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What is wrong with the Catholic Church

9181  What is wrong with the Catholic Church  20180827

The Catholic Church have been wrong since the death of Jesus Christ. If Peter the early disciple of Jesus had denied Jesus three times, other disciples must have been denying him millions of times.

The early disciples were only followers of Jesus in the external words, but not the mind of Jesus Christ.

1.    They never seek truth. Love without wisdom is not love. They denied the teaching of Jesus that the Spirit of Truth will be sent to assist the disciples to seek truth. The Catholic Church had turned themselves the suppressors of truth since ancient times.

2.  They  invented the concept of Trinity. It was because they  insisted the old concept of the old testament that God is one. One-God is not the main concern of Jesus. The early and recent disciples of the Catholic Church did not realized the inner teaching of Jesus, that the concept of the old Jewish tradition was wrong. That if they are to insist on attacking the heretic thoughts, and take every one not same as them enemies, then they were not successors of Jesus.

3.  They are running the Church according to the old tradition of the Jews. They force students in the Church to learn the bible in an external way. They did not or refuse to know that some of the Bible texts were misprinted or willfully altered in history.

4.  Jesus told the disciples not to address any one as father. However, there are so many fathers in the Church. And some of the fathers are pedophiles.

5. That to worship God is to get the benefits from God. They want blessings from God, but they neglect the teaching of Jesus: to worship God is to be merciful, not to offer sacrifices. And the material side of life is temporary. To seek the eternal value of life is more important. But they are not interested to know what is eternal life. 

Now the leaders in the Church are busy to handle numerous cases of pedophiles. However, they seldom or never dared to study the inner philosophical wrong of the Church. They were and they are running the Church in a wrong spirit. Yet they never dared to see into that.

I do hope Pope Francis can see into the real problems of the Church. And I hope he can turn a Church of Hypocrites into a Church of Jesus Christ. And I do hope he will not deny Jesus Christ like Peter had.   

                         *Leechard Asks*

(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

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The Wine and the Candle

The Wine and the Candle

The Wine was horrified as he saw his own body, it was half of his body left now.

Someone hold the wine and said, ‘What a pity, I got half of my wine only.’

The Candle asked the Wine, ‘Why are you so upset?’

The Wine said, ‘I have only half of me.’

The Candle smiled, ‘Me too.’

The Wine said, ‘Why are you so happy? Don’t you know you will be gone soon?’

The Candle said, ‘You will see half of your body if you had asked the wrong question.’

The Wine said, ‘What!’

The Candle said, ‘Ask what you are, don’t ask what you have.’

The Wine said, ‘I am wine.’

The Candle said, ‘Were you satisfied being a wine?

The Wine said, ‘Yes, I made people weep, laugh and sometimes I will help them confess.’

The Candle said, ‘Are you happy with what you are?’

The Wine said, ‘Yes.’

The Candle said, ‘Me too.’

Chinese version of "The Wine and The Candle"



May I have my time back?

(continued from  Sorrow of the Candle)

....And it came a child.

The child liked to play with wax. He gathered the wax tears with a little knife and made them burn again.

The Candle groaned. He hadn’t expected such a turn. Though he knew it quite well, there were children everywhere. And fires were persistent. They shall be burning.

The Candle asked again: “May I have my time back?”

The old man said, “You knew my answer long ago.“

The Candle said, “Is it still valid?”
The old man said, “Yes, definitely yes.”

The Candle said, “Then you will not say no to me?”

The old man said, “I will not say no. And your possibilities are not limited.”

It was at this time a group of young people came. They cleaned the place and put on new candles, drinks and lots of chairs, tables. They are going to celebrate something.

They lighted up new candles from the old candle.

The Candle was happy. He was very happy. He had new life and new friends again.


Sorrow of the Candle

Sorrow of the Candle

The Candle had been enjoying burning, now his wax was almost finished.

He was upset.

The old man said: “you have been working for a long time, now you might need a rest. “

The Candle said: “Where is my light? Where are they? ”

The old man said, “Your light has been useful to so many people. Don’t you remember?”

The Candle said, “Yes, I remember. But they had never come back.”

The old man said, “You want them back?”

The Candle said, “When people were with me, I was happy. They were singing, dancing and sometimes reading in front of me. I miss them. I am so lonely.”

Wax tears of the Candle were dropping like rain. The old man found the Candle was crying, he said, “Why are you crying?”

The Candle said, “I can’t stop my tears. I miss my friends. No one is coming back.”

The old man said, “Me too. I miss them. “

The Candle said, “People used me to mark time, now my time is gone. If I cannot have my friends back, can you help me have my time back?”

The old man said, “Well, time is……..”

The Candle said, “Please don’t tell me what time is. Sorry I am not that smart to understand it. I just want them back. I want all my teachers, my friends, my dad and my mum back. Oh please, I am so lonely.”

The old man said, “Do you have a pencil?”

The Candle said, “Yes.”

The old man said, “Please write down their stories, they will be back in your memories.”

The Candle looked at the old man. He wanted to give it a try. As the old man had explained to him, there is no time and space in stories, he might bring back his treasure ones.

The Candle was quiet for a long time. He has got no wax to weep now. We didn’t know whether he was happy or not.

And we have observed an irrelevant episode here. The Candle had lost a chance to know what time is, as he had refused the old man. He will be happier if he has got the idea of time.
(to be continued)

A note from the author:

This is the 5th of my 13 stories in my new work, and it is not being published now. Its title:
13 stories.  Hope you will be interested.


What is the difference between a nature and a culture ?

9177  What is the difference between a nature and a culture  20180721

If we know the difference, we will be different. We can bring the world into peace a bit faster, if we know the inner secret between nature and culture. 

What is a culture?

Culture is the product of human, while nature is the product of another thing.

You would say, nature is the product of nature, or, nature is the produce of a super nature, or to put it straight, nature is a product of an alien, or a God, or a creator of the nature. Nature can be a product of anything, but not a product of our culture.

From the issue of The Thailand cave rescue in 2018, we can glimpse a patch of light for our future.

We can see that people were completely concerned about the fate of 13 strangers who were trapped in a cave accidentally. For a period of three weeks, people around the world were eagerly watching the news from Thailand, hoping for the safety of them.

Is it out of cultural behavior, or out of the original human nature?

Cultural behavior could be artificial. And most of the human behavior were just products of ancient designs. We are acting to the teachings of our ancestors who might or might not be right. We can see how the Indians or the Chinese or the Jews think and act according to a certain pattern of artificial culture setup.

However, there must be a human nature which is not biased by the culture setup governing the human behavior.

What is human nature?

From the issue of the Thailand cave rescue, you can see them.

So what?

We had had our confidence on human back again, knowing there is a hope ahead of us. We were just like the boys. We were trapped in darkness for too long. Now we can see a light ahead. And we know life is deserving. We shall obey the call from our inner nature, if we feel something unnatural from our culture setup which is bounding us most of the times.

                         *Leechard Asks*

(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

#The author can be reached by Whatsapp at 852-91864286