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Where are we?

9254xx  Where are we 20200417

Most people will never ever think of this question. Ignorance is common. It is a question always remain unanswered. However, a little awareness can keep us awake. 

Where are we?

We have no map. We can never sure the real position of our planet in the universe. It is because, even our universe is an unknown. We can not know whether our universe is within a much bigger space. 

It is the same as we cannot know what is the tiniest particle. Everything can be divided into even smaller parts. Its an unending quest. 

We are living in a certain "level" of the levels. We will not know how many layers of levels upon or below us. We will not know what level we are in. 

There are two kinds of levels, I suppose. 

One is material and the other spiritual. 

That means we are living in a level of material world, and in a level of our total wisdom. If you consider our wisdom in a total form, you will know where the limits are. Some of us will be smarter and they will know more. However, in the form of a total wisdom, we as human beings can only come to the understanding of all secrets in life to a limit like present. And there will be a total wisdom of many levels ahead of us.

Temporary success and affluence had made people proud of themselves. They believed they were aristocratic and more noble then others. It would lead to failure because they did not know where the wealth come from. 

First you must know the whereabouts within your own level, then you can have the standpoint to quest upon other levels. Those who failed to know their location in the living level, can hardly be successful.    

We are living in a huge mystery.  We would not know what level we are in. The levels are an infinitive for us all. 

In such a  mystery, one question is vital. 

Who is in control of all these?

It seemed natural or old fashioned to believe if you know who is in control, you can do everything to please the controller and you will have some reward. And some would deny the controller. They would in turn ask another question:  What is in control? Or what is the law of everything?

It is not meaningless to discuss about all these. However, one thing is for sure. We are living in a huge mystery. We do not know where we are and we will not know what our total fate will be. 

What OUGHT to be done then?

It seemed not a very difficult question to answer. 

You need to survive. 

To survive you must have wisdom.

To have wisdom you will love each other. 

And you will be aware and quest for the truth.


Why is the Yellow River cleared?

9253xx   Why is the Yellow River cleared?  20200403 

It is another biggest myth of China. 

The Yellow River had been yellow for thousands of years. But in the long run of Chinese History, it was said that Yellow River had turned green for 43 times. 

It meant, in a situation of Old China, Yellow River could still be cleared without any water and soil conservation work done. And it is difficult to explain. The longest time for a green river happened in 1727 which had been lasted for 20 days. And this time, Yellow River was cleared of its mud and sand for almost 20 years. Is it a result of conservation work completely? Though it was said that the conservation work is not a prove for the guarantee for the absolute safety of the River. The thickness of the Huangtu Plateau is about 100 or more meters, if super heavy rain were coming, nothing can stop the sand from washing down into the river to make it wild. The River still had a very big chance to run off-course. 

Now we have two issues here. One is why. Why the water is cleared? Where do the sands gone?

Two is how. If the river run off-course again, how can the Chinese people predict it and prevent the disaster to happen? It is not the task for the bright and brilliant future young scientists, it is a task for present. All weak points must be mapped in a super computer and a simulation of the off-course river running should be made, then the Chinese people could see how should they handle it. You will know where would the River be running by simulation. The Chinese might had done a computer simulation long ago, and it is indeed very good.  

But this is the second and easier part only. 

The more important part is in the why question. Are there any extra causes clearing the Yellow River?

This could be the turning point of science. And I do hope Chinese scientists could find out something new in Physics. Will there be another strange force hidden beneath the Planet like our Qi in the human body, which is moving and it is now right below the Huangtu Plateau (Loess Plateau) which have a tremendous force on the sands and drawing them sink into the river bed? If this force is found, there will be a true revolution of the modern science. I hope young people in China can aware of this problem and know the importance of it. We are all working under the old formats of Western science built too long ago. Now is the time to reveal the true value of them.