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The Earth is Rolling

The Earth is Rolling

The Earth is Rolling
(A badly written song and I have not enough courage to discard it.)

how i hope to be eighteen twenty,  

and  it is twenty eighteen soon to be

the earth is rolling

the ages are hiding

the moon is shying

where have you been

the sun beating hard

snow fakes on my head

a change  so quickly

its so funny

we share all the planet

 waiting coming future

we are tomorrow

we are tomorrow


   ok,  there is no more yesterday

And a very Happy New Year to You

* Note:   Leechard will go to Cambodia for a holiday tomorrow, will be back in January 2nd, 2018.


What are we going to expect in Future Politics?

9150 What are we going to expect in Future Politics   20171210

Leechard says:

Politics was management of power. Politics was a way to collect power and manage them. 

Politics has been a dirty word. Whenever the word of politics was mentioned, many people think it was dirty, even some of the times, good politics can happen. 

Politics should not be a dirty word. The dirty part is from dirty politicians. 

In future, we expect the role of politics can be changed. 

Politics is not for the management of power only. It is to manage a much more important thing. Politics should be a major organizer of human wisdom. 

When wisdom is lacking in the control of powers, all sort of bad things can happen, wrongly fought wars are unavoidable. 

If the concentration is on wisdom, the world will be totally different. 

Human wisdom is loosely scattered everywhere in our time and our space. Sometimes, it is in the old books. And sometimes, it is in new inventions. 

A very clever man whose name is Patrick Peebles has invented a slow flying airplane. If a plane is slow enough like a car, and could be stopped anytime, then we need cars no more. His plane is not that slow, it cannot stop like a car. But it is a very important start. Other planes can never fly in such a slow speed. Loss of speed is a nightmare for all airplanes. It took twenty years for him to construct his slow plane. Twenty years is too long and not acceptable. If human wisdom is well organized, maybe it will take only a few years for a good thing to happen. We are not only wasting the time of one scientist, but also wasting time for the whole human progress. 

We human beings are not poor. We are rich. We are rich in all kinds of resources. We are only lacking some kinds of organizing ability. We know how to organize armies. We know how to organize companies. But we do not know how to organize wisdom. Politics is a form of organizing ability. It is the highest organizing ability in human activities. If the powers are well organized, the country could have a better shape and the governing machine is functioned well. And only a country with wisdom can find out the ultimate goal of mankind.

We can turn hells into heavens.

What is wisdom?

Wisdom is not knowledge. Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge. Wisdom is not invention. Wisdom is the soul behind everything.    

The ancient philosopher Plato had had an idea of "Philosopher King." The world has not been deeply probed into that idea for thousands of years. He did not mean the power should be on the hands of philosophers. What he meant was a kind of highly intelligent system of Government. It is wrong to use the term "intelligent" here. To be highly intelligent doesn't mean wisdom. It is stupid always. 

The idea of Plato is in wisdom. We need to have some wisdom to govern (to organize) ourselves. The concept of governing is a bad idea. The new concept should be organizing. There will be no "governments" in the future, but only "organizing bodies".

Can we expect a very talkative politician be as wise as a philosopher? 

Yes. That is the goal of future.

Now lets get back to Plato: 

The old concept is to follow. 

The new concept is to quest. 

This new concept is from Plato the ancient philosopher. When every one is fully conscious about truth, leaders would follow. 

We are not following anyone. We are questing for the truth and the ultimate truth. We are a team of searching people.

That is future. 

Here is another very wise and important question. 

What is future? 

Future is in me. And you can actually say: I am future.

When this concept is accepted by more then one person, we have hope.     


                         *Leechard Asks*
9150 What are we going to expect in Future Politics   20171210

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