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Does Trump know where are we?

Leechard says:

The question is who can save Mr. Trump. He has only a slim chance to survive his presidency. No one knows what next things will happen. Everything is unexpected like his phone talk with the war widow. 

And it is the most sophisticated part here. 

You cannot change a scientist into a business tycoon overnight. He would not have the eyesight. And you cannot change a business tycoon into a world leader overnight. He would never know the feelings of a people.  

It's the personal upbringing and a total understanding of the culture matters. It needs years of reading, observing and self-training. 

It is also the problem of levels. 

People usually deny the eyesight of other levels. If they can see from a different level, things could change. 

Do you know the situation, Mr. President? 

Here is a song about the situation:

Where are we (Don't kill me)
                   By Cheng Wing Lim

Don't kill me 
Do not shoot at me 
I am here
Oh yes I am here 
I wish you are well
See you in the hell

Don't kill me
Do not shoot at me 
I am here 
Waiting for you to kill me 
It is so easy 
I am dead now 
Don't you feel 
It's a happy time 

Oh my mum 
Do you have a mum
You have been in love
Hatred cannot do you well
We are real brother
We are together
We are friends
Leave the hell
Heavens are good for you 

Where are we
We are in no-where
There must be a way out
Do you know where are we
We are all in hell
Let us get back to life
Give me your hand

Where are we
We are in the hell
There must be a way out
We are friends 
Leave the hell
Lets us pray
I will pray for you

                         *Leechard Asks*

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