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Why is ugliness ugly?

Leechard says:

I do not need to consult a scholar to tell me what is ugly. Any one knows. 

Ugliness comes from human being. Nature is never ugly. 

Modern time is a time of ugliness. Other times are not. 

It is like nostalgic song. Nostalgic songs are from other time. New songs seldom have the feeling. New songs are mostly commercial and have no soul. 

Any thing with a soul is beautiful. Any thing lacks a soul is ugly. It is as simple as that. Yet we cannot do away the ugly domination in our time. 

We are living in ugliness.

Money is only consideration. We need money to live. No money spells peril. 

But this is the problem of amphibians. You can only choose one to live on. Either to live for the thing you like to do or live for money. 

Materialism is the major trend of modern world. It brings in soulless human beings. That is the source of ugliness. 

Materialism kills the soul in a secret way. Seldom do we know that our souls are gone. We are not happy because we have no soul, or living in a badly damaged soul.    

We cannot do away materialism. We are not able to do away materialism. Without the strong attraction of money, we would go back to medieval ages. 

It is the same as black and white, sweet and bitter, day and night. 

We wish things to be beautiful, yet we cannot do away ugliness.  

That is the funny side of life, yet still we can choose. Any one can choose to be beautiful. 

You are beautiful when you choose to be.

Why is ugliness unbearable? Because you don't like them. 

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