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Ugly Coming

The ugly duckling was very frustrated when she finally found out that she was forever a duck and never had anybody said she was a swan.

And she was more than a duck. She was a crippled lame duck. She was bald, she had no hair on her head, and her wings were short, she could never fly.

One day, the swans came again. They were the princesses of the lake. Everybody was silent with respect when they past elegantly.

The ugly duckling tried to swim closer to the swans. The last of the princesses splashed her wings to go faster to avoid the beggar. Water hit the duckling mercilessly.

She cried desperately: glee glee glee………

She could never have understood why she was not a swan.

An old man happened walking nearby and saw the scene. He knew the question, and he had tried to explain it.

He had got so many of the theories in his throat, but now, he could say nothing, he could only say: Hello, glee!

The duckling looked and saw him, thinking that he might be the prince, the duckling swam closer.

And indeed, he was the prince and got magic. The duckling gazed at him for two minutes and understood it all.

She knew now she was a true duckling and it was natural. It was very very natural. She was happy. She was happy so suddenly, she could not stop laughing.

Now her mother had called from a distance. “Ugly, Ugly, where are you!”

She made a somersault turn and answered happily: “Coming, coming, Ugly coming!”

Seeing these kinds of basics of the Universe and be happy about it, is the very beginning of everything.

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A Faithul Bee

The bee was faithful, she had no second thought.

One day, she entered a small farm house accidentally. There was only one closed window, and the window was made of glass.

The bee thought to herself, brightness is the only way out. So she flied directly to the glass and crushed her head.  She tried the second time, and third, and fourth.

Then she saw a fly. The bee was born with a fragrance, she never talk to flies who were born in a filthy ditch.

The fly was always flying in a blind way. There was no formula in his brain. He didn’t know what is brightness. He just kept trying. When he found the bright window was not an exit, he simply changed direction and was gone.

When the bee saw him flying directly into the dark, the bee, though very weak and painful, cursed arrogantly: Stupid!
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The Firefly

A monk told the firefly, “Its useless to burn yourself here. Do you want to kindle a fire and burn the whole Mountain of the Universe? You will never succeed.”

The firefly wept for a whole night.

A passer by asked the firefly, “Why are you not burning? Its so dark. “

The firefly stopped crying and start burning again. He thought to himself, “I am not going to destroy  anything, I wish only to add a little light to it.”
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On what conditions will China become leader of the world in the next 50 years?

9164  On what conditions will China become leader of the world in the next 50 years?   20180320

There will be two conditions only.

1. Growth. China must have a complete growth at all fields. They need to have new mathmatics, new physics, new medical sciences. They must have best universities in the world.  The term “new” needs to be define here. It meant new formats for most of the older sciences. For example if they have invented a new kind of mathematics that do not use numbers, the visions of the world would be totally different.  If the Chinese acquired new formats for knowledge, they will produce products non-resistable to the world market. They will be really rich then. For example, TV had been a non-resistable product. By selling TVs, some countries did won big markets. Can the Chinese produce some future dream products for the hungary mankind? That would be a landmark achievement for them.

2. Wisdom.   China needs to have wisdom to know the secrets of the Universe. They need to  create an really ideal country for all to admire. The old wisdom of the world was consisted in a certain kind of philosophies and religions. Now if the new era did have come, the Chinese must tell the whole world, what is the true idea about living on the earth. It meant China must have new philosophers. China has a great tradition of old wisdom. May be they can turn out the very best from their ancients for the human kind. People in the whole world will admire China then. Because China has already built the  idealistic republic like Plato dreamed about.

How many years will the  Chinese need to accomplish the dream? Will the heavens allow them 50 years? As some people had suggested, there will be a total peril for the human race in two hundred years. 50 years is very basic and very urgent time, for China and for us all.


My computer was recovered

It had been dead for four days. It died very suddenly, like being shot by a long-range rifle. This morning I tried to turn it on. It  came back to life. I could not know what had happened. May be that was only a temporary collapse of the batteries, or may be that was a time-bomb-virus with a timer in it. It was almost 96 hours for the recover. It made me think, we the end users of computers are a group of weakest people who do not know the modern technology of the computer science or even the AI. We are not armed or protected. We can only suffer and being beaten.
(I brought it to two repair shops the day before, they asked for a repair fee for half the cost of the computer itself. I didn't let them do it. )

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Thinking habit of Steven Hawking

He knew only how to calculate external things. He didn't know that God is an inner strength within us and the strength is also in the universe. God is inner. God is a spirit and the spirit has a will. We have a will and we can see that God has a will too. Hawking could not calculate inner things, so he denied it. To search externally is Western experiences only. 
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Have the American intellectuals been back?

9163 Have the American intellectuals been back 20180318

I saw a miracle when I saw the American Ballet Theatre performed the Swan Lake in Singapore the day before.

I saw the English Royal ballet Swan Lake (by Anthony Dowell and Natalia Makarova) many years ago and was enlightened since.

 It was an original Marius Petipa version and that was important. In the final act, the prince and princess used their own death to kill the devil. And the devil was killed.

However, I was very disappointed afterwards. Numerous other versions had appeared and ALL of them avoided the scene.

They dared not to use the death of the prince to finish the act. 

They had been trying hard not to give the impression of suicide for love like the Romeo and Juliet story.

And for this reason, the real meaning of life was not presented for so many years, until the ABT with their artistic director KEVIN MCKENZIE had finally found the meaning of life again:

Life is for dedication. Only with a dedicated life can people found love and wisdom and improvement.

The American intellectuals had not been sleeping. They are back here. I was so happy about it. Though I was in a rather annoyed  feeling in Singapore for I had brought with me a cheap and light weight Acer computer. Some external virus had suddenly killed my computer, like a long range rifle.

Now I am using my mobile to type all these for you.

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Sorrow of the candle

The candle had been enjoying burning, now his wax was almost finished. He was upset. The old man said: "you have been working for a long time, now you might need a rest. " The candle said: "Where is my light? They are my soul, where are they?"  The old man said, "You know where they are, do you want them back?" The candle shake his head at once.
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The smiling orchid

She was always smiling. Poets wrote poems for her. Sentimental people smile together with her. She was happy because she felt happy. Birds sung around her: "how awful, how awful." Yet she was still smiling. She didn't know where she was from, she didn't know what she will do. 
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A note from the writer

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