Letters in Chinese

李察通訊 Letters in Chinese


not me with the moon


it is not me the single self which reacts
the soul poet calls me to wake up 
i change my clothes and saw
 blue light on the ground when 
the moon is on the sky
we are so lovingly hugging
man and heaven are all in one shadow 


What is Philosophy?

9256xx   What is philosophy

Point 1:   We Are Souls

Philosophy meant what shall we do.  Without philosophy, we will be going back to animal state. No one can survive as human being if he doesn't know what to do.

And the problem is easy once we are sure that we are souls more than bodies.  

It must be a conviction, from the very young to the aged, that they must firmly believe that they are souls, and bodies are but the tools of the soul. Tools are your helpers, you need not to work for them, you need to keep your tools to work for you.

Just like any other animal on the planet, we need to survive. To survive we need knowledge and wisdom, which are parts of our soul. We can always survive better with a soul. We need to fight for survival like any other living creature on the planet, yet there is a higher aim of life. To survive like an animal is not enough for us. No one is willing to live like an eating and mating pig.

Eating and mating is common goal for animals. They would stop at that point. They may or may not have developed a soul.  We as a human being have more.

Why is it so important to stay in a conviction that we are souls?  Too many failed in the material world. If people are only working for a material body, they can never see the beauty of the truth, and they will be the negative force of human progress. Money oriented philosophy are the chief obstruction to world peace. They are trading everything for money, they are the causes of war. They are liars. They had never admitted their killing since the Opium War, until today.

Point 2:  To Seek and To Love

What is our final goal as human being?
It is one of the most important question for human.

We cannot answer that very question unless we are out of our present situation. It is like a fish will not know she is a fish until one day she come to live in the air and realized that she was a fish. We are the same.

One thing is for sure that if we keep seeking the true, the good and the beautiful, we will possibly find our final goal behind them. And that is a big project that we need to do it together, and that spells love.

Where does our love come from?

Love emerges in battle fields when people are fighting together for a noble aim. When we have love, we will find true and good things, and we would enjoy them as they are beautiful. Our goal will be waiting for us behind the true, the good and the beautiful.

Who else would like to seek for the fake, the bad, and the ugly? Those are people working as a slave to their bodies. Those are people who believe in capital and they would keep themselves in a bitter fight for money and luxuries and finally they will lose all happiness. Money is useful tool, but it needs not to be a slave of it.

Point 3:  Be A Real Soul

If for everything you have the conviction that you are a soul, then be a real soul.

If you are a religious person, be a real religious person. If you are an artist, be a real artist. Be a real one instead of a fake one. Be a real scientist and you will not deny your wisdom, be a real politician and you will not lie to your people, be a real business man and you will find real success.

This is conviction upon conviction. If you have the conviction that you are a soul not a corruptible body, then you will build up another conviction that you are real. This is the answer for almost all human problems. Any time if you have found you were cheating, that meant you had succumbed to the unreal bodies. Losing conviction is the reason for fear. A real soul is fearless, nothing can harm a real soul. A real soul is free. People with a conviction of their free soul create wisdom.  

Point 4:  Enjoy Life

Life is enjoyable, yet foolish people did not know this. Everything in life is enjoyable, from a breath of air to the early sunshine, any moment is memorable, if you can recall them. A glass of plain water is enjoyable, yet people are not satisfied and need a silver cup to drink and a gold toilet to flush.  Many wise people had taught us before. A gold coffin cannot put people at rest while Mozart one of the most beautiful human can only have a burial in nowhere.  A real soul needs not a gold coffin, only rotten bodies need them.

Our souls are real, the bodies are not. They are corruptible and cannot last. Only a real soul can last.

You can enjoy life with a soul. 

One important task for education is to teach children how to enjoy life. There is a beauty in everything of our life. Work is enjoyable, dream is enjoyable. Many things are enjoyable. Stupid people do not know this, they are soulless and they cannot find beauty in daily life, they can only find satisfaction in money, without knowing that ugly things can only give them fake satisfaction.

Material oriented philosophy is the source of foolishness. Yet we need them, pity them and love them. They were our yesterday. If all people are wise, then the world will be too balanced to survive.

Point 5:  To Serve and to Fight

To Serve is the most important concept about human. We must consider everything as a whole and not an individual, then we will know why we need to serve. If you are to serve the people, you must know the real reason of it. One is not only part of a whole but it is the whole. One drop of water is water. To serve is the best way of life.

We need not only to serve the people, but to fight for the people.

The world is never balanced. Negative power wants to ruin the future of our life. Without a concept to fight for the well being of the people is dangerous. All souls want peace, but the peace must be maintained in huge effort. Peace is a working goal for mankind, not a waiting goal.

The concept of fighting is extremely important. If one is not to fight for the people, then one is not to serve the people. Those are people who wants to be served.    

We are real souls.

Real souls seek the true, the good and the beautiful with love. Love emerges from fighting together. They wanted to serve the people and fight for the people. They know how to enjoy life.

A real soul is the source of wisdom.

They might possibly reach the other shore.

 a note  from the writer:

To fight means 戰鬥 or 奮鬥,
please take care do not mix up the two.


What Are We?

9255xx  What are we 20200502

Are we dreams? This is the thought occurred to me when I was 11 years old.  I lost my mother suddenly. I was in the funeral parlor and that was a bright sunny day. The sun was so hot and bright that I could not believe it was a dream. 

If we are not dreams, then are we souls?

We are the souls which are the commander of our bodies. We know sooner and later all parts of our bodies are exchangeable. I will not be surprised if in a few years later that our whole body can be replaced. Only the souls are not replaceable. But wait, who told you that the soul is not replaceable?

If I am so rich that I can afford to buy a new body, and I am so crazy that I am not satisfied with my soul, and then I decided to replace my soul also. And the Soul Selling Company is so nice to ask me if I want to keep my memory and knowledge, I can decide to replace them together. Wow, can I know who am I ? And the shopper told me, it is easy like changing the license plate of my car. That means I can have a new body, a new memory, and a new soul. And the question remains essential. What am I going to do with my new life? Did I change my life already? If every thing is so easy, then what kind of career should I choose? Can I choose my spouse? Can I choose my parents? And one final question, can I choose my fate? And I knew that is not for me to choose, as I knew that fate is the interaction of people and happenings. That is not for an individual to decide. Then who can decide my fate? It is only by this very moment; I feel a little disappointed. If I cannot decide my fate, then one thing is for sure. Human kind is not to decide their own fate also. What will happen?

These questions seemed interesting, but they are irrelevant now. I would if I could in the future turn it into a small piece of entertainment. Some may like to know more about the fate of the poor guy who had given up his soul as well as his body, and acquired a new knowledge and memory in a new soul and new body.

Now the most important question is What Are We?

Human beings were fighting without any knowledge about themselves. They didn't know what they are and where they are. If they have a little more awareness about this, they would think otherwise. 

What are we?

We are souls more than bodies. And our souls are not unrelated. They are a great soul. They could be seen not only in space, but in time. And even in some unknown dimensions. We must be multi-dimensional. We are not the actual size of a length and width and even weight. We are living in time. All our past ancestors are actually one of us. And I guess we are connecting to some unknown source with unknown waves. That would be another dimension. You can forget about it but if you are not aware about it, you will have a bad time in the coming time. 

What does it mean by the soul?  Why do you say we are souls more than bodies? 

Yes, indeed it was observed by many brilliant souls before us. Shakespeare was but one of them. He is with us always. What is a Rose?  A rose is its perfume. 

What is a human being?  A human being is its result on the planet plus the universe and some unknown sphere.

Some of the human beings are interested in many things, they are seeking the truth, the good and the beautiful. They might have a feeling that the final results are hidden behind those items. 

Why are they doing so? 

Its because they have a feeling. They must have felt it. It is the inner feeling of love. 

If you have the feeling of love, you will feel uneasy without doing more.

To put it in a simple way, that is why we need to serve.

We are not to be served; we are to serve. This brilliant teaching is still with us. It is built inside our soul. It is my soul or your soul. 

What are we? 

We are souls more than bodies. We are love more than money. 

And I know it for sure, some might find this irrelevant. They would say so what, and go away. 

They had forgotten the most important item here. 

It is fate. 

No one can neglect their own fate. Yet they will not know it. 

Can you do something without knowing where is it and what is it?

Yes, we can. 

By our endless effort to seek and to serve, we will find it. And you are together with it already. That meant, we have found it already. The dimensional way is to see that time and space are reversable and accountable. 

We are now living in a fight. 

The United States is fighting with China and her friends, they wanted to destroy the unwanted and something unpredictable will happen. 

No matter what will happen, those with a feeling like this will win the heart of all.



‎Philosophy of this game

There is an important philosophy in this game.

 It is a matter of life and death.

Think for a while.

Or,  refer to Chapter One, The Zhuang Zi  Art of War.


Where are we?

9254xx  Where are we 20200417

Most people will never ever think of this question. Ignorance is common. It is a question always remain unanswered. However, a little awareness can keep us awake. 

Where are we?

We have no map. We can never sure the real position of our planet in the universe. It is because, even our universe is an unknown. We can not know whether our universe is within a much bigger space. 

It is the same as we cannot know what is the tiniest particle. Everything can be divided into even smaller parts. Its an unending quest. 

We are living in a certain "level" of the levels. We will not know how many layers of levels upon or below us. We will not know what level we are in. 

There are two kinds of levels, I suppose. 

One is material and the other spiritual. 

That means we are living in a level of material world, and in a level of our total wisdom. If you consider our wisdom in a total form, you will know where the limits are. Some of us will be smarter and they will know more. However, in the form of a total wisdom, we as human beings can only come to the understanding of all secrets in life to a limit like present. And there will be a total wisdom of many levels ahead of us.

Temporary success and affluence had made people proud of themselves. They believed they were aristocratic and more noble then others. It would lead to failure because they did not know where the wealth come from. 

First you must know the whereabouts within your own level, then you can have the standpoint to quest upon other levels. Those who failed to know their location in the living level, can hardly be successful.    

We are living in a huge mystery.  We would not know what level we are in. The levels are an infinitive for us all. 

In such a  mystery, one question is vital. 

Who is in control of all these?

It seemed natural or old fashioned to believe if you know who is in control, you can do everything to please the controller and you will have some reward. And some would deny the controller. They would in turn ask another question:  What is in control? Or what is the law of everything?

It is not meaningless to discuss about all these. However, one thing is for sure. We are living in a huge mystery. We do not know where we are and we will not know what our total fate will be. 

What OUGHT to be done then?

It seemed not a very difficult question to answer. 

You need to survive. 

To survive you must have wisdom.

To have wisdom you will love each other. 

And you will be aware and quest for the truth.


Why is the Yellow River cleared?

9253xx   Why is the Yellow River cleared?  20200403 

It is another biggest myth of China. 

The Yellow River had been yellow for thousands of years. But in the long run of Chinese History, it was said that Yellow River had turned green for 43 times. 

It meant, in a situation of Old China, Yellow River could still be cleared without any water and soil conservation work done. And it is difficult to explain. The longest time for a green river happened in 1727 which had been lasted for 20 days. And this time, Yellow River was cleared of its mud and sand for almost 20 years. Is it a result of conservation work completely? Though it was said that the conservation work is not a prove for the guarantee for the absolute safety of the River. The thickness of the Huangtu Plateau is about 100 or more meters, if super heavy rain were coming, nothing can stop the sand from washing down into the river to make it wild. The River still had a very big chance to run off-course. 

Now we have two issues here. One is why. Why the water is cleared? Where do the sands gone?

Two is how. If the river run off-course again, how can the Chinese people predict it and prevent the disaster to happen? It is not the task for the bright and brilliant future young scientists, it is a task for present. All weak points must be mapped in a super computer and a simulation of the off-course river running should be made, then the Chinese people could see how should they handle it. You will know where would the River be running by simulation. The Chinese might had done a computer simulation long ago, and it is indeed very good.  

But this is the second and easier part only. 

The more important part is in the why question. Are there any extra causes clearing the Yellow River?

This could be the turning point of science. And I do hope Chinese scientists could find out something new in Physics. Will there be another strange force hidden beneath the Planet like our Qi in the human body, which is moving and it is now right below the Huangtu Plateau (Loess Plateau) which have a tremendous force on the sands and drawing them sink into the river bed? If this force is found, there will be a true revolution of the modern science. I hope young people in China can aware of this problem and know the importance of it. We are all working under the old formats of Western science built too long ago. Now is the time to reveal the true value of them. 


My Room (A new song for an old poem)


山不在高, 有仙則名。   水不在深, 有龍則靈。  人在陋室, 有心常應。
嫩苗攀窗綠上枝,  日曬花紅花散影。
香江愚夫婦,   千載白雲情。 
間或彈舊琴 ,  唱新聲。
絲竹常入耳,  踏步有台型。
知己會心笑,  域外寄叮嚀。
鳳舞行歌,     樂在天庭。


If there is an angel, hills are great.
If there is a dragon,  waters are saint.
If there is mind,  rooms are echoed.
Branches are crawling into my green window,
Flowers are spreading shadows under the Sun.
An old couple in the Island,
Sweet love under the historical cloud.
Old pianos played and new songs sung.
There is music,
and they would dance.
Friends  smile and send a word,
With dancing and singing, 
your pleasure are high on the Heaven.