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The Trap


The spider told the butterfly, "Don't trust anyone, and  dont believe anything. You are too beautiful, you will be cheated very easily. "

The butterfly said, "Yes you are right. People are always flattering me. They all have ill intentions."

She could not communicate with people anymore, and the worst of all was that she could not communicate with wisdom. She knew nothing.

Many princes have come to ask her hands, she declined them, one by one. 

Soon all princes disappeared. She was sad, there was no one to talk to.

Her teacher told her, it is time to read and think.

She said, how can I trust you, and I am so busy.

She was busy making money.

One day, she was tired. But there was no where to go. 

She visited the spider. 

She was trapped there,  no body have seen her ever since.

When people believe in nothing, finally, they will believe in only one thing.  That is money. All their loving is money. And money is a web, it kills.     

It has been an old story. However, the trap is still everywhere. We saw not only beautiful girls trapped, but many talented people also. And civilizations would be ruined for the same reason.  



The rich man told the poor giant, "I will take all your children."

The poor giant didn't believe him. 

The rich man said, let us bet: "If I can take all your children, you give me your country. If I cannot take your children, I will give you my country." 

The poor giant said, "You are going to lose. Because my children will not trust anyone except me."

The rich man said, "Before I take your country, first I need to make your poor country rich, do you agree?"

The poor giant said, "If you are going to make me rich, I have no objection." 

The rich man said, "I will send a genius to help you get rich quickly. Because there are some technological problems you need to learn before you get rich. Will you like to meet him and learn how to get rich?"

The poor giant said, "I will never reject learning. But who is this genius?" 

The rich man said, "He is the king of the rich island near your country. Will you like to visit his rich island and learn some of the knowhows in getting rich?"

The poor giant said, "I agree." 

When the plane of the poor giant touched down in the rich island of the genius, he was amazed to see, it was a rich island indeed. All the highways were straight and wide and bright like golden, and the houses were as clean as diamond. Rich people in the island welcomed the poor giant, they rolled out a red carpet to receive him, they treated him with highest quality food and drink for a king. 

The genius greeted the poor giant and they embraced.

Next day, there was a hot news in the media around the globe: 

"Small Island rolled out red carpet for a Most Honored Guest"

The poor giant said to the genius, "I am amazed to see your country is running very well." 

The genius replied humbly, "Oh no, your country is. Your country can be far better than us. You have so many scholars and learned young men, we have only an island with poor resources."

The poor giant said, "You are really a genius to get rich without resources. We need to learn from you."

The genius said, "To be rich is easy and there is no secret, you only need to……."

The poor giant was suffering from poverty for a long time. He wished to know how to get rich for his children. And he has got the patience to let the genius say more. He only smiled and waited. 

The genius said, "Yes, you need to control everything. That is the first priority."

The poor giant was puzzled, "Control everything?"

The genius said more humbly, "Sir, you are my senior and you know it all. We have a special way to control my children here."

The genius waited a second and say more: "We separate them into two groups, one is for me, and the other is against me. Both of them are under my direct control. "

The poor giant felt interested: "Well?"

"Take media as an example, I have a team of media people who are against me, and the other team for me."

"What? Those who wrote against you are actually your friend? I thought you were in trouble when so many of them wrote to attack you? Were they not your real enemy?"

"Oh never," The genius laughed: "It's only a show. I control everything. I have my secret army like your secret party members."

"Well, "The poor giant felt a bit uneasy, as the genius had mentioned something he didn't like to talk about, "It seems you know everything."

"They are my network of secret members, I let them control everything and push my orders to carry out properly. I depend on them more then my open army."

The poor giant didn't reply. He was reluctant to get into such topics. However, they have a happy evening together. They remained good friends from then on. The poor giant was happy to know secrets from the genius. He felt happy as he knew the genius had trusted him and let him know secrets to run the country. It seemed easy; you just divide your secret army into two opposing groups.

No one on the planet had ever told him, that this secret, was a lie. It must be carried out without the knowledge of his own children. And worse thing would happen in a lying situation. A liar is easily to be cheated. And the poor giant was too excited, he couldn't find out the real nature of the secret. It was a plot to make him become a liar. Any strong person, whenever they had determined to lie, would become weak. That was why the poor giant was cheated in many ways, and he had never realized it. 

And he was confident about himself as usual. He thought it was a good idea, to create a false enemy, was just as easy as presenting a daily drama. It was fun to see them fight each other. He believed it could work. 

The genius had told him many methods in getting rich, which is not important at all. They included economy and finance ideas as well as political ideas. The poor giant showed himself a true learner. 

And he had ordered his people to come to the island to study the method of governing, as well as the art of lying. Groups and groups of people had flied to the island. Planes kept coming and going. The genius treated them like his own secret members. 

And the poor giant never doubted about their loyalty. He knew they will never betray him. He thought everyone was sharing the same ideal with him. All were for the people, even though lying was necessary for the people. 

The poor giant was happy to find out he was getting rich. He decided to try out the control method in one of his small provinces.

The poor giant failed to notice, his secret network of control, had changed hands gradually. Little by little, his secret network was not his secret network anymore. Extra branches were built without his consent. They were under leadership of the rich man. He was not the boss of his own country, but the rich man was. 

Now, he would try the genius method in his selected province. 

The first move of the poor giant, was to buy medias in the province. He knew the importance of medias, he wanted to buy them all. And it was not difficult for him. As he can pay good money. He preferred to save in other places. He wanted to spend important resources in the media. He had brought TVs, Radios, and Newspapers. And he had them divided. Some were for him, some against him. All were under his secret control. He had got secret network members everywhere, like the genius.

However, he had never knew, what he had spent big money to brought in, were only useless shells. The inner cores were tightly on the hands of the rich man. 

The situation was getting worse and worse. And the worst of all was his health. He was old and weak now. 

One day, the rich man came to visit him. He was in his sick bed. 

The rich man said, "You are becoming rich, do you?"

The poor giant said, "We are only picking up a little."

The rich man said, "Do you still want to honor your promise in our bet?"

The poor giant said, "Why not? I am still alive. I still have plenty of time."

"Ha," The rich man laughed, "I must advice you, I have taken lots of your children. You have not much time left."

The poor giant said, "I don't believe it."

The rich man showed him an article from the papers, it was about some of his children. Lots of the schools, universities, churches, even the Government were not necessarily his supporters. They had turned against him. 

The poor giant said, "Have you counted your harvest?"

The rich man hesitated. 

The poor giant was old and weak, but firm. He said, "If you have not counted, I have. You had controlled only 5%. "

The rich man laughed again, "Ha, you said 5% only? Do you know they were all leaders and they occupied all of your key positions in your stupid province?"

The poor giant was silent. He could hardly breathe any more. But he still managed to answer the rich man, "Let us see if your 5% can beat the rest of my good children?"

The poor giant had died shortly after the visit of the rich man. 

And all his children were eager to see, whether the 95% can beat the 5% or not. 

The bet was still going on.

              (The End)

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Duck Prince

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4  poems
Modern Youth



green youth



I walked through ten thousand miles of dusty sand
hoping for a drink in the den

萬    里     黃      沙    一   碗     酒
wan  li  huang sha  yi  wan gui 


Can we be smarter than a Gold fish?


The gold fish is very smart indeed. She knows her situation. She knows that she is living in the water forever, she asks the author to help her, to get away the limits of water. She wants to live like a human. She is a character in my novel.

Yet there are very few people who would ever think like this. 

Can we leave our present situation and go to a  upper level?

This is an extremely important question for smart people. Many in their poor life have never come to such a question. They will remain in the same place until and after their death. 

What does going up one level mean?

It means many thing.  You will be smart, you can fly, and you will win. And it is more than winning. It is same like the gold fish. You are in the air, not in the water.


Romance of a Goldfish


I had not planned to write the Romance of a Goldfish. I had not constructed the story line. For a few days, it was only the Romance of Three Kingdoms in my vision.

At first was Zhuge Liang. He was the poorest wise man in Chinese history. Could he shed some light on Chinese culture? He had been cooperating with Liu Bei the King and appeared to be vigorous at first. And later Liu Bei the King died. He had to serve the son of Liu Bei the King. The son of Liu Bei the King was a weak character. He only liked women and enjoyed the services of eunuchs.

And then some other thoughts cropped up in my mind. It was Cao Cao, the famous bad character in the Romance of Three Kingdoms. He was extremely clever, and cunning. However, he failed also. No one in the history of Three Kingdoms had ever succeeded. He had a headache. And the famous Physician Hua Tuo was summoned to cure him. Huo Tao offered a surgery plan to remove the thickened tumor inside his skull. But Cao Cao never trusted surgery.

It was way beyond his thinking system.

And, it occurred to me all of a sudden: could Zhuang Zi cure him?  Could someone enlighten him? Could he conquer the problem?

Such thoughts had pushed me to a spinning circle, couldn't be stopped. I couldn't sleep anymore.

How could Cao Cao heal his headache? This must be the most difficult question on earth.

For many days I couldn't write. I could only explain to myself that if anyone had known the answer, history would have been different.

But history had to be different. Now, poor Cao Cao was still lying on his sick bed at the intensive care unit, but he had sent people to ask me how his headache could be healed.

I was about to pack my things immediately when I got the dream letter from Cao Cao. However, a noise from my fish tank woke me.

The Goldfish shouted: 'Lee Chard, Lee Chard!'

She was supposed to be sleeping at midnight. And it was in my private study room. There was only one noise allowed and that was the air-bubbles from the tank. Now there was another voice.

How could she be so naughty and not go to sleep?

I enjoyed watching the Goldfish every day. I could hear her inner voices. She kept asking me: 'Hello Mr. Lee Chard, don't you answer things? Please tell me how I can leave the water. I am bored in the water. ' And this must be the same most difficult question on earth. And it was very unlikely for me to find an answer, if any, from the work of Zhuang Zi. I was ignorant about the issue, though Zhuang Zi had already written about it.

And today I was in a bad mood.  I couldn't stand the Goldfish anymore. And I had a plan to let her go. I told her: 'Oooh, Sister Fish, would it be nice to send you back to the sea? One of your elder relatives was released years ago. '

I had released another fish into a big pond several years ago, not the sea. I was afraid she couldn't make it. She might die in a second. But if it was a pond somewhere in a garden, there might still be some chances for her to live on. And that could well be considered as a future of something.

But the Goldfish said: 'you can never understand me, Mr. Lee Chard. I am not eager for the sea. I only hope to live in the air, like you. '

'What? Leaving the water forever? What imagination.'

And that was also a most difficult question on earth. Why couldn't the questions be easier? Can you help a Goldfish to live in the air? Or can you help human beings to live in the bottom of the sea?

Cao Cao wished to heal his headache; Zhuge Liang wished to win, and both were as crazy as the Goldfish. It was just impossible. And the dream letter from Zhuge Liang might be coming soon. What shall I do?

And I knew his question already.

'How can I defeat Cao Cao?"

'How can I run a better education to help the son of Liu Bei the King, so that he would know how to avoid bad influences and seek good advice?'

Education? Do you all wish to leave your waters? And I do hope to advise them that there would not be any three-dimensional scenery at the same flat surface. It must be a very nice thing if they knew it.

However, my Goldfish was not the same. She had been born in a very good study. She was close to books for all her life. And she kept asking me questions.

'Can I go today?'

Maybe I was too kind to her.

I asked: 'Can you do your homework every day? It's hard work. Are you willing to take it?'

The Goldfish was extremely happy to hear this. She knew there were possibilities.

She promised everything. And our conversation had become legend, as it led to her eventual freedom. She could leave the water to live in the air finally.

And this was the first half of the story.  I was on holiday during the Spring Festival.

I put up a notice on my notice board:

'My dear friends: If you do wish to leave the water and live in the air, and if you do wish to know the advice from Zhuang Zi, do come to visit me during the holiday.'

I wasted my time in the holiday eating and drinking all day. Nothing happened in my story.

The year lapsed in the holiday. Now was the year next to the previous year.

I still remember how she pleaded me last year. Though that was only a few days ago.

The fish pleaded again and again. She wanted a life in the air, not in the water.

I wanted to stop her pleading noise; and said in a fierce smile: 'you need to pay school fees to learn it, if you do wish to leave the water. '

The Goldfish answered eagerly: 'Oh sure, sure. I will pay my school fee. Can I pay it in the form of, er….., like my fish food? I can eat less and save it.'

'Ha, do you know how cheap is you fish food? There was a monk who wished to learn from the Guru, do you know how much he paid?'

'I am not a monk. How could I know?'

'He had paid it with his own arm. He cut his own arm, are you willing to do the same?'

And the Goldfish remained calm. 'Ooh, Mr. Lee Chard, I had learned the story before. Are you telling the story of Monk Shen Guang and Bodhi Dharma? You have told me the story many times.'

'Then you know what to do exactly?'

'Yes, sure, though I know that story was a lie, but for the sake of you, I am willing to try.'

'What? You say it was a lie? How can you say so? It is in the Holy Scriptures, and I have put you in my study! To keep close to the books! You better stay in the kitchen; it would be better for you. '

'But, Zhuang Zi says otherwise.'

'Ha, you still remember Zhuang Zi! '

'Yes, haven't you said you are an expert on Zhuang Zi? What does it say in Section 1, Chapter 1? '

'That is a story about a fish that has been turned into a bird. And what does it mean to you!'

'Does the fish amputate her arm to turn into a bird?'

This words from the Goldfish were not a shock to me. However, it made me think for a few seconds. I had never thought of that, not knowing why Zhuang Zi would let a fish turn into a bird.

I was dumbfounded in a second, and there came a loud noise. The Goldfish turned a somersault and jumped out of the water. She landed in the floor with a big splash.

I hurried to pick her up with both my hands. 'You shouldn't have done this. It was only a parable, my poor little fish.'

The Goldfish answered after a deep breath: 'I have no arm, but what if I dedicate my life to it? Is it acceptable?'

'Oh no', I was rather relaxed in the moment, and I was about to put it back into the water: 'to dedicate doesn't mean to commit suicide. It is to dedicate your effort in a useful way, not to waste your life. How stupid you are.' 

It happened in the moment when I tried to put the fish back into the tank. I used both my palms to carry it, blushing away the dust from the floor; I dropped the fish several inches above the water. I did it with an intentional slow motion. I knew she could hardly breathe, I wish to teach her a lesson.

But apparently the normal force of gravity was not functioning. The Goldfish didn't drop, but to turn another somersault again. Everything happened so fast that I lost control of her. She had a high jump and landed on the windowsill.

I shouted: 'Don't, don't! You will fall on the street!'

All stopped at a split second.

Being a deep meditator, Lee Chard was used to unexpected happenings. Now, a slow-motion scene grabbed him. It's he who couldn't breathe this time.  He saw with his own eyes how a beam of early sunshine was on the fish, and the fish was changing. She changed slowly, from a fish into a golden bird. She was turning, sunshine was on her new feathers. She was no more a Golden fish, but a Golden bird.

The first ray of the morning Sun made him realize that he had been talking with the fish for a whole night. And the golden sunshine had made the fish exceptionally beautiful. She appeared to be transparent. Standing in the sunshine, she was a Goddess. She stretched out her wings slowly, testing their strength. She would like to show to the world her new dress.

She looked at the sun, turned back, seemed to say goodbye, and flapped, she was gone. The dumbfounded Lee Chard rushed to the windowsill. He saw she was just skidding down from a higher position, and her tail was very long, leaving a golden circle behind.

And she shouted: 'Thank you Mr. Lee Chard, and my regards to Mr. Zhuang Zi!'

Lee Chard didn't know what to say. He murmured: 'Oh, now you are satisfied.' Though the fish was far away and couldn't hear him. But still, Lee Chard couldn't stop murmuring: 'She needed only one second to leave the flat surface, and the poor Zhuge Liang wasted his whole life. '
(The End)


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And if I were a little cat
You will listen to my call
I will call you and I say
Mel mel mel mel mel mel mel

And if you are a little cat
And if I am doggie bad
I will chase you forever
It's so funny let us play

And if I were a little flower
All the colors you will see
In the sunshine I will dance
for you and for you only

And if I were but human
Will you answer to my call?
Will you treat me like the same?
We are humans any way.

And if I were only me
And if you know it is me
You will see it very clear
This is the guy born for you.......you 


what is a CHEAP WAR? (an old article)

What is a CHEAP WAR?

9194 What is a Cheap War?  20190420

It  is a big mistake to name such wars Cheap. It could be not cheap at all. It could cost more than nuclear war heads, fast planes and invincible war weapons. However, we still use the name Cheap War to denote such a new era of our history.

We had a hot war before, then a cold war. Now it is not hot and not cold, but Cheap.

You would see how a big country change completely from one form of paradigm to another.  

The leaders would wakeup from a sweet dream that they were supported by the people, then they found suddenly people were against them. They could be overturned overnight.

No expensive war machines were used. You don't see airplanes dropping bombs but angry people throwing stones only. How cheap is a stone? It costs nothing, however, it is powerful enough to throw away leaders. It needs no big money to replace them.

It could be cheap, however, it could cost big money in a secret budget.

It could turn a whole country up-side-down. Busy leaders won't have a time to think about this. Most of them were above the ground, they could only see figures and read fake reports. They won't have the real scenario in their mind. They didn't know thoughts are changeable.

You would never see how an elephant die from cancer. They didn't know the cells had deteriorated completely. And it is only skin deep. Smiles were also skin deep,  yet only a smiling face is acceptable.

We had mention Chairman Mao before. We had said he was an idealist. However, we could have never known why he had to start the Cultural Revolution. Is it only to bring out an ideal? It must be more than that. Yet the history facts are not easy to uncover. It should be the task for future historians, but I doubt that would be too late.

We would like to mention two forms of new history style here.

The First History Style is Group Evolution. China and the United States were competing for a better evolutional result. China is taking a position for an internal organization for their country, while the democracy system is external. An internal country is like a big tree. Each one is grown into a big life. Yet the democracy system is externally incorporating all the units in a commercial organization. It is a very clear vision if you can look at the present situation this way. The Chinese system is not perfect and need to evolve more in a longer time, yet the democratic system could be more open and acceptable.

The question is which of the system is better? We need an answer not from the scholars, but  from a longer view point from evolution.

The Second History Style is how they fight each other. Or how they compete with each other.

We would never like to see the nuclear weapon being used. It might be  the proof of real stupidity of human beings. However, they were smart to invent a new form of Cheap War for us.

Yet people would never know, the real essence of a Cheap War is to turn the other country people into stupidity.

Let their people never evolve into anything. Let them eat heartily and let them enjoy all forms of dirty sex pleasure. Could it be cheaper for a stupid country to be overturned this way?

One last question is that nuclear war could be possible for stupidity only. Now the countries were working very hard towards this goal of stupidity.

Smart people need to alert themselves.  

                        *Leechard Asks*
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The Dream of a Red Chamber and its meaning

Story of the Jade            ​

The writer of the great masterpiece was an unknown writer in Ching Dynasty. He would not let people know who he was.

In the year 2018, Lee Chard re-wrote the story in a short form.​

The original name of the story was "The Story of the Stone" or "Dream of A Red Chamber". ​

It was a masterpiece in one-million words. We will try to put the most important essence here........ ​
His name was Jade the Fake. The original secret and unknown teller of the story told us, that he was born with a piece of jade in his mouth. The story was full of parables. What does jade mean? It means, he was born with a heart. ​
He was not aware of it in the very beginning. It was not until he lost the jade, then he found himself stupid, and realized that the piece of jade was his heart. The jade was a symbol of his inner feelings. And the feeling may or may not be his own. It was a spirit coming from very ancient times. It was more than culture, it may be the spirit of human nature.​
What is culture? The author used one million words to tell the story. The story was a complete re-construction of nearly all aspects of life in China. We may call it culture. However, in the times of the author, the concept of culture had not been invented. He re-constructed everything for us to see. Most important of all was the spirit. Now the spirit was in the heart of the jade. ​
He was the most cherished treasure of the big family. Everybody loved him. He can do anything he wanted and he can go to any place he liked. He liked girls and sometime he like handsome boys too.​
It was by this time, the early sex desire emerged. It came amid a lengthy time period. When he was two, or three, or four, he loved the lipsticks of girls. He would suddenly take away the lipsticks or red colored cosmetics from the girls. He would eat them. Maybe he would kiss the lips to eat them. He liked red. People thought that he liked sex. But it was not. Red is not sex. He loved the color of red more than sex. Sex was not his main concern. ​
Jade loved red. What does it mean? Does the jade represent power and it need a red ink pad to rule the world? Does it mean let the heart rule the world? It could have been the original design of the story plot: we all need a heart, let the heart rule everything. The heart is red. ​
However, everyone was suddenly nervous when his behavior had become too casual and sexual. He had grown up in an unnoticed speed and there were so many beautiful girls and boys in the mansion. He was still running into girls or boys at any time, not knowing the urge of sex had come. ​
He had his first sex experience, according to the original secret and unnamed story teller, in a dream. However, it wasn't much different whether it was in the story or a dream. ​
In the dream, he was guided by a heavenly-maid. The heavenly-maid told him what sex was, and let him try it. ​
One interesting detail was the name of his first sex partner. Her name was Qin, Qin meant the first empire of China, or simply China. Her name was Lady Possible of Qin. ​
Lady Possible of Qin? What is the hidden meaning? In her inner chamber, art works of the most important ladies in Chinese history were on display. You could see historical Chinese beauties in her room. And it was in this room, Jade the Fake had a sexual encounter with Lady Possible. Does it mean he would have sex with all the women in China? Or simply, does it mean all Chinese beauties were Lady Possible? If Jade the Fake meant a piece of heart, it should have loaded with the meaning that all women needed it, too. ​
He had a wonderful moment with Lady Possible. But it was not important. More important was the aftermath of the affair. As soon as he left the perfumed room, he was chased by frightening ghosts. He run desperately, and found himself in a maze of rivers. He had nowhere to go and cannot find his way out. He had fallen to a deep cold puzzle from the height of sex pleasure only a moment ago. The heavenly-maid appeared and shouted to him, "Come back, come back!" She told him, it was a maze of no-return. The only escape was led by the Host of Despair and the Attendant of Forest in the future. ​
He was awakened from the sweet yet horrific nightmare. ​
What is the implication of the advice? Readers were all interested in the vivid sex scene, they would have forgotten the meaning of its aftermath. ​
What is the meaning of the Host of Despair and the Attendant of Forest?​
It meant the death of his true lover, Dark Jade of the Forest. With the death of his most loved one, he will reach his final enlightenment in a situation of complete despair.   ​
The story was about a boy with a heart and his encounter with the dominating control of the old culture and how he finally found enlightenment.    ​
At first, he thought he was only a most cherished treasure in the family.​
To be a cherished treasure was the best thing in the Universe. The Universe was inside a grand palace. It was not important whether it was a real palace or only a rich family estate with a lot of buildings. Important was that he was a real treasure. ​
In the grand palace, he could do anything. He could have intimate relations with any of the girls or boys he fancies. He valued their friendship. And he had secret boyfriends. He was happy and every one obeyed his order. At first, he thought it was only because he was young. ​
Soon he realized his happiness was fake. He can flirt with the girls no more. ​
One day, as he was exchanging some light-hearted remarks with a slave girl, it was overheard by his mother. His mother exploded into a rage and slapped the slave girl. She thought the slave girl was bad and would corrupt Jade's mind. She ordered to have the slave girl expelled. As a result, the slave girl committed suicide. She had nowhere else to go if expelled. ​
Jade soon found out his real situation.​
The thought of a cherished treasure was not true anymore. He has unlimited power and wealth, but he had found all was under one condition.  ​
The condition was unacceptable to him. ​
At first, it seemed the condition was a simple thing. He only needed to do his homework and obey. But it turned out to be much more than that. It was a complete set of conditions and culture rules he could no longer endure. It was unbearable. He would rather die in such conditions. But he cannot tell anyone about this. He could only keep it to himself.  ​
What was the condition?​
The only condition was that nothing is true in this Universe. All were false. The true thing was never shown. One needs to search for truth amid the false. It was never easy and it was sad. Even his own name was a fake name. His name was Jade the Fake. Though some of the times he would choose to ignore the Fake things. But how can he ignore himself? He was a Fake. He could endure no more. Whenever he saw anything fake and false, he felt upset. Once he was sleepy and people brought him to a nice room. But there was a drawing on the wall. The drawing was about the so-called good behaviors: that you have to observe the rules of the world and fit yourself into it. How can he accept to fit himself into a fake world? He can sleep no more. He chose another room to sleep and had his first sex encounter with The Lady Possible of Qin. Cultural dominance and sexual freedom was a sharp contrast by that time.  ​
The fake world was upside-down. The rich were poor, and the poor rich. The high low, and the low high. The good things bad when the bad things were good and etc. It was all like that. It was no good to be rich in an upside-down world. By this point, we could compare the thought of Jesus of Nazareth and the secret writer. They were similar. Everything was in its opposite and it was so natural. He felt a deep hatred for all these.​ 

Unacceptable about fake was dirt.  ​
Dirt was everywhere. ​
Who would remain clean in a fake Universe? It was said, only the two stone lion carvings in front of the palace, were clean. ​
That is why he loved only girls. He said girls were clean. And the only thing you need is to be clean in a dirty world. It was the most important parable in the story. His love of girls meant his love of another clean world. And it was not to be bargained. It should never be compromised. And the symbol of clean is his lover Dark Jade from the Forest.​
And there were more. ​
That the fake world was an inside-out world. You need to see into the inside of things. For example, sex was a joy. But he witnessed a friend died in the evil spell of sex. An old man had given them a mirror. The mirror was like a hand-held electronic device in our time. The old man advised them only to see the reverse side of the mirror. But his friend insisted to look at the other positive side. There was joy of sex at the positive side. And his friend could never come back from the joy of it. He died with a pool of fishy smelling liquid under his pants. The reverse side of the mirror was ugly things nobody liked and it was healthy and good. The positive side was joy and sex, but an overabundance turned out to be evil. There was truth in the hidden inner side of things. He was a little delighted to know that. ​
And it was utterly not important for Jade the Fake. ​
He was pure, like a baby. He enjoyed the pure relations between individuals. He used his heart to communicate with them. There was pure joy between them. The world of heart was beautiful. He loved beautiful girls and boys. There may or may not be sexual encounters between them. However, it's a kind of situation we could hardly understand. The communication of heart was so important, other matters became trivial. Material things were not important, sex too. It was utterly not important to have or to have no sex at all. He was very good friends to at least two or three boys. The first one was The Most Loved of Qin. He was handsome and delicate, and died early. Jade the Fake had accompanied him until his final breath. The second one was a singer. His name was Box for a Jade. Their friendship had come to such extend that they exchanged undergarment as friendship token. Box for a Jade had given a piece of red undergarment for him. Red is a very important symbol in the story. Jade loved red, and now we saw his good friend had given him his underwear which was a piece of red scarf for the lower body. Yet they were pure. They were friends from the heart. He just admired his singing. He once listened to his song, and was deeply moved. He had come to realize that poems were for exchange of thoughts only, but a song can enter into your marrow, that meant your heart. Only music can enter the heart. ​
And it was this piece of red scarf that had brought Jade into a near death beating by his father. ​
His father was the worst terror. It was his father who made him study and do lots of homework. Jade was smart, yet he hated the assigned books. Those were books for a fake upside-down and inside-out world. His father was the symbol of politics. His name was Politics the Fake. No one can escape from the spell of politics. His father beat him hard many times. ​
The most recent one was when his father discovered his affair with the singer, though the affair was actually spiritual and platonic. Jade the Fake was beaten to almost death. His blood stained the house. ​
He was never a cherished treasure in front of the political spell. His only escape was his grandmother. His grandmother was the mother of politics and would protect him from time to time. The name of his grandmother was Mother the Fake. ​
Mother the Fake stopped the beating and saved him. ​
Mother the Fake was the culture. She was the condition. Yet she loved Jade. She thought that Jade will grow up as expected. She never really understood the other side of the Universe. She accepted everything as natural. ​
A wife had been prepared for Jade long before he knew it. The kind-looking Mother the Fake had her own plan. The prepared wife was Fork the Gold. It was said they would make a good couple. Jade and Gold were a good pair, it was said. Fork the Gold was the kind of women who thrived in an upside-down place. She liked the tradition, and was attempting to be the Chief Executive of the family. Her aim was power. It was she who had advised Jade to take the bureaucrat's examination. And it meant to force him to compromise with the culture. ​
There was good news. ​
His cousin sister from the Province of Yang would come to stay. The Province of Yang was a place of massacre. The Ching Army had almost wiped out the population in the Province of Yang. The massacre lasted for ten days. It was a top secret by that time. People would never talk about it.  ​
The name of the beautiful young cousin was Dark Jade from the Forest. Why was it dark? Because it was from the hell. She must have escaped the massacre. And why was she named Forest? Forest was one important analogy in the story. It was from a very old myth that the Early Father had chased the Sun and died after a long run. He wanted to know the truth about the sun and was sacrificed. He had a stick with him to run. He struck the stick into the land in his death and it had grown into an unlimited far reaching forest since. Forest meant hope. If you wish to reach truth, you have hope. ​
Jade loved Dark Jade from the Forest. ​
However, the massacre was a taboo and could not be mentioned in the story. It called for the reader's imagination to explore it. ​
The story teller will not tell you, why the name of her was Dark. Nor would he tell you the actual happenings in the massacre. ​
Jade had a good time with her. She must have told Jade what had happened in the massacre. When Jade found his own palace was actually a faked upside-down world and was hell, Dark Jade from the Forest must have told him, a much bigger hell was there outside. ​
This was one of the most important novel writing techniques in literature. You can tell a story without actually telling it. Later readers would use their searching and learning to re-tell the story and find out the truth. ​
When we could have only a children's underground mouse story about the Province of Yang in the pages, the reader can still sniff out the smell of hell. ​
The question was why and how and what should be done.  ​
She was the symbol of clean. Clean meant not to compromise. She was the only one in the rotten place who had never advised Jade to read the tradition books and follow the old cultural rules. He loved her so much that at one time she asked him, "What if I died?" He had the famous answer: "I will be a monk if you died." And this was parable again. It meant he will be enlightened if she was dead. He will not be a real monk, as the secret writer of the story had seriously doubted about Buddhism and Taoism. ​
Yet it was Dark Jade who had led him out of the puzzle of Buddhism. ​
He had no books to read in the feudal culture. It was not that he hated the feudal books, but all the books were destroyed or re-written by the political powers in the years. All books carried the same feudal message. He said, there was no book to read. ​

And this was a fact and a parable. That meant, he had no guidance in the culture. He didn't know what to do and where to go. ​He hated old moral teachings, yet he loved Buddhism for a while. He was at a lost at the moment. He thought life was like a floating boat drifting to nowhere. And everyone came empty-handed, and went away naked. He had forgotten that he was not empty-handed. He had come to this world with a piece of heart in his mouth. ​
Dark Jade asked him: 'What is your name?" ​
He said: "Jade"​
She asked: "What is the meaning of Jade?"​
He could not answer. She told him: "Jade is the most valuable."​
She asked him again: "Why was it most valuable?"  He could not provide an answer either. ​
She told him: "The most valuable thing on earth is to insist. Never compromise. And would you tell me what are you insisting for?"​
He was enlightened the first time. He had never thought of it before. It was Dark Jade who had given him the first light, bringing him to come back to the deep-rooted ancient thought. That you have to insist, even death cannot deter. You would rather die as a broken jade, than live as a cheap tile. He thought she was his only true lover. She had reached into his inner mind. All other girls were nothing to him anymore. ​
He had found love. ​
Dark Jade was the most brilliant one among the girls. Yet she was sentimental. She knew her fate and Jade didn't know his. It was the saddest of all. And it was the final blow awakened him. ​
She had written a poem. It was this poem that brought Jade into the sentimental side of her world. We will see how a soul was under tremendous pressure and cried out her heart to remain clean, that meant not to compromise with the dirt. And the dirt meant cultural ugliness. ​
We shall see from the following translation of her poem. A poem to poem translation is almost impossible due to the different design of languages, however, we will see how the images she had created unfold before us. ​
     x  x   x      x   x   x​
Broken petals floated around the pavilion, ​
Curtains were tainted with their perfumed bodies. ​
Flowers were flying everywhere when they had just died. ​
Who would pity them? ​
A lady from the inner-chamber felt sad about the swift-passing Spring, ​
She had nowhere to settle her mind. ​
She went outside with a garden hoe, ​
She walked carefully not to step on the dead flowers. ​
The green willows and elms were laughing. ​
How could they know the sadness of the peach flowers and plum flowers?  ​
There will be new flowers again next year, ​
But who will be here next year? ​
The swallows were merciless. ​
They had just came, and gone, 
leaving behind their emptied nests. ​
They would come back next year to peck on the new flowers, ​
Yet they will never know, the house will be empty like their nest. ​
There were harsh suppressions 365 times a year. ​
With winds and frosts like swords and knives.  ​
How long can your freshness remain? ​
You are nowhere to be found when you floated away. ​
I can see the flowers now only because they are still on the branch. ​
Where will they go shortly afterwards? ​
It was unbearable painful to bury the flowers. ​
I have nothing but the flower hoe and my tears. ​
I can see on the branches my own tear and blood. ​
The cuckoo fell silent as the day is coming to end. ​
I went home with my hoe and closed doors behind. ​
I tried to sleep with a small lamp shining on the wall. ​
It was a cold bed with the cold rains knocking on my windows.  ​
Was I too sentimental? ​
I was annoyed with the Spring yet I loved it. ​
It came too silently, ​
And will be gone too fast. ​
It was so sad. ​
There was a sad song outside the pavilion last night. ​
Were they the souls of the flowers or birds? ​
It was not easy to keep their souls. ​
The flowers will shy away and the birds speechless. ​
I hope I could have wings, ​
Then I can follow them to the end of heavens. ​
Oh, the end of heavens. ​
Where is my perfumed tomb? ​
I preferred to have a brightly embroidered bag, ​
to carry my remains. ​
The yellow soils on my tomb will keep my soul clean. ​
I am clean in my inner self. ​
I have been clean from the beginning and I shall be gone clean.  ​
I shall never fall on the dirty ditches. ​
The flowers were dead as I buried them. ​
But I did not know when shall I be dying. ​
People would say I am silly to bury the flowers. ​
Yet I will never know who will bury me. ​
If you ever saw the Spring was leaving and the flowers fading, ​
It would be time for the death of the beauty. ​
Whenever the Spring was at its end and the beauty was old, ​
You will never know the flowers were gone and I was dead. ​
  xxx   xxx​
Jade was shocked when he listened to the poem. ​
And he knew the hidden meaning on it. She will never compromise with the old culture, though she is suffering all year long. She will keep the flowers clean. She will keep them buried in the clean, yellow soils. The soil was clean, yet the culture and fake people were not. It was such an obvious parable, yet few of the wise people could understand. ​
That they were living in an upside-down world which were fake. The flowers were being oppressed every day. It is important that you stand very firm. That you are not going to compromise. That you will remain a broken jade. You are broken, but you are forever a piece of jade. You will never be a piece of dirty cheap tile. 

Yet he did not know the meaning of the last line:

​ ‘You will never know the flowers were gone and I was dead.’ The poem was for him to read after the death of her. ​

​The story goes far beyond that. The threat of life is real. Dark Jade will be gone very soon. And it is a sorrow that Jade had never foresee it. ​
The poem will be a never-ending torment. There will always be flowers dying. There will be always someone to bury them. There will be always another round of burying. ​
That was the thought of Dark Jade. Not necessary the thought of the secret writer, nor Jade. The unbearable death of Dark Jade shall strike Jade like thunder.  It would be healing. It would be his final awakening.  ​
The question is, for such a clever girl like Dark Jade, why couldn't she overcome the thought of death? Death is meaningless; the meaning is on living. She had asked Jade, what are you insisting for? And what are the best value on earth? That could be the answer of the meaning of death. It is a riddle for all. If the meaning of death was so easy to forget, then the quest for truth would be trivial. ​
The love between Dark Jade and Jade is based on their understanding of the sad situation they were sitting on. They knew it very clear, yet the secret writer was reluctant to tell. It would have political repercussions; the book will be banned​
and all its readers will be persecuted. The secret writer could only write the story with obscure symbolism, hoping it will be understood in the future.   ​
As first, Jade thought that was a simple matter. He was determined. ​
Dark Jade asked him: "There were so many girls, what is your choice?"​
Jade said: "Of all the three thousand miles of heavenly river, one cup is enough for me."​
Dark Jade asked again: "What if your wooden cup is lost on the river?"​
Jade said: "There is no loss. Only that the water is going away."​
That is the perfect answer philosophically. However, when matters of life and death become reality, it needed real wisdom to show its magic. ​
And he did lose the cup. His most loved girl had left him and died. ​
His marriage was secretly arranged. He was assigned a wife, Fork the Gold. ​
Fork the Gold was another beauty around him. She was sexy and voluptuous. She was the traditional type of woman. She was in tune with the fake world. She liked everything in the upside-down world. ​
They told Jade that he was to get married. They lied to him that his wife will be Dark Jade, which was not true. By the night of their marriage, he will see Fork the Gold on his marriage bed waiting. Jade didn't know that was a plot. He was happy to wait for the day to marry with Dark Jade. ​
He was separated with Dark Jade, and he was told it was only a "temporary" arrangement before the marriage. ​
Meanwhile, Dark Jade overheard the plot by accident. She knew what was going to happen, as she had known her fate long ago. It was such a sad thing to know your own fate before it actually happened. ​
She was already sick by the time. And she had intentionally refused to eat. She had a serious cough. A large piece of phlegm fell on the spittoon. A servant girl saw it and was scared to death, as the phlegm was so large that it was like jumping in the spittoon like a living thing, with blood on it. A bloody phlegm meant death, it was medical common sense back then. ​
Dark Jade was all alone. How sad will Jade be if he had seen all this. It could have been all envisaged before him to waken him up after the tragedy. ​
Before Dark Jade had died, she burned all her poems. And the poems were her testimonial for the heavens. ​
The day for the fake marriage was closer and closer. Jade only waited patiently. He did not know his fate had been arranged until that day.   ​
Dark Jade died at the same time, unnoticed. ​
When Jade opened the silk head-covering of the bride, he saw only Fork the Gold, the representative of the fake world will be his companion for life. ​
The marriage was going on as usual. He didn't get mad. He didn't shout. He was silent. ​
Time went on peacefully. They were married couple now. ​
One day, Fork the Gold told Jade: "As we have been married and you are a man now. It is time for you to settle you mind and prepare for the Examinations."​
She meant the Government Examination held each Autumn. ​
Jade simply said: "Alright."​
The Examination was the ultimate symbol of the old culture. How can he promise to enter the Examination? Yet he had not refused. ​
To him, the Examination was easy. He locked himself up to study for a month to study his most hated subjects. ​
On the day of the Examination, he went with one of his cousin brothers. Family servants sent them in and waited outside. The Examination was a two or three-day event. Each candidate was guided into a small cubicle. He had to finish all his Examination papers inside the cubicle alone. Candidates who could not endure the pressure die of exhaustion and was brought out dead afterwards. ​
Finally, the Examination was over. People came out from the cubicles. However, the servants did not see Jade. He disappeared, although he did have pasted the Examination with high scores. His paper ranked number 7 in that year. He was entitled to be a high-ranking bureaucrat for the fake world. ​
Mother the Fake, who was the symbol of culture and everything on the fake world died almost at the same time. ​
However, Jade's father, the symbol of politics was alive and well. He was busy. He sent people to find Jade, and buried his mother, and sent the coffin back home thousands of miles away. ​
As he was returning home on a boat, it was late at night. He bid the servants to park the boat at a small pier in a riverside town. ​
It was snowing and the night was white. ​It was very clean. 
Something made him wake and he came out the boat.     ​
The disappeared Jade had appeared. He was wearing a large, bright red cloak, and was kneeling down to salute his father. ​
Politics the Fake exclaimed. He did see his own son kneeling before him at a distance. He was about to say something and Jade was gone laughing. Two guys were with Jade. One a monk, the other a Taoist. ​
The three of them soon disappeared into the white snows. All was white and the night was clean. A clean world is the ultimate goal of the whole book. ​
That was the end of the one-million words story. ​
We will soon forget everything that was told in this story. But a very special color may remain in our vision. The color of red had grown from the facial makeup to an undergarment, and now it was a large snow cloak on the back of Jade. It was red. And it was fluttering in the white snow. Let the heart rule everything. There was a meaning in it. The heart was red. ​
The original name of the story was "The Story of the Stone."  Other name of the story was "Dream of A Red Chamber". And we can always remember the meaning of red, in such a title.  ​
The original writer of the story remained anonymous. He would not reveal his own name in a fake world. He would be happy to see that his mind was read and appreciated for many, now and in the future.​

(The End.)