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What is the long-term-prospect of China and USA?

9205 What is the long-term-prospect of China and USA?

There is a line in the wisdom of China:

The tree wishes to have a peaceful time but the wind never stops. 

You can only live with the wind. There will be no rest for the tree. The only peaceful time of the tree is to swing with the wind. 

It is a little sad for the situation, yet it is beautiful.  

We have another poem of the great poet Li Bai,

I went to the hills for a drink, yellow flowers chased me like mad.

I observed with my drunken eyes how the wind blowing away my hat when I was dancing with the moon. 

She will never let go of me. 

One would find enlightenment deeply planted in such simple scenery.



                        *Leechard Asks*
(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter. 

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Is there any cold-war-thinking now?

There is no such thing as cold-war- thinking now in the United

What is a Cheap War?  20190420

It  is a big mistake to name such wars Cheap. It could be not cheap at all. It could cost more than nuclear war heads, fast planes and invincible war weapons. However, we still use the name Cheap War to denote such a new era of our history.

We had a hot war before, then a cold war. Now it is not hot and not cold, but Cheap.

You would see how a big country change completely from one form of paradigm to another.  

The leaders would wakeup from a sweet dream that they were supported by the people, then they found suddenly people were against them. They could be overturned overnight.

No expensive war machines were used. You don't see airplanes dropping bombs but angry people throwing stones only. How cheap is a stone? It costs nothing, however, it is powerful enough to throw away leaders. It needs no big money to replace them.

It could be cheap, however, it could cost big money in a secret budget.

It could turn a whole country up-side-down. Busy leaders won't have a time to think about this. Most of them were above the ground, they could only see figures and read fake reports. They won't have the real scenario in their mind. They didn't know thoughts are changeable.

You would never see how an elephant die from cancer. They didn't know the cells had deteriorated completely. And it is only skin deep. Smiles were also skin deep,  yet only a smiling face is acceptable.

We had mention Chairman Mao before. We had said he was an idealist. However, we could have never known why he had to start the Cultural Revolution. Is it only to bring out an ideal? It must be more than that. Yet the history facts are not easy to uncover. It should be the task for future historians, but I doubt that would be too late.

We would like to mention two forms of new history style here.

The First History Style is Group Evolution. China and the United States were competing for a better evolutional result. China is taking a position for an internal organization for their country, while the democracy system is external. An internal country is like a big tree. Each one is grown into a big life. Yet the democracy system is externally incorporating all the units in a commercial organization. It is a very clear vision if you can look at the present situation this way. The Chinese system is not perfect and need to evolve more in a longer time, yet the democratic system could be more open and acceptable.

The question is which of the system is better? We need an answer not from the scholars, but  from a longer view point from evolution.

The Second History Style is how they fight each other. Or how they compete with each other.

We would never like to see the nuclear weapon being used. It might be  the proof of real stupidity of human beings. However, they were smart to invent a new form of Cheap War for us.

Yet people would never know, the real essence of a Cheap War is to turn the other country people into stupidity.

Let their people never evolve into anything. Let them eat heartily and let them enjoy all forms of dirty sex pleasure. Could it be cheaper for a stupid country to be overturned this way?

One last question is that nuclear war could be possible for stupidity only. Now the countries were working very hard towards this goal of stupidity.

Smart people need to alert themselves.  

                        *Leechard Asks*
(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

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How to choose between the powers?

9203  How to choose between the powers? 20190601

It is not easy for the smaller countries to choose, or to take sides. Every one must have the best tactic to survive between the whales. You are just like a small boat swimming beside the big whales. They are crushing each other and you are in between of them.

Can you simply slip away?

Everyone is looking upon the late leader of Singapore. He had the best tactic.

And he would not tell you in his books.

Many had read three or four times of his great book. But you have to read behind not the lines, but the inner motion of his deeds.

If I were him, I would do it this way.

I will go to the Western powers and tell them, I will have a method to contain China for you. Let me do the talking and you will do the rest.

Then I will go to talk with the Chinese leaders. I will be friend of China. I will tell them the techniques of the Western way to run the Government, tell them how to build their economy.

I am the only one who claimed to be friend of China and still trusted by the West.

I am not swimming between the whales.   I am riding on them and manipulate them.

With such a method, I will stay rich for 50 years and no more.

And it is temporary tactic only.

You need not to know which of the powers is truly rich and more importantly, truly reliable. It is so simple and you need not an idea so simple. Even though you have the lucky chance to stay away the crushing danger, but still, what you need is to know the inner turth about them.

You need to know not how rich they are, but how did they come to such a state. You need not to know who is going up and who is going down, but the real difficulties in them.

Yes China is going up, but there are inner difficulties. And the US is getting down, but they will remain a great power for a time longer than you can expect.

Can you tell me more ?

                        *Leechard Asks*

(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

(#The author can be reached by Whatsapp at 852-91864286)