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How to choose between the powers?

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It is not easy for the smaller countries to choose, or to take sides. Every one must have the best tactic to survive between the whales. You are just like a small boat swimming beside the big whales. They are crushing each other and you are in between of them.

Can you simply slip away?

Everyone is looking upon the late leader of Singapore. He had the best tactic.

And he would not tell you in his books.

Many had read three or four times of his great book. But you have to read behind not the lines, but the inner motion of his deeds.

If I were him, I would do it this way.

I will go to the Western powers and tell them, I will have a method to contain China for you. Let me do the talking and you will do the rest.

Then I will go to talk with the Chinese leaders. I will be friend of China. I will tell them the techniques of the Western way to run the Government, tell them how to build their economy.

I am the only one who claimed to be friend of China and still trusted by the West.

I am not swimming between the whales.   I am riding on them and manipulate them.

With such a method, I will stay rich for 50 years and no more.

And it is temporary tactic only.

You need not to know which of the powers is truly rich and more importantly, truly reliable. It is so simple and you need not an idea so simple. Even though you have the lucky chance to stay away the crushing danger, but still, what you need is to know the inner turth about them.

You need to know not how rich they are, but how did they come to such a state. You need not to know who is going up and who is going down, but the real difficulties in them.

Yes China is going up, but there are inner difficulties. And the US is getting down, but they will remain a great power for a time longer than you can expect.

Can you tell me more ?

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