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How can you know China is much stronger?

9199  How can you know China is much stronger?  20190916

Napoleon had tried to beat Russia. Now the same is with President Trump. I had said some times ago, that Trump is very similar with Napoleon. Their personality are very much the same. Even the way they talk and the manner they treat others, were similar.

Russia is strong not only in their vast land, but in the Russian mind. It is not easy to name someone who is greater than Tolstoy and Peter the Great.

Can a small army general like Napoleon understand that? If Napoleon can be a little wiser,  he would not be end up so tragically. What Napoleon can see is his temporary power, which was limited in his army which was in his own eyes, a mighty army.

What he cannot see was the unseen.

Yes we must put the unseen into consideration. It was same with the US and China. If they can foresee the unseen, they will be better off.    

Yes China is much stronger. Much stronger than anyone can expected.

However, China is also very weak. They are weak in the unseen also. In that case, President Trump can be sure about himself more, if he really knows what is going on.

                        *Leechard Asks*

(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

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How can the tortoise beat the wolf ?

9174  How can the tortoise beat the wolf ?  20180706

When tortoise papa addressed the meeting of tortoises, no one bothered to listen. And no one believed him. May be he was too philosophical which in the language of tortoise meant not practical. And he was too slow. As the wolf was near, every one wished to beat the wolf quickly and chase him out. They hope to have a peace time like before. That is why the tortoises were having a meeting, to discuss how to handle the situation urgently.

Tortoise papa said, you ought to remain a tortoise to beat the wolf. And that was funny. Am I not a tortoise? How do I "remain" a tortoise?

Tortoise papa had explained the idea many times. He thought that was the only way to survive the attacks of the wolf. However, few of the tortoises believed him. They thought it is better to have the teeth of the wolf. Some of the tortoises believed that it was their natural defect to have no teeth. They have only beaks. Teeth seemed to be the only remedy for the tortoises. And they meant it. They managed to buy some teeth from the neighborhood store of the fox. The fox sold them some artificial teeth, which was as sharp as a knife and as white as a chalk. When it was installed in the mouth of a strong and young tortoise, every tortoise were happy, especially the female tortoises. They thought the teethed tortoise was extremely handsome. They had never seen a tortoise armed with such beautiful teeth before.  The fox did make a fortune selling artificial teeth, as it was now a popular wear of the young tortoises. 

It was almost at the end of the meeting and the wolf did come. Every body fled except the tortoise papa. He was too slow and too old to run. Sets of artificial teeth was left on the ground. The young tortoises were running too fast and dropped them. 

The wolf did spot the teeth. He laughed. "What, did you mean to fight me with this toy teeth?"

Tortoise papa groaned. He did not argue with the wolf. He just tugged away the tail and limbs from the wolf.

The wolf felt insulted. He was very angry. He tried to bite the tortoise. But his teeth were not strong enough to break the shell of the tortoise. He kept sniffing the tortoise, trying to find out the weak points of the tortoise. Actually he was sniffing and circling the tortoise repeatedly. He knew the tortoise will stick out something sooner and later. He was waiting a chance to bite when the tortoise was tired and relaxed. Tortoise papa was highly alerted and remain firm like an iron heap. Now the wolf changed a tactic. He sniffed the tortoise patiently. He wanted to know which part is which and was trying to locate an attacking point. He was delighted to find out the nose of the tortoise. As he had found different smell from that point. He kept sniffing the nose of the tortoise. And suddenly at a split second the tortoise stuck out his head and bite. Not every one can predict such speed from a tortoise. The tortoise had bitten the nose of the wolf and he was keeping his beak so tight that it was said the tortoise will release the bite only when there is a thunder strike. The wolf tried to release himself from the heavy beak of the tortoise but failed. He was so painful that he was yelling like a baby and fled the scene. He was running so fast and he did not realize until a distance that he was carrying the tortoise to run. The tortoise was hanging under his nose swinging comfortably when he was running. The wolf had never had such an experience of huge pain that he was running faster and faster and he did not notice his nose was gone completely together with the tortoise somewhere.  

The tortoise rolled silently to the roadside with a large piece of fresh meat from the wolf. He had found the most delicious part of the wolf. It was the nose. It was soft and tasty.  He had seldom enjoyed a good time like this before.    

The other tortoises gathered and all agreed that you have to be yourself always.   

                         *Leechard Asks*
(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter. 

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What is bully?

9198  What is bully?  20190506

First, the one who bullies others is a coward, and a failure. He cannot compete with those who is many times better than him, he could only choose the tactic to bully. It is only natural response from a weak person.

A weak person is happy to see anyone who is weaker than him. He would bully the weak just to show his is superior. He has got nowhere to show his superiority, he can only bully the weak.

And sometimes he would see someone who is deeply stirring for him. He knew he could never compete with such person. What can he do?

He can form a circle of friends just to isolate the one he envies. That is why talented people are always lonely, they are the target of bullying. Many of them are beaten or ill treated by their peers.

Now the US is trying to bully China.  They have trade war, and cheap wars for China.  

It is interesting to see the final outcome.

                        *Leechard Asks*

(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

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What is the weakest point of China?

9197  What is the weakest point of China?  20190505

China is like a tree; it is an internally organized country, while the US is externally built.

What is the weakest point in a tree?

Some believe that a tree is strong. They believe trees would never die.

However, we must use some reasoning power to ponder about this.

The weakest point of a tree is that it can never change itself.

Can a tree turn itself into a fish?

Or can a fish change itself into a bird?

No way. Though ancient philosopher Zhuang Zi had pointed out that a big fish can change into a big bird long ago. But I doubt 0.01 percent of the Chinese people had read about that. And my books have got very few readers. They are give away items, I cannot publish them.

All external items could be excluded from the body of a tree. Though I think my books are not external. Cells in a tree are always cells for a tree. You will not find a birds cell in a tree, though birds did build their home on a tree.

External system is another story. You can keep many things in a brick house. And you can change. You can build something else whenever you feel like. You can build a ship, a plane, or anything else to live in.

External things can change, while internal things cannot.

                        *Leechard Asks*

(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

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What is a sitter?

9196. What is a sitter?  20190504

Many are sitters; they would never walk, nor fly. Those are persons who like very much to sit on their position. It is because they do have a position. They need not to go out and seek anything. They would never be seekers.

The most important aim of their life is to sit well. They want to sit well and eat well and live well.

What is wrong being a sitter?

It is nothing wrong.

Good luck and good sit, it is very interesting.

                        *Leechard Asks*

(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

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What if we do have a future ?

9195. What if we do have a future ?  20190430

Many people never think about a future. Any time beyond their life time is not to be considered. Any things happened one hundred years later is unconceivable.

It seems to be too far away. But it is not.  It is the only thing you have. If you have the time to ask yourself, what do I have? The answer is frustrating. The only answer is that usually we have nothing. Those who thought that they have some asset or processions were deemed to be wrong. And it needs no argue. Any one would admit it when they were old and feeble. Those were temporary things only. But now we have discovered another important answer.  Yes, we have nothing but we have a future.

If you ask a flower,  do you have a future? She will definitely tell you, yes I have.  She will tell you, in one hundreds time, she will be evolved into a more beautiful flower. You need to have such believe that you will fight on, then your precious species will last and not distinguished.

Yes you will fight on and you will be evolved. If you do not believe in future, you will meet final distinction before you die.

Yes we will have a future.  We can communicate with each other without using words or mobiles.  We can fly without using wings. We are smart. We understand and love each other. We will find a better way for our international cooperation.

                        *Leechard Asks*

(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

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What is a CHEAP WAR?

9194 What is a Cheap War?  20190420

It  is a big mistake to name such wars Cheap. It could be not cheap at all. It could cost more than nuclear war heads, fast planes and invincible war weapons. However, we still use the name Cheap War to denote such a new era of our history.

We had a hot war before, then a cold war. Now it is not hot and not cold, but Cheap.

You would see how a big country change completely from one form of paradigm to another.  

The leaders would wakeup from a sweet dream that they were supported by the people, then they found suddenly people were against them. They could be overturned overnight.

No expensive war machines were used. You don't see airplanes dropping bombs but angry people throwing stones only. How cheap is a stone? It costs nothing, however, it is powerful enough to throw away leaders. It needs no big money to replace them.

It could be cheap, however, it could cost big money in a secret budget.

It could turn a whole country up-side-down. Busy leaders won't have a time to think about this. Most of them were above the ground, they could only see figures and read fake reports. They won't have the real scenario in their mind. They didn't know thoughts are changeable.

You would never see how an elephant die from cancer. They didn't know the cells had deteriorated completely. And it is only skin deep. Smiles were also skin deep,  yet only a smiling face is acceptable.

We had mention Chairman Mao before. We had said he was an idealist. However, we could have never known why he had to start the Cultural Revolution. Is it only to bring out an ideal? It must be more than that. Yet the history facts are not easy to uncover. It should be the task for future historians, but I doubt that would be too late.

We would like to mention two forms of new history style here.

The First History Style is Group Evolution. China and the United States were competing for a better evolutional result. China is taking a position for an internal organization for their country, while the democracy system is external. An internal country is like a big tree. Each one is grown into a big life. Yet the democracy system is externally incorporating all the units in a commercial organization. It is a very clear vision if you can look at the present situation this way. The Chinese system is not perfect and need to evolve more in a longer time, yet the democratic system could be more open and acceptable.

The question is which of the system is better? We need an answer not from the scholars, but  from a longer view point from evolution.

The Second History Style is how they fight each other. Or how they compete with each other.

We would never like to see the nuclear weapon being used. It might be  the proof of real stupidity of human beings. However, they were smart to invent a new form of Cheap War for us.

Yet people would never know, the real essence of a Cheap War is to turn the other country people into stupidity.

Let their people never evolve into anything. Let them eat heartily and let them enjoy all forms of dirty sex pleasure. Could it be cheaper for a stupid country to be overturned this way?

One last question is that nuclear war could be possible for stupidity only. Now the countries were working very hard towards this goal of stupidity.

Smart people need to alert themselves.  

                        *Leechard Asks*
(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

(#The author can be reached by Whatsapp at 852-91864286)