But actually they are very slow, from the eyes in a higher place. 

Can I speed up myself ?  Can I run faster and faster?

Its basically impossible. We are living in a clock of evolution, not in a clock on a  wall. 

We will all be evolving. And there are different appoaches of the evolution. 

We will suddenly remember the war between Greece and Persia two thousand or more years ago. Its only yesterday, from the clock of evolution. 

Alexander the Great defeated Persia in an extremely short time. People were amazed about his talent, and his talent was from his teacher, who was Aristotle. Is it a war of culture? Is it a war of how the wise Western culture defeated the Eastern culture? Is different culture an aim to make war to? 

Culture is not a reason for wars. Its only a tool. by the time of Alexander, their fighting weapons were more or less the same. But they have different brains. Alexander knew logic and mathematics, and the Persians didn't.

People nowadays wonder how the history goes.  Will there be a war between the US and China? Who will win the war? 

The US is not necessary a representative of the Western culture. If you see it in a deeper view, you will find out there is actually no philoshophy in the United States. There are many learned philosophers with PhDs in the States, but there is no philosophy. The President is too wise to need a philosopher, he needs no logic either. This is one important finding we must bear in mind that the United States need not be a symbol of the Western Culture. 

As for China, the question is whether the Chinese have some philosophy also? May be and may be not. Its because the Chinese is not so much materialistic as the United States. But time is fast and time is short. We cannot in this stage to judge whether the Chinese will be more materialistic like their counterparts in the West. 

I had tried my luck in China recently. 

I wish to publish my two small books in China. I dare not to approach Shenzhen which is too close to Hong Kong. I choosed a far away place. It was a Hei Long Jiang province publication house I tried to aproach to. The editor seemed nice and easy to talk to. But things happened two days later. He refused to answer my call and never return my message in wechat. What had happened?  Is it the work of the underground power in Hong Kong? I can only bitterly smile. 

I am a song writer. A song writer needs singers. I happened to find out some singers in Jiangxi. They are music students in a music college here in a big university. We had a good time singing together. However, the same happened recently. At least two of the singers refused to sing for me. What is the matter? Was the power so powerful to follow me already? There are so many songs from Hong Kong here in China; yet one writer was refused. 

I wondered not in the present situation, but history.

For a very long time in China, many important works had been willfully rewritten. Not a single ture copy of the 'Water Margin Stories' or  'A Journey to the West' can be found. They were almost completely rewritten according to the wills of the secret powers in the past. The situation have been a topic in my other bigger books, though they can never reach the readers.    

If there will be a true fighting between the United States and China, there will be a confused fighting. It may not be a war like you saw in cinemas. 

You need not to kill your enemy with a nuclear weapon, however, there will be winners and losers anyway.

The clock of evolution still runs. From the short term view, things seemed so strikingly true, and so strikinglty painful,  but from a far away view, you will see how history will go. The true beauty is always there, waiting for you, like in the cinemas. 


A note

a note:
The writer will be staying in mainland China for one month from today.


What is the impossible dream of Donald Trump

9206 What is the impossible dream of Donald Trump 190705.docx

Mr. Trump is now dreaming about a peace prize, and it is not a secret. For an unknown reason, people are delaying the announcement. He will get it sooner or later, yet people are reluctant to announce it. It is completely different from Mr. Barack Obama. Mr. Obama got the prize almost simultaneously with his inauguration date. The peace prize people did not delay it.

There is no reason given why Mr. Trump has to wait.

And he managed to have the endorsement from Mr. Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister.

It seems now, if he had one more important endorsement, he will surely made it.

Will Mr. Xi from China be willing to endorse him?

Mr. Trump is a fast gunner. He takes action quick. However, to have the endorsement from Mr. Xi is no easy matter.

Fast gunners can take short term actions fast. However, they cannot change a mindset overnight.

He has been thinking China is a threat. And he cannot change it easily. He would take the Cheap War seriously and will never consider a stop about that. He is slow regarding to such matters.

However, if one President is not changing, another will. He had only a few years more for the impossible dream.  

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