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李察通訊 Letters in Chinese


What is wrong with democracy?

We can examine democracy from two angles: internal and external.

And more important is the internal one.

What is the inner problem with democracy?

Lets start from here...........

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How do I use my right brain in writing
(A question for the serious Western thinkers)

I have been writing in Chinese for the last 50 years. Now is the time for me to try English. Writing in Chinese is very easy for me. It is just like walking. You will not aware that you are using your foot to walk. Writing is just like spinning. Spinning in the right brain. Though you will not know what is happening there, but surely one thing you know, your thoughts are spinning out something.

How do I know that I am using my right brain?

I have one point, that if I use my left brain, I will know exactly what is going on, I will know what next line I will be writing, I will write according to my plan, but using the right brain, I will not know what I am writing. The spinning seems to be automatic, or driven by some unknown force inside me.

Known and unknown, is the difference of the left and right brain. 

However, what happens inside your right brain IS NOT totally unknown. If so, you might be either a genius or an unqualified writer. For any good writer will know, spinning out something is not enough, you must spin out a straight line, and the line would become an arrow, and the arrow had some object to hit on.  And you hit it. That is a process known to your right brain, it is not unknown. So writing in the right brain is combining the known and the unknown. You will know what is going on, what will be the final result. Just like cooking. You put in some stuff, hoping in a while, your cooker will turn out something. But what is going on inside the cooker, you will not be able to know.

What if I insist on knowing the inside? Well, you might be using your left side of your brain. You will lose your spinning power, your writing will be weak and uninteresting, and though in some form of writing, like drafting the legal document, you need this process, but it will never be an entertaining art.

And now, one question. What if I am writing in another language? To me, English is not my mother tongue, I am not so familiar with this language, am I using my left-brain more to write in English?

If Chinese is my legs, I can forget them in writing. But in English, I found myself is some what crippled. Though I still insist on the same principle in writing: you must have a target, and you must forget the legs (or, forgetting the spinning actions)

What is the difference?

Do I have the ability to find out?

Yes, the Chinese legs are quite different from the spelling languages. Chinese are pictogram. They are mostly right- brained tools. And we are lacking proof here. How do you know the Chinese are right brain tools?  In some studies, when using Chinese, different spots in both the left and right brains are activated. But from the linkage of the graph and the sound, we can guess that the Chinese are mainly a right-brained tool.

Chinese is a non-spelling language. It is more like a sign, then a logical arrangement. And the sigh is basically not connected with a sound. Like the word  ” , it means a human being, but to pronounce it, you need to “remember” the sound, it sounds like “ren”.  What is the connection between “” and “ren”?  It is not known. So I have a very weak reason to imagine: possibly, the Chinese are mainly a right brain function.  

Is the Chinese a very bad language? To pronounce is not easy. (or very easy, by using the right brain) In learning other spelling language, pronounce is mush easier. Because you have a method, and the method is known. Now, the connection between sound and sign is unknown.

Now lets allow the hypothesis temporarily, that the Chinese are mainly a right brain language.

And my first question is: will it be easier for me the kind of right-brainer to use Chinese (a right-brain tool)?

And the second question is: will it be more difficult for a right-brainer to use English (a left-brain tool)?

Yes in using Chinese, I am somewhat like skiing. I can skip many things. For the Chinese are mainly a sign language, using a sign is just like using a parable. You will use parables to connect the text, not words to connect them. And there are two kinds of Chinese, one the modern and daily Chinese; the other is Written Classis Chinese. It is the parable of parables.

Actually, the Written Classic Chinese is more like a right –brained tool. Thoughts inside a WCC brain can ski in parables and the thoughts can be represented in a higher level.

It is until now, I can change my first and second questions into a new question.

If I wanted to use my right brain more, what language is best for me?

This is a reversed question. And my object in writing this article is changed here: I am not enquiring how to write in English, but to enquire another more important question:

That for the serious Western thinkers, that if they wanted to probe into the other field of human wisdom, will it be better to use the Chinese language?  Is it a better tool to probe into the right brain, and the right-brained culture?

And my advices are:

1. Do not try to “spell” the sounds in the Roman letters. Try using the direct link between sound and sign. It is a right-brained method.

2. Do not learn the simplified Chinese, it is useless in searching the right-brained culture, learn the Classic Chinese first. The simplified one will come as a marginal return.

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Why I never try wireless plane?

Besides writing, I had tried fishing, sailing, swimming, judo, playing violin, cycling, photography, or even drama. Very much like other youth, one would try many things, until one day, you will find and settle on what you really wanted to do. 

And I have given up so many things. One by one, I know I cannot keep them, have to give up.

I had given up violin for three or four times. I have never had the chance to learn violin when I was young. I started learning it when I grow up. And soon I found I had not enough time to practice it, I have to leave.  Those were painful moments, but I have no choice. For a grown up man to learn the delicate instrument, is time consuming and never easy. However, several years later, I felt itch again. I would try another time, keeping it for almost a year, and give up again. It is disappointing to my violin teacher and me. It has been my dream when I was young, but dreams are not reality.

I have one thing I would never give up, and one thing I will never try. Writing is my only career, and I have been doing it for the last 50 years. The violin had almost at one time made me giving up writing. It was when I found practicing in the street is so interesting and I did it every day, delaying my writing to a dangerous point. However, I did not give up writing.  

The thing I will never try is flying.

I meant wireless plane flying.

I never dare to start it. When I was young, the price for a model wireless plane was so high, I did not try. Now the price is so low, even the poorest child can easily obtain one, but when I walked past the display windows, I dare not even look at them.

Because I knew in my deepest heart, that if I try this, there would be no way out. I will keep on flying my toy planes, and forget every thing.

So this is a little taboo for me. It is my secret restricted area. I can try many things, including my violin, but I should never try this.

It will transform my life, and change me into something else, and I shall never accomplish my writing tasks.

May be I will become an expert on wireless planes, or drones, but it is not what I wanted.

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Is there a hidden HTS ?

I suppose there is. There must be a hidden Human Thinking System within us.

I was a columnist for many years. I have been writing different topics in my columns. I used to think that all stuff I had written is solely my own thought.

Since when did I discover that my thoughts are not totally my own, but shared?

In my life, I have always been lonely. I didn’t share much of my thoughts with my peers. Sometimes I gave talks, and often I wrote. And the sources of my thoughts are from books.  I have been so lonely sometimes, that I lack courage to carry on. But the ancient wisdom is so encouraging that I know I must not give up. Every single thought is coming from somewhere, though it is developing.

But thoughts are only external Human Thinking System.

There must be some receptors within us.

Like pouring water into the ground, if there are no receptors, water will not be retained.

There must be lots of different receptors, and there must be relations in the receptors. One receptor can act on next, and the next on yet another next, thus arousing a very complex reaction.

For example, do I have the receptor of Love?

If I felt my receptor of love is empty and lacking something, do I have the feeling of hungry?  Am I hungry for love?

And all the receptors are hidden. We will not know, what is lying there.

I guess that the HTS are a set of very complex receptors and reactors. When enough input was there, the reactors will take action themselves.

We knew that the western culture was from Greece. How did the English people get their input from Greek language?
And how did the Greek mind get their input from the Egyptian wisdom? How did they receive and react?

We might not know the details of the reception and reaction.

However, artificial action or external interference did happen.

Human thoughts are very easily controlled and reformed into external structure. Once the external structure was built, it is not easy for the inner souls to escape and build new structures.

India and United States are two sad examples.

Ancient India talents created caste system. People are divided and classified. However, with great wisdom even of the Buddha Sakyamuni himself, the situation cannot be changed. The core problem of the caste system is not dividing people into classes, but to give up truth for interest. A culture base not in truth can never standup, until now. All major problems of India come from thousands of years ago. The external system of human thinking system is a huge barrier of growth.

Another example is United States. In the early days of independence, early talents of United States knew the nature of slavery. But they had avoided the issue, leaving it to be solved one hundred years later.   Because many of them, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, were slave owners.  How can they have a just mind in creating the Declaration of Independence? Slaves are not included in the principles of the Declaration.  The principle of seeking pleasure in the declaration is completely wrong in philosophy, and the core problem of the Declaration is same with India:  Giving up truth for interest. These are hard lines not easy to accept. But it is true. If situations remain unchanged, two thousand years later, United States is no better than India.

Can the HTS avoided such external and artificial influences, and grow up in a healthier manner?

Can the external HTS structures be changed?

Of course it can be.

 I suppose the HTS is composed of  individual minds.

And the HTS is hidden. No one can know what is going on there. Even in the most authoritarian countries, minds did change, and different values are forming every moment, until one day, the currents could come up from hidden into open, the bad structures will change then.

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What is Lower Level Loving?


Loving is the most important psychological activity of human kind. Yet loving can be measured in different levels.

Lower level loving is to love only very few close circuit members, like family or mating partners.  And that is where the concern lies, and it is the base for the major activities in life.  Higher lever of loving, is to enlarge the scope into a much wider field. The concern is not only a few family members, but all human kind, including the enemies.

The Confucius doctrine is very different from the West. The difference is in the concern levels. However, Western love is mostly individualistic. And the concern level is very low also. The ideal level of very high concern, its so high that the concern includes everything, or at least, it includes the good guys and the bad guys. This is a universal concern, just like the sun, it shines on the right side, and the left side also.

Different levels of love is the basic for the Human Thinking System(HTS). Just like computer operating system, the HTS is a vast network. We can input languages, logics, mathematics, mind-sets, philosophies, values, etc. into the HTS. With a very low loving level, The HTS can only operate in a very small range, but it will have a larger range in a higher level of concern.

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How different are the Chinese from Russian

Russia, or the Soviet Union was a loser. The recent Paris Air Show reminded us, how the Russian lost the competition. It was in 1973, in the then Paris Air Show, one giant Russian plane, the Tu-144 crashed to the ground, in front of the whole world. This is a signal, far more important signal than the other political turmoil, that the Russia cannot compete with the West.

Because, it was not only politics that fails Russia, but culture. The Russian culture cannot support a large plane, just like a cup of mud on the kitchen table cannot support an apple tree.

Will China be the same?

Will they fall to the ground like Russia?

The Chinese culture is quite a different story.

First, they are right-brainers. And not like the Japanese, they did not change their language like the Japanese to the left side of the brain. Thus keeping the major function of the right-brain not changed. To turn to the left side of the brain means to use alphabet instead of picture like symbols, or pictograms. And keeping the pictograms means they can read in a faster speed. And to read faster may mean to think faster. Is there any prove? Up till this moment, we can only guess. But if you wait to see the academic results, you will be losing time. As alphabet language need to “translate” the alphabets into sound and thus getting the meaning from the sound. And the pictogram does not need to translate anything, they are the meanings themselves. Pictogram to meaning , is faster than alphabet to sound to meaning . It seems to be self-evident.

Second, the Chinese are hindered, or obstructed by the Confucian philosophy, which is not the original philosophy of the Chinese culture. Obedience and Lower Level Loving (To love the inner circle or interest parties) are the two main theme of Confucius.

Third, The Chinese Government seems not sure of their own philosophy in the moment. And this is the reason why they are still weak.

Fourth, The Chinese scientists, while remaining mostly right-brainers, can adapt quickly into western technology. They can see things more from the inner side than the outer side: this is a long story, however, we can only mention a brief observation here.

Will China share the same fate as Russia?

Obviously, no.

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Can the Chinese compete with the USA ?

The answer is no. Unless one thing happen, otherwise, the Chinese could never compete with the American, just like the Persian can never compete with the Greek.

I will have to invent a term here.

National Mind.

The Americans do have a national mind when the Chinese don’t .

The Americans do have a declaration. And the Chinese do have a manifesto. I meant the Declaration of Independence and The Communist Manifesto.

And these are documents, not national minds.

But sometimes, we can see the national mind in the form of documents. People may agree, that the declaration can represent the American people. But few of the Chinese remember the manifesto.

To be a man, you need to have a soul. To be a steady nation, you need a national mind.

Can the Chinese “make” a new document?

A national mind is like a plant. They will need a seed, some soil, and sunshine, etc. The declaration was poorly made, though it is quite effective and can last a couple of centuries. However, the declaration was not totally made, but made-up by some thinker and some kind of then common feeling.

Can the declaration last longer? I don’t think so. The American people need a change, and the change included changing their whole mind-set, and the declaration too.

However, even though they keep the old form of the American national mind, and that is enough to compete with the Chinese. The Chinese can never compete with them, not like the Russia, but like Persia. Persia was defeated by the Greek, though they are a big country. Without a mind, being big is useless.

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唯物主義的朋友, 也是時候想想了。你可能不相信天國地獄甚麼甚麼的。但你是不可能否定夢的。你也會做夢的, 是不是?你也有最後一夢的, 是不是?

如果生命中的最後一夢, 就是孤身前往另外一個世界的通道, 那麼, 意志改造夢境的能力, 就非常非常的重要了。

不知道其他人有沒有這能力。有時, 我的夢境是很複雜的, 好像一齣電影, 而我自己就是編劇。夢境怎樣進行, 何處要加伏線, 何處要插旁枝, 甚至結局如何, 背景怎樣, 都能夠用自己的想像力, 去左右那夢境。但這樣的夢, 也不是經常發生的。對上的一次, 好像是感冒在床, 躺了十幾個小時, 不願起來。夢就是在這半睡半醒的時候出現的 。醒來, 居然有疲倦的感覺。就好像當年寫劇本, 被導演力催交稿之後的感覺。

如果可以改寫自己的夢, 那麼, 當最後一夢來到的時刻, 會不會仍然保存那樣的能力, 一任自己的意志橫行?

到底我自己是劇作家, 還是另外有一位劇作家, 在寫作我的生命故事?


我本來想說的一個惡夢, 更加可怕得多。

因為, 一般人早上的夢, 不過片時。最長不過一兩小時, 就會過去。但我所觀察的一個夢, 竟然長達四十八小時有多。太可怕了。

故事的主人翁是我的外父。而事情已經過去數年。關於這一位外父, 其實是可以用另外的長篇小說去敘述的。因為, 他的性格實在是太奇妙。如果不寫出來, 是生命世界的損失。

但他死的那一天, 卻是無法預料的。

他忽然中風。家中一個人都沒有。本來他不是獨居的。只因為他的老妻, 也即是我的外母有病, 要搬到我家去安頓, 所以就只留下他一個了。而他的身體也向來是很好的。他喜歡賭馬, 從來沒有寂寞的感覺。只要給他一張報紙和一個收音機, 當然還要賭本, 他就可以消磨無限的時間。

很平凡的一天, 打電話上去, 無人接聽。而這樣的情況, 已經試過多次, 多半是他自己去了投注站, 又或者有甚麼親戚拉了他去喝茶。好多次,都是虛驚一場。跑到上去, 家中無人, 而他剛剛在掏匙開門回來。

但這一次, 卻是真的。

打了好多次電話, 無人接聽。還以為他去了飲茶。下午, 才發覺問題嚴重。而當時我已經在很遠的元朗。趕到回來, 發覺他倒臥在地。嘴角在似笑非笑。我當時不知道這是中風病人常見的面相, 還以為他好像往常似地開玩笑。但他已經不能言語了。但感覺上, 他好似是知道我來到了。好像放下甚麼心事, 忽然, 就臉容全部鬆了, 還喘了一口 氣, 就要撒手那樣。我大驚失色, 趕忙大聲叫著他, 叫他不要睡, 要等一等。一邊掏電話, 叫救傷車。而他果然就沒有了那種全鬆了的表情。

救傷車很快來到。在車上, 救護員也好像很有經驗, 過幾分鐘就叫他一聲:阿伯、阿伯、、、。

到了醫院, 就進深切治療部。在裡面弄了很久才出來。出來, 就都插滿喉了。主要的一根, 是人造呼吸器。綠色的一根粗粗的喉管,從喉頭直插胸部,
機器好像煽風器, 不斷的打風, 他的胸部一起一伏, 好像長跑家那樣, 很用勁的呼吸。

再看錶, 原來已經深夜了。護士出來, 叫所有的人不如先回家休息。

第二天再來, 已經超過二十四小時。而他也沒有醒來的跡象。只是, 他的左側身體完全不會動。而右邊卻是很活躍。一條右腿, 不斷屈伸。曲起, 又再伸直。好像在跑步, 又好像要掙扎甚麼。

當時我是完全不自覺的。根本不知道甚麼事情正在發生。還只以為, 是他的腦神經不知甚麼部份發生了問題。以前聽過一個名詞, 是甚麼舞蹈病的, 以為他的情形類似。完全沒有想過,他是在造夢, 而且可能是在造一個極可怕的惡夢。

只是, 當時的刺激太強烈, 很久之後, 仍不住的在腦中重複當時的畫面, 才想到了, 在這一段時間裡, 他的腦在想甚麼 。


他會夢見被惡鬼追嗎?他是在極力的逃跑嗎?如果當時我想得到這一點, 我一定會在他的耳邊說幾句話, 把他帶回來的。而他也一定是聽得到的。可惜, 當時的想法完全空白, 根本不知道甚麼在發生。

他也會有強烈的意志, 左右自己的夢境嗎?他會轉一個身, 跟追著來的惡鬼博鬥一番嗎?

說起來, 他的生命, 是很愉快的。這是他的特殊性格, 他和每一位都很合得來的。他只和一個人合不來。那就是他的太太。而他的太太, 也是合該生氣的。因為, 他一生人都沒有甚麼大志, 一生貢獻給馬會。所有的收入, 完全輸清 。又喜歡抽煙, 家中永遠是煙霧瀰漫。一床棉被, 不知燒穿多少次。他的睡衣, 也全是香煙燒出的洞 。而他也總是笑嘻嘻, 不當作一回事。他的老妻從來拿他沒法, 只能嘮叨一輩子。她總是罵, 明知沒有用, 但罵人已經變成習慣, 而外人也永遠不能想像, 兩個人一天到晚會怎樣。他已經完全習慣。 太太在外面罵, 你好奇進去裡面一看, 他卻在呼嚕大睡。

他是那種所謂的有品賭徒。因為, 雖然他總是輸, 連老婆, 親戚的私己錢, 都輸去不少。但卻沒有欠外間的賭債。從來沒有人上門追債的。他只是把自己輸清光。最多是連老婆的錢也輸光。但就是只此為止了。

抽煙, 是很討人厭的。他的老妻, 最生氣是這一點。賭錢輸一點, 畢竟是身外物。但二手煙是要吸進肺裡去的。他老妻向來重視健康, 卻被迫吸進這些氣味。

問題是, 他對著她, 吹煙吹了一輩子, 他有沒有後悔過呢?

他在生的時候,是從來沒有任何表示的。也從來沒有向人解釋過。他只是我行我素。好像抽煙是天經地義那樣。到底, 他的裡面有甚麼哲學沒有?我不知道。 人的心是很慢的。我從來沒有想過這些問題。否則, 他在生的時候, 我一定拷問他, 迫他吐露他的內在哲學。但我太笨, 根本沒有想過。現在才想起, 又已太遲。

到底, 他的內在深處, 有沒有其他想法呢? 無法知道。但在所有的親戚、朋友眼中, 他卻永遠是一個好人。這是他天生的性格。每個人, 都當他是開心果。因為, 他是沒有甚麼機心的。九十歲, 仍好像孩子一樣。有一陣, 我常迫他去檢驗。醫生拿著他的肺照片, 總是大加讚賞。他吸煙一輩子, 肺片卻是清澈如水, 一點不良陰影都沒有。為甚麼尼古丁對他全無作用?其實這才是更加值得研究的。如果找到了醫學上的原因, 一定非常有價值。又或者是正因為這樣, 更加堅定了他的吸煙決心。他覺得這只是正常呼吸。

所以, 我總是無法相信, 他會有後悔的一刻。

他死的時候, 是在造夢嗎?

他的體格是異常強壯的。有一次, 他爬上頂樓修理花槽。那是一幢很古老的舊樓。樓頂忽然崩裂, 他從三樓跌落二樓。跌裂了一根筋骨, 也幾乎好像沒有事那樣。很快便復原了。夏天他常不穿上衣, 是很有規格的一條漢子。

所以, 當他在病床上仍是那樣不停的活動, 家人仍是相信, 他是可能痊癒的。他只是在床上奔跑。如果他像平常人發夢那樣, 間或驚呼一聲, 就可能知道他在作夢 了。但他卻是一聲沒有吭過。而我是很肯定的。因為, 相信他是左半邊身不能動, 而人的語言區又在左腦, 他不作聲, 也是合理的。

他的腳動了很長的一段時間, 漸漸的才慢下來了。這時才發覺, 他竟出汗了。整個背部, 薄薄的都是汗。

以上的情節, 其實是不重要的。我是說, 對於這一篇文章不重要。因為, 我也無意把這篇小文當作一個小說來寫。


夢是一種極其複雜的生命現象。為甚麼人會作夢?有無數的理論。但是, 我仍然喜歡不斷的猜想, 到底夢是甚麼。

而生命中最後的一個夢, 可能, 更加像一個夢。因為, 這最後的一夢, 是可能把人帶往另一世界去的。而更重要的是, 夢是有主人的。我相信, 所有的夢, 都是有主人的。你自己就是主人, 而且, 你自己是有主宰夢境的能力的。有沒有人的夢是沒有主人的呢?主角是其他人, 好像第三者的夢?如果有, 就一定十分有趣了。

有一位嬌小的女士, 嫁了給一位高大的外國人。在懷孕產子的時候, 或者胎兒太大, 而這位女士的盤骨太小, 生了很長時間, 都生不出。母子都面臨生死難關。痛楚許多小時, 也不知道醫生用了甚麼激烈的方法, 硬是伸手進去, 把嬰兒挖了出來。但這位女士的子宮, 已經好像一團爛棉破絮, 再無法收縮回去。 流血太多, 虛弱太甚了。

她忽然發覺疼痛消失, 而產房的聲音也好像隔了一重, 自己輕輕的飄了上去, 她覺得, 這樣好像更加舒服,不用再挨那些痛楚了。又忽然, 她聽見嬰兒的哭聲。她立刻就知道是自己的嬰兒在哭。一時間她有這樣的醒覺, 覺得自己不能走, 無論如何都要回來照顧嬰兒。終於, 她又下降了, 回到自己的軀體裡去。

她的意志, 把她帶了回來。

人的意志, 能否左右夢境?

我傾向於肯定。意志堅強的朋友, 是可能左右夢境的。你是不會被夢境主宰你的。畢竟, 只有自己才是夢的主人。如果惡鬼來捉你, 你也有可能回身搏鬥的。

但這樣說, 十分幼稚。

因為, 我相信人的夢是有兩部份。一部份自己知道, 一部份卻是自己完全不知道的。就連這知道的部份, 也是很飄渺的。 你醒來的時候, 夢好像很清晰, 但再過片時, 就會把大部份的夢中情節都忘記了。而這自己所不知道的夢, 可能, 同樣有某種力量, 可以把人帶到另外的地方。


很難說 。大約那同樣是一種心靈的活動。只是, 其中有一部份的心靈活動, 我們可能知道, 至於我們所不知道的活動, 就只能憑推想知道。所謂「電光一閃」, 所謂「靈機一觸」, 心中忽然有一種想法出現, 只是, 自己也未必知道這想法是如何來到的。

沒有人是可能完全控制自己的。人只可能控制自己所知道的部份。而這也是相當重要的。因為, 沒有人知道, 當某種事情發生的時候, 自己的反應會是怎樣。做了一萬件壞事的人, 也可能做好事的。否則你無論怎樣也不可能明白, 為甚麼曹操會在捉到關羽之後, 竟把關羽釋放了。

而傳統的想法, 未必是不對的。控制自己的, 可能是自己, 但也可能是一個天使, 更可能是一隻惡鬼。惡鬼可能應許給你很多, 包括了安全感, 各種享受, 錢財名利以至於性, 都可無限滿足。惡鬼甚至可以保障你的退休生活。但你不可能制止自己不發夢的, 你也會去到一處你會後悔的地方。

幸運的是, 那些很壞的朋友, 也會忽然回心轉意的。是他的夢境轉變方向了。是天使出現了。信不信?

唯物主義的朋友, 也是時候想想了。你可能不相信天國地獄甚麼甚麼的。但你是不可能否定夢的。你也會做夢的, 是不是?你也有最後一夢的, 是不是?

8539 最後一夢 20130614





儒家所謂「無欲則剛」是消極的。何謂「無欲」?有讀者來信謂「無欲」是無非份之欲。儒家所謂的「份」其實就是「禮」。亦即是「非禮勿視、 非禮勿聽、非禮勿言、非禮勿動」。總而言之, 就是不許這樣, 不許那樣。這是消極的禁制觀念。無欲是不可能真正剛強的, 兩千年的儒家禁制思想, 是落後和腐敗的原因。

而人的欲望, 也要正確了解, 不是禁制就能了事的。五大欲望中的食欲、性欲、求知欲、溝通欲、做事欲(成就欲) 是有層次先後的。 人的終極欲望, 就是要有所成就, 要做一點有意義的事。這才是最重要的。一個人一生之中的所有其他欲望, 歸到最盡之處, 就是要生命有意義, 要有貢獻 。

至於非禮勿視之類, 是適合猴子, 而不適合人類的。有一款猴子擺設很有趣。四隻猴子, 各各按著自己的眼睛、耳朵、和嘴巴。第四隻猴子按甚麼?
是按著自己的性器。創作者是很會開玩笑的。但大多數的此類小擺設, 都只得三隻猴子。大約是不敢把第四隻猴子做出來。

全面自我禁制的猴子, 怎會剛強呢?


香港有家天主教堂, 把無欲則剛之類的儒家標語, 用醒目的大紅字體貼在正門之上。使人想到, 其實耶穌教義中的信、望、愛, 才是真正剛強之道。


無論是宗教還是非宗教觀點, 「信」都是非常重要的。如果一個人有這樣堅定的信念, 知道宇宙是有主宰的, 而宇宙是光明的,主宰是會引領人類向好的方向進發的, 則這一個人, 就有了剛強的性格因子。耶穌曾說, 只要一個人的信德有芥子這樣大, 就有移山填海的能力。信念使人剛強, 是肯定的。 禁制使人被動而且軟弱, 也是肯定的。

第二是望。希望是絕對的, 雖然使人失望的事, 日日層出不窮。但只要信念存在一天, 希望是不會毀滅的。只可惜, 某一家天主教堂, 竟把「信望愛」改為「信禮愛」。難以明白。 失去了希望, 就不會剛強。就算是無欲、絕欲, 也是無用的。

第三是愛。儒家之愛, 建基於禮, 其實是非常低層次的。耶穌曾說, 像父母子女之類的愛, 連強盜也會的, 如果你們只會這一種愛, 有甚麼了不起?愛是有不同層次的。最高層次之愛, 是要從宇宙整體的角度, 才能有所感悟的。所以儒家是不可能明白, 也不可能接受耶穌關於愛敵人的觀點。從小單位出發, perceiving power 這樣低, 怎麼可能明白?

低層次之愛, 不會使人真正剛強。只有高層次的博愛, 才是真正堅強之道。倘若一個人能夠充份自覺知道自己和宇宙整體是一起的, 知道活著的意義, 就是剛強。

能夠扛起十字架的人,或勇於為生命而付出的人, 才是真正剛強的。

8542 怎樣才是真正剛強 20130613




五頭馬車,如何駕御? July 30, Friday
(問到底 No.7836 2010 0730 Friday)




李察按: 「最後一夢」正在寫作之中。



(問到底 No.7819 2010 0713 Tuesday)










生命中最後的一個夢, 可能, 就是通往另一世界的。發惡夢的朋友, 有機會通往一處不太愉快的地方。而發好夢的朋友, 卻可能通往一處十分愉快的地方。

生命中最後的一個夢, 是跟平常的夢不同的。平常的夢會醒來, 你可以離開那個夢境。但最後的一個夢境, 卻是不可能離開的。那是一個無法醒來的夢。



8538 生命中最後的一個夢是甚麼? 20130610.doc




有一個極簡單的道理:在思考的時候, 如果全部大腦記憶體都用盡了, 智慧就驚人地出現。

因為, 人常常都不是用盡記憶體。總是預留了大部份。瞻前顧後, 畏首畏尾 。倘若思考的時候,心不旁騖, 不知冷熱, 不曉飢寒,甚至不考慮生死,全神灌注, 就能夠洞察問題。

而人的記憶體是有正負兩種範疇的。倘若一個人不能正面積極思考, 就會墮落。墮落到甚麼地方呢? 墮落到負記憶體裡去。得到的結論, 是有害的。


印度宗教提倡種性制度, 以階級劃分人類。但是, 即使以釋迦之智, 無法扳回。因為, 思潮的控制權力是在上層階級手上。為了鞏固階級利益, 寧願不要真理。這樣做, 階級利益當然是可以守護一時的。但是, 放棄了真理的文化, 是不可能站起來的。印度今天的問題, 來源於數千年之前。

另一個複雜得多的例子是美國。美國建國之初, 奴隸制度之害, 已經無人不知。但是, 在草擬獨立宣言的一眾精英手中, 卻盡力迴避。因為, 所有的精英人仕, 包括最優秀的美國總統傑弗遜在內, 本身就擁有大量奴隸, 他們無法避開自己的利益而思考。當時的自由平等, 是不把奴隸計算在內的。(今日的自由平等, 是不把弱小的外國計算在內的。)結果, 寫出來的美國獨立宣言, 就是一個扭曲的宣言。提倡所謂追求快樂的自由之類, 在哲學上是完全錯誤的。不但害苦了美國, 而且錯誤引導了西方文化。

利益是個崇高的字眼。拒絕爭取利益, 人類就無法生存。但是, 當思維系統出錯, 只顧從小團體甚至個體的私有利益出發, 放棄了真理, 後果就極其嚴重。

思維系統是有正負兩個方向的。被負面力量導引的思維, 有害無益。


答案只有一個:當人的思維出發點是宇宙利益(universal good), 不計個人成敗利鈍生死, 心無旁騖, 就是正思維。

這裡所謂宇宙利益之類名詞, 其實不難解釋。這也就是愛的最高層次。愛到最深處,智慧隨即出現。




你可以全神專注於情人, 但梵谷卻只是全神專注於他的陽光。而亞基米得只是全神專注於他的幾何圖形。他們都是為了宇宙利益而奮鬥的智者。

最後尚要多加一句:此處所謂「正思維」, 與西方心理學中的 positive thinking 是完全不同的兩種系統。細心的讀者, 是不難分辨的。

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8537 怎樣把負思維化為正思維 20130608














這幾天, 海灘裡的海膽很多。很多游泳人仕, 站在淺 水處, 都會被刺中腳掌。長長的刺, 刺進去之後就很難拔出來了。大約要痛很久, 刺才會在腳底皮下溶化掉。

有一次, 檢來兩隻比較小的, 就用瓶子盛了, 帶回家中的海水魚缸裡養著。

雖然海膽好像有很多嚇人的刺, 其實身體是很脆弱的。有一隻海膽忽然間死了,第二天, 便連屍體都立刻分解化掉, 只餘下一隻好像蛋殼那樣的漂亮物體。但等到你用手去企圖拿出來的時候, 卻是立即就觸手而碎。相信, 這殼也是用海膽刺相同的物質黏合的。

本來, 海膽也是很漂亮的。但奇怪是海膽卻喜歡用各式各樣的垃圾蓋在自己的頭上。有時是樹葉, 有時是碎石, 或者爛樹枝。

我的魚缸裡沒有甚麼垃圾, 所以, 兩隻海膽便時常為了爭奪垃圾而角鬥。有一塊小石頭, 本來是屬於其中一隻海膽的。但很快, 另一隻海膽會過來爭。數分鐘之後,這小石頭就更換主人了, 放了在新主人的頭上。


他們這樣重視披在頭上的垃圾, 是何原因?是愛美?還是作為掩護?大約人類怕踏中海膽的刺,其實海膽更加害怕被人踏中, 一被踏中, 必死無疑。

大約在海灘上生存的小海膽, 看見四周這許多隻人類的腳, 也是十分害怕的吧?

他們是否曾經親眼看見同伴慘死, 所以才想到要掩蓋一下自己?


如果這樣的想法, 也算是思想的話, 那麼, 海膽的智慧從何而來?

大約未必是用言語溝通的?還是用心靈溝通?還是用基因溝通?以至每一隻海膽, 一出生就懂得這個「道理」了?

相同的道理, 是否也可能發生在人的身上?有某些的智慧, 並非來自語言, 而是另有來歷?

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8535 海膽是如何思考的 20130606


愛的時代, 何時到臨?

其實, 即將到來的時代共有兩個。一個是愛的時代, 另一個是智的時代(或稱真理時代)。

目前的時代, 尚未算是愛的時代。但已經有了跡象。等到將來, 愛的時代真正到臨, 大多數人的用腦方式, 都不會跟目前一樣。大多數人, 都已經抵達了愛的高層次。他們不是用小單位思考的。他們的出發點, 是全人類之愛。他們再不會斤斤計較個人得失, 他們了解生命的基本要素, 他們知道生命的意義。那一個時代, 就是愛的時代。

人類文化的發展, 總是由個體而家庭, 由家庭而民族。但到今天為止, 人類文化的出發點, 尚未超離於民族。地球上所有的事務, 仍是以民族為主要考慮。所以, 即使部份人已經抵達愛的最高層次,他們仍只是個人, 並不代表時代。

要到了這些價值觀念, 都已經溶進了大部份心靈之中, 愛的時代, 才算是已經到達。

愛的時代之後, 立刻就是真理時代。因為, 倘若大多數人的知覺能力(perceiving power)都是以人類整體作為第一考慮的, 則地球人的智慧就會提高。地球人的生產力量增加, 各種難題都可能解決。

從莊子到耶穌, 愛的呼聲不絕。但大多數人並未抵達愛的最高層次, 大多數人仍未懂得從整全角度考慮, 仍只是在個體思辨的痛苦中掙扎。


首要之道, 就是要讓多些人知道, 愛是有不同層次的。而苦守小層次, 只知維護小家庭和小單位利益, 通常都是痛苦根源。

好比有地震餘生者, 發覺全家只死剩自己 ,就不想活下去了。如果知道, 一個人活著, 並不只是為了小單位, 則感覺可能不同。痛苦仍是那個痛苦, 但希望卻不會失去。

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What is the purpose of education?

Its understandable that people had long forgotten this. People are busy preparing places for students, pay for teachers, while keeping in mind to keep the students quiet:
not to produce any noise to disturb the peace of everything.

Education is subordinate to a wider quest of the whole people. If every one is thinking of pleasure seeking, then the purpose of education should be same.

To ask the purpose of education, is to ask the purpose of life.

Can any one in the higher places tell me about that?

May be we need a little more of the thing in our pocket: wisdom.

Yes, the purpose of education is to gain more wisdom. And that needed wisdom too. You need to have more wisdom to know that you are in need of wisdom. The more you know, the more you feel the urgency to gain more wisdom.

Wisdom is somewhat different from knowledge.

Wisdom is the power to control knowledge. Without widsom, knowledge is a gun in the hands of a monkey.

And how do we gain more wisdom?

Wisdom is perception.

To perceive only self interest, or so-called core interest of the country, is one kind of wisdom.

To perceive a wider sense of interest, or to think in terms of the whole mankind, is another form of wisdom.

And that could be named love, too.

What is the purpose of education?

The possible answer should be: Wisdom and Love.

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Should Thai education reform start from hairstyle?

According to the New York Times, one rebellious Thai student had said, “ Schools is like a factory that manufactures identical people”. (May 29, 2013, the IHT)

In the same article, there were photos to show how a Thai student getting his haircut after violated the school policy. Teachers forced him to cut his hair, and a girl, forced to re-dye her hair into black.

We did see the same thing happened elsewhere before. How long should be students hair, had been hot debate round the globe. And the next question is: How long should the skirts be? And the third question is: Should free sex be allowed in the school campus? And the fourth question, quite likely: Do student have the right to seek any earthly pleasure in the classroom instead of learning?

What kind of education should student receive? Revolution people would encourage student to have a longer hair, shorter skirt, and not to obey the traditional school teachers.

Western model of education had always been the model for the traditional countries.

And they often forgot that in the west, students are feeling lost. And the main concern for education in the US now, is to keep arms outside the school campus. And they seems never know why students always resort to violent when they are at a complete lost state of mind.

What should be the final aim for education?

To factory make identical products, must be wrong. And to allow pleasure seeking instead of learning could also be wrong.

The question is not in school uniforms, hairstyles, or how sexy should a student look like.

The questions are: whether we can see the urgency that we are lacking wisdom to handle modern affairs.

Education had a much higher aim then freedom of not to learn. When rebellious student started to refuse some sort of education, its time for the authorities to think: what should be the real aim of education?

It is not a right or left struggle. When someone argues that you should turn left, the main concern remains NOT that one would rather turn right. But where are we going to, and why.

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而這種感覺是這樣強烈, 工作也不想做了?

又或者發覺腦好像很亂, 想頭很多, 但無法整合?

有的人, 煙會愈抽愈多, 酒也會愈喝愈多。而頭腦中的分離感覺, 無法癒合。

只有少數人是真正幸運的。他會忽然間想通了。好像靈感迸發。又好像有某種膠水, 自動為他把分散的心思, 整合起來。

或者, 你也未必知道, 你其實不是需要吸煙, 喝酒, 吃巧格力。你只是需要靈感。

而所謂「靈感」是大多數人都非常陌生的。除了創作人之外,很多人遇到問題, 不會覺得靈感有幫助。甚至不知道有靈感這一回事。

大約要是非常自覺的人, 才會特別感覺有此需要。

表面上, 你需要的是靈感,實質上, 其實是需要智慧。

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