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不如盡自一己之大志,發揮自己,做有意義的事  。

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What if you are proud of yourself?

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What if you are proud of yourself?

Anything can happen (Part 1)

(Part 2)

I want to share with you this beautiful film, 'Anything can happen' by Marcel Łoziński 

This is a film ought to see. Because it reminded me a theme I had not talked about in a long time.

What is the meaning of life?

What kind of life I wish to have?

A six-year-old boy goes into a park, and talks to many of the old people there. At first, you will find the boy is interesting, he has got lots of wonderful questions we will never ask. But later, you will find the main theme are on the old people, you will see, how do they feel about their own life. They are mostly lonely, and not happy.

That is the important thing in life.

We must do something meaningful, and to be proud of it.

Are you proud of your true self?

Some guy has brought an expensive car. He was proud of his car, and the money was from his father. He is not proud of his true self, but only his other self. The other-self will be gone in time, but your true-self will not. It remains.  It is yours always. You will be happy in an eternal way. You will be happy when you are old. You will never feel lonely, because,  you will know, you are one with the universe. And that is why, we need to do something meaningful. 

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Why is it so difficult to handle rubbish problems in Hong Kong?

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Why is it so diffcult to handle rubbish problems in Hong Kong?

I shall use the following questions to probe the problem:

A.   Sources of Rubbish

1,  Can I buy a piece of biscuit in Hong Kong?

2,  Can I not buy the wrapping?

3,  Can I refuse the rubbish that is coming from my daily necessities?

4, Who created the rubbish?

5, Who is responsible for the rubbish?

6, Can the supermarket be more advanced as the old grocery stores?

7, Can the society refuse or reform the supermarkets?

8, Can we put a tax on ALL wrapping plastics?

9, Can we use glass to replace plastic?

10, Can we ask the merchants to change?

B. How to handle the rubbish

1, Why are we clueless?

2, Are we not wise enough?

3, Are we lacking space?

4, Why can't we dump rubbish on the sea?

5, Why can't we dump rubbish on the land?

6, Can we build a forest on the landfills?

7, Can we turn the rubbish into profitable product?

8, What is Artificial Control?

9, Why  wisdom is always NOT in the hands of a few controlling people?

10, Can rubbish be a privatized business?

11, Can people stop blaming each other and start to think?

12, Will there be people to read the above  questions carefully?

13, Why blaming is wisdom killing?

14, Do we know the problem is coming from an over industrialized time?   

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Is it really necessary to own your own flat?

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Is it really necessary to own your own flat?

Hong Kong is a small place. To own a flat is never easy. Let say a young man has got HK$20,000 (US$2500)a month, if he wishes to buy a flat of HK$4,000,000 (US$513000).  It is almost impossible for him. He has to give up every other wishes, but to work for a down payment first.

The Government of Hong Kong has been encouraging people to own their own flat. It has been a long term policy for the Government to do so. But the real estate keep going up. Buying your own flat is unrealistic.

The Government has got one choice only, that is to beat the market, and hoping to keep the prices lower. But no matter how low the price, it is still not practical to buy a flat.

Why not change the policy?  To rent a flat is almost as good.

In the old times, people had a different thought. If a young man has not a grand wish but to own some estates only, he must be  a weak character without ambition. Why not put all the efforts on what you really wish to do?

And the Government should not build houses to sell, but to rent. the situation would be totally different.

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WHY: "Love of money is the root of all evils"

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"Love of money is the root of all evils"

"Love of money is the root of all evils."  The quote was from the Bible. It has been circulated around the world for some two thousand years. There are similar sayings in China.

The question is why.  And it is not easy to find out the real reason behind it. Love of money seems to be so natural, who would refuse more comfort which money can provide?  Why should I choose not a better life, but a life full of hardship?  When I have no money, I cannot even go to school. And when my mother was sick, I cannot even have a doctor to help her. Why should I not love the money?  Is the Bible wrong? the wise not wise? Should I follow the evil spirit, rather than God? Is this a very very difficult and complicated issue that I cannot understand? Who can tell me?

Yes, money is not to be loved.  Something else is to be loved. People work hard to earn money, and can use the money in many ways. Money is a tool. We need tools to do many things. But we are not working for the tool. We are not living to eat. We have higher purpose in life. We need to achieve something. We have our hope. And we are never to give up our hope. And our hope is not for a selfish purpose. It is very bad to give up the higher purpose in life. We are not like pigs, pigs are living to eat. We are not living for a comfortable living. We are not living for bigger houses, cars, luxuries, If we do, we are leaving the zone of humans. Humans have a higher aim then animals.

And loving money does not only mean leaving the zone of humans, it is the source of hatred. And that creates conflicts, and war. When I cannot have enough money to have a doctor to help my mother, I know that is not only the problem of money. It is a bigger problem. We the human beings are not balanced. We need to work harder and harder for a better future for all mankind.

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What Next?


Syria is not a problem now. What is the next problem?

Iran and North Korea may be.

In a few more years, nuclear problems too, would not be a problem at all.

And then the question also rises:  What Next?

There might be some regional conflicts. England and Spain, China and Japan, African oil, etc. Conflicts are bound to happen, as the economic situation falls. But those are never big problems. Some wins, some loses. Smart people will keep an eye on all that, preventing someone in winning too much, and break the balance.

The one and lasting problem is the terrorist groups. Will they sooner or later decrease to a harmless situation?

There are two factors behind it. One being poverty, the other is culture element. Culture element is the ability to think. If you can help them to think properly, they will become rich and will not resort to terror acts.  But that is the basic human problem. People cannot even help their own children to think properly, how can they help other nations?

Ancient Chinese rulers had a very pragmatic technic to handle the problem. They work according to the philosophy of Lao Zi:  Keep every one away from knowledge, and then there will be lasting peace.  And that was no joke. They meant it. To encourage students to study only one moral subject, all students would become obedient civil servants (employed by the rulers) and would not be thinking astray.

And the modern leaders (Mr. Obama and his followers) were thinking in a similar way:

Spread the idea of democracy to the whole world, problems would be solved.

But democracy was only a technical means for the ancient Greeks; they had more subtle inner wisdom above the technical means.

Democracy is useful to wise people only.

If you encourage a group of pigs to select their leader, they could have no other option, but to select another pig to lead them. They will not be thinking wiser, and poverty will remain. Poverty seems to be more eternal then other issues. When they have no other means to earn a living, there will not be peace. We can only hope, terrorist thoughts are not eternal.

How can you encourage the world to “think”?

Yes, if people are wise enough, they will find a means to make a living, and settle every thing peacefully.

We have to stop here. As the problem is too big an issue and we have no other choice, but to guess, what other issue would arise somewhere in the planet and need attention to.

And our question remains: “What next”.

If I say, the next issue is philosophical, you will laugh.

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Why is Lu Xun so important?

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Why is Lu Xun so important?

One news in Hong Kong said, Lu is phased out already; as his last piece of literature prose in the Chinese school curriculum had been deleted, and the students could never know who is Lu Xun. Lots of angry voices were against it in the web. However, another news from the official news network the xinhuanet published an article denied the news(big5.xinhuanet.com/gate/big5/news.xinhuanet.com/2013-09/05/c_125323623.htm)(20130905 京華時報 )  . It said, it was one out of several remaining pieces were deleted, not all. And the reason provided were that Lu is too difficult for young students. The message means that it was not a political action to delete Lu, while actually several more important pieces were already disappeared years ago, including the "The positive biography of Ah Q".

Lu is a writer died long ago at 1935. Why he is so important?

Yes, Lu is important not because he was the friend of Mao, and not because he was the only writer who could stand against attacks during the Cultural Revolution, but the works he had produced and the facts of how  influential he was.

He was the main opposition of the Confucian thoughts.    He thought the most important thing for China was to cure the Chinese spirit, as the Chinese spirit was sick, and the cause of the sickness was Confucius. In his work, "The Dairy of a Mad Man", he said, the Chinese history itself was a book full of the the facts of "Confucian doctrines eating people".  And he created Ah Q the image of Chinese people under the influence of Confucius. Up until now, whenever the name of Ah Q was mentioned, people will be alerted of the common weakness of the Chinese people.

Will there be any "Common weakness" in the Chinese spirit? There were actually two kinds of thoughts in the Chinese mind:  one the Pro-Confucius and the other, the Against-Confucius. the Pro ones would deny there were any weakness in the Chinese mind. 

Thus, the Pro-Confucius people would like to delete Lu, or to marginalize him.

And this is one of the interesting point to observe China. Will China go back to the thoughts of Confucius? Or to open up another way?

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謝謝讀者寧君來信並贈書:(Paulo Coelho: Warrior Of The Light)

寧君說,不知是否對生命有感悟的人,思想都有相近之處。 不論莊子,耶穌,祈克果,,,對生命都有近似的看法。

是的,李察在學習莊子和耶穌方面,的確時有得益。祈克果未曾深入看過,相信,Paulo Coelho 也是值得一看的。



一個是在內在的價值方面相通相同:  最近有小孩的雙眼被人挖去,幾乎所有人的感受一樣。儘管儒家強調權威思想和服從,而且否定研究大 自然,但並無否定人的惻隱之心。而所謂惻隱,也是很接近乎<愛>的。




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How does the sun shine?

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How does the sun shine?


The eyes of a six year old boy were plucked by some one. The tragedy happened not long ago. The act were worst then killing. Why did people do this? Minds were shocked around China, and the world.

It proves that we are one and we are all related. It is stirring.

The hidden meaning is very basic, yet it is forgotten some times:

We need to see.

The sun is shining for every one.

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What is the most important thing in Syria now?


What is the most important thing in Syria now?

Not to let the chemical weapons fall on the "wrong hands"-

Some of the rebels are terrorist, and the sudden collapse of the Syrian State would have unexpected effects.

Please refer to Thomas L. Friedman:  "Arm and Shame" in the IHT, Sept 5, 2013.

Who can lead the world?

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Who can lead the world?

If no one ever cares about the world, I care.

If no one leads the world, I lead.

How do I lead the world?

Do I lead the world with force, or hate?

No, I will lead the world with love and wisdom.

Do I need force?

Yes, I will need force. Not only partial force, but complete force.

What is a complete force?

A strength coming from every body, every mind, every soul, is a complete force.

Who am I?

I am we.

Who are we?

We are one.