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What is the message coming from the Thai cave?

9176   What is the message coming from the Thai cave? 20180718

Twelve boys and their foot ball coach were trapped in a cave in North Thailand accidentally. It had created a huge concern all over the world. Numerous people offered help. It seems the boys were not strangers, but close relatives of every one. The issue had last for three weeks, and it made us think of something about human nature.

We are living in a place not so pleasant. Its dangerous and unsafe, and sometimes ugly. Many people consider themselves lonesome. Many are living alone and dying alone. The cases of lonely death arise sharply in many countries.  

Can we expect to live in a place like outside the Thailand cave, where every one is busy working to help the needy, and every one is friendly to each other. And I would think three weeks are too short and the place too small. Can we build a big community big enough to accomplish every one?

That is a temptation difficult to resist. However, Utopia was proved a failure. Utopia can happen briefly in a short time in a small place, but it cannot last. It is very difficult to understand, when human nature is proved to be so nice, but the wish to keep it as an everyday practice never succeeded.

What is the meaning hidden here?

And there were so many theories to explain it. Though I cannot see any one is practical enough to be successful.

And you will find finally that the most important part is not in a theory, but in a strong and wise leadership. Plato had talked about the concept of a philosophy king. It was also a funny joke. As any good leadership could only be the fruit of a wise culture. And the event in Thailand was also one.  


An old article

How Can US Work With China in the Planet?

It seems the US is in the winning position. But it is not. The US is fighting a low level war with China and some other countries in the whole world. For example, Iran. The US had tried to hinder and deter Iran. It includes the killing of some Iranian scientists, supporting the Kurds, etc. This kinds of low level activities only pushed Iran made up their mind to follow the routes of North Korea.

Can the US made up her own mind to raise the levels? Only higher levels of fighting can lead America into a real path of success. 

That means not America First, but Human First. That means a complete change of the mindset of the American people. They will not put seeking pleasure into their aims of life. They have a higher aim of life, that is seeking the truth and loving each other. 

Terrorists were the product of hate. And hate is the product of materialism. When every one is seeking pleasure, putting others as enemies, the world will be in a situation the US can not handle. 

The US is very successful in China Hong Kong. The low level tactics against China has almost succeeded. If the Chinese people can not know the secret tactics of the US, they will be in the hands of foreigners very soon.

China has no control over the medias in Hong Kong. China has no control over the student movements in Hong Kong. Secret underground party controlled every thing.  And the influence is not limited in Hong Kong only. If you open the Baido search engine, you will see how they are promoting sex and a lifestyle of materialism. Parents in China have been complaining the difficulties in teaching the younger generation. The problem is in the total mindset of the Chinese people. They are too busy handling economic matters. They are almost the same with the US. Both the US and China have no aim in life. The so called patriotic education is only empty words in the Chinese media. They had not been working on it. Every one is looking at money. 

There is a secret political underground organization in Hong Kong. It controls the students and the media and businessmen and much more. They will over turn the Chinese governing party sooner or later. It will not be surprising if the next leader in China is under control of the secret underground party and the control of the US. 

Will the US achieve this? May be not. It will be in a total uncontrollable situation starting not from North Korea, but Iran and the middle east. Situation inside US will become worse and worse. The terrorists will build their kingdom inside US very soon. A nuclear war is very likely to happen. 

I do not want to mention the secret underground party in my articles. But they were pushing me to write. My life is threatened in Hong Kong. 

Years ago they had put snakes behind me. They had cut the tail of a snake and threw the painful snake at my back, hoping the snake would bite me. I was luckily escaped at least for two occasions like that. And they had been driving vans and cars towards me. I was nearly knocked down a couple of times. The last time was this morning. 

No one dare to mention the secret underground party here. They are the livelihood of almost every one. They are you job, your marriage and your business. 

But this is very low level tactics only. Will they be successful?  

I doubt that.  
                         *Leechard Asks*

9142 How can US work with China in the planet 20170926


How can the tortoise beat the wolf ?

9174  How can the tortoise beat the wolf ?  20180706

When tortoise papa addressed the meeting of tortoises, no one bothered to listen. And no one believed him. May be he was too philosophical which in the language of tortoise meant not practical. And he was too slow. As the wolf was near, every one wished to beat the wolf quickly and chase him out. They hope to have a peace time like before. That is why the tortoises were having a meeting, to discuss how to handle the situation urgently.

Tortoise papa said, you ought to remain a tortoise to beat the wolf. And that was funny. Am I not a tortoise? How do I "remain" a tortoise?

Tortoise papa had explained the idea many times. He thought that was the only way to survive the attacks of the wolf. However, few of the tortoises believed him. They thought it is better to have the teeth of the wolf. Some of the tortoises believed that it was their natural defect to have no teeth. They have only beaks. Teeth seemed to be the only remedy for the tortoises. And they meant it. They managed to buy some teeth from the neighborhood store of the fox. The fox sold them some artificial teeth, which was as sharp as a knife and as white as a chalk. When it was installed in the mouth of a strong and young tortoise, every tortoise were happy, especially the female tortoises. They thought the teethed tortoise was extremely handsome. They had never seen a tortoise armed with such beautiful teeth before.  The fox did make a fortune selling artificial teeth, as it was now a popular wear of the young tortoises. 

It was almost at the end of the meeting and the wolf did come. Every body fled except the tortoise papa. He was too slow and too old to run. Sets of artificial teeth was left on the ground. The young tortoises were running too fast and dropped them. 

The wolf did spot the teeth. He laughed. "What, did you mean to fight me with this toy teeth?"

Tortoise papa groaned. He did not argue with the wolf. He just tugged away the tail and limbs from the wolf.

The wolf felt insulted. He was very angry. He tried to bite the tortoise. But his teeth were not strong enough to break the shell of the tortoise. He kept sniffing the tortoise, trying to find out the weak points of the tortoise. Actually he was sniffing and circling the tortoise repeatedly. He knew the tortoise will stick out something sooner and later. He was waiting a chance to bite when the tortoise was tired and relaxed. Tortoise papa was highly alerted and remain firm like an iron heap. Now the wolf changed a tactic. He sniffed the tortoise patiently. He wanted to know which part is which and was trying to locate an attacking point. He was delighted to find out the nose of the tortoise. As he had found different smell from that point. He kept sniffing the nose of the tortoise. And suddenly at a split second the tortoise stuck out his head and bite. Not every one can predict such speed from a tortoise. The tortoise had bitten the nose of the wolf and he was keeping his beak so tight that it was said the tortoise will release the bite only when there is a thunder strike. The wolf tried to release himself from the heavy beak of the tortoise but failed. He was so painful that he was yelling like a baby and fled the scene. He was running so fast and he did not realize until a distance that he was carrying the tortoise to run. The tortoise was hanging under his nose swinging comfortably when he was running. The wolf had never had such an experience of huge pain that he was running faster and faster and he did not notice his nose was gone completely together with the tortoise somewhere.  

The tortoise rolled silently to the roadside with a large piece of fresh meat from the wolf. He had found the most delicious part of the wolf. It was the nose. It was soft and tasty.  He had seldom enjoyed a good time like this before.    

The other tortoises gathered and all agreed that you have to be yourself always.   

                         *Leechard Asks*
(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter. 

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Can anyone steal trees from America? 20180626

9173  Can anyone steal trees from America?  20180626

The trade war between China and United States could be expressed in the following three concepts:

The soil, the tree and the fruit.

People only noticed the tree and the fruit.  

The problem is can you remove a tree from one country to another?  The Chinese were not only buying fruits. They brought trees. They brought the whole factory from the States to China, and produce American fruit in China.

Its seems ok for every one at first, as long as the Americans were happy to sell the trees. 

And it is very natural that finally they found it not good to sell trees. 

It is up to the Chinese to think every thing over. 

Should they pursue a similar tactic to buy trees? 

Why don't they grow their own Chinese trees, and sell the Chinese fruits to the world?

And this is extremely important. It seems the Chinese have never realize they have a very good soil too. And trees are from the soils. 

And the Chinese had been well aware that to grow a tree need ten years time. It cannot and it should not be brought overnight.

It is a long way for the Chinese to go.  They have to realize the nature of their own soil first. We expect they could have a change. 

(An old question raised 7 years ago)

What makes America products competitive ?
(Quest No.8249e                   2011/10/05)

In my view, America products are competitive in their advanced culture. The American has been leading the way for the last two hundred years. They have the most advanced airplanes, space ships, computers, mobile phones, etc. These kinds of products are very competitive. Apple had opened two new stores in Hong Kong and Shanghai last week. They proved people like American products; people are willing to pay more for them; not a little more, but a lot more. People queued over night for new products coming from America. 

Why the American people have a better technology, while the others have not? Even the Europeans like the Nokia, or the Asians like the Sam Sung can hardly complete with them. Why?

In my view, this remains a culture secret.

An apple tree grew in the soils of America, if removed else where, like Japan or Korea or China, will never has the same good apples on the tree. The tree is but the tool of the soil. The apple is from the soil. The iphone 5 is from the soil. And the soil is the western culture itself. And the culture is in the minds of every American. Or we can say the iphone 5 is from Benjamin Franklin, from Abraham Lincoln, from Thomas Edison, from Martin Luther King, from John Lennon and etc.

The Japanese, the Korean, the Chinese all bought trees from America. They hired American scientists and engineers, but can they produce the same good apples? Obviously not. They can buy the tree, but they can never buy the soil. If hot competition is coming in the future, people should watch out for products from the other soil, not products from the relocated trees. 

And many of the America competitive power is hidden, for they have not put all their products to the market. You can never buy a stealth plane, or other higher secret military product from the market. That means, the Americans have not shown all their might in competitiveness.

Competitive power is from the inner core of the culture itself.

Now, from the Global edition of the New York Times yesterday (2011.10.4.), we saw comments from Paul Krugman. He said, "…we need to make American product more competitive, which in practice means that we need the dollar's value to fall in terms of other currencies…."

May be he needs to reconsider the real inner power of the competitiveness of the American culture.

A note from the writer: 

The writer has been back to Hong Kong from mainland China since June 25th, 2018.

                         *Leechard Asks*
(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter. 

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What is the difference in Qi and Electricity?

Question no. 9172

What is the difference in Qi and Electricity 20180618

I would like to note some of my personal observations about qi.

First and the most difficult part about Qi, is that the qi is controllable within living bodies only. Not every one can control qi. But an experienced person can help others to stimulate the flow of qi. 

Can it go outside a living body like electricity? Up to the present moment, I can only see that qi could be pasted from one body to another body, and even from or to plants and pets. It seems that the energy of Qi can only travel between living bodies but not metals, rocks or inorganic compounds. Qi may not lit up a light or push an engine. But I am not sure about it.  

Secondly, Qi can be induced by outside energies.  Needles can induce qi, and the heat of burning weeds, and even a hairdryer can induce qi. I am using the word "induce" here, but I do not have any measure of it. I cannot tell how much qi within a body was induced. I can only observe, if the suitable qi was induced, then the related illness can be healed. 

Thirdly, electricity can induce qi. If you put a electrically charged metal point on the body, you can feel the far away meridian points are reacting. And this is a question need to observe: could qi and electricity be combined and mixed? And what is the relation between the two energies?

Fourthly, the meridian map of qi in the human body were mapped by ancient scholars. It was not known who had discovered qi first, or who had prepared all the theories about qi. However, it was known how the qi flows within the body. If the flow is smooth, then every thing is ok. If the flow is blocked, illness follows. So keep the rivers of qi flowing were important.   

A note from the writer: 

He has been back from U.K. to Hong Kong. Will be leaving for mainland China in the 22nd of June for a short trip. 

                         *Leechard Asks*
(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter. 

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How fast can the Chinese pick up science?

9171 How fast can the Chinese pick up science 20180610

The U.S. is trying desperately to limit the quick development of science elsewhere in the world, especially China. 

And indeed they were successful in many ways. 

Technologies were locked up and scientists killed, though the U.S. knew it perfectly well that science is not to be monopolized. It could be developed like uncontrollable wild fire. 

However, science in the whole world have not been achieving fast. It is completely not the fault of the U.S., its only that science has come to a dead end without breakthrough. 

What? Aren't they making unmanned vehicle and Artificial Intelligences now? Is it not developing very fast? 

No, they are not fast enough. It is because, they are running on the old track, and are using the old format of science.  

If you observe how a bird fly, you will agree with me. It must be completely different format of science when the creator was creating them. 

And the hint could be in the ancient science in China. Yet even the Chinese themselves did not know the inner secret of their own science. 

The understanding of the human body is completely different in China. It is more then acupuncture points. It is in "qi" the basic power of human body, and "qi" could be a more subtle form of electricity, or something out of our imagination. 

However, the Chinese were disappointing in studying their own science. 

They ought to have been achieving much more faster, but failed. 

The Chinese have been trying desperately only to catch up with the U.S. 

They have been following every path of the U.S., from the development of war planes, iphones, and now Chips or CPUs etc. 

They have never known, the Chinese science is another approachable approach for a new format of science. If they can find out the ultimate secret of the Chinese science, the whole world could be turned up-side-down.

They have not been aware that the Chinese medicine is another form of Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics, they thought it is only a convenient medical application. There have been no great finding in the Chinese medical science. They have been not successful to study the inner format. They were too busy to make fast money and to follow the path of the West. They are doing every thing the West has been doing. 

And this is the main reason why the Chinese is so slow in science development. 

                         *Leechard Asks*
(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter. 

Leechard is an explorer of the Chinese Culture secrets. Send a stamped return envelope to GPO Box 4048 Hong Kong for a free DVD on the secrets of the "Dream of the Red Chamber" by Leechard. Or you can order one of his books. Donation is very much appreciated, it will be acknowledged in his books. And if you love music and like to sing, you can ask for a copy of the scores he has written.)

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