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How did the confrontation had started?

9202 How did the confrontation had started? 20190526

The first condition is that you need to have two balanced powers to face each other. Otherwise, it is not confrontation, but conquest. Not balanced powers can hardly compete with each other.

Since when did China had become such a big power to face the West?  Some would say it was in 1978, it was by that time, China had had a chance to be rich in a short time.

It was only by then that China had become a real threat to the eyes of some people.

They simply cannot see the real motivation of China. They can never understand the real aim of China.

China had tried every means to avoid confrontation with the US. But why?  

We need to go back to the starting point to see the situation.

Since the ancient time, the Chinese had chosen to see things from inside, while their Western counterparts chose to see it from outside.

And then they had chosen different tools.

The Chinese used bamboo to write down their most important findings, while the Egyptians whom the US people had inherited were using stone.

Can a piece of stone last longer or bamboo? The answer is bamboo. You can copy many times until the findings were in your memory; while the Egyptians could only leave the stones to the sun.

With stones the Western people find alphabet, which was important for the left brain; with bamboos the Chinese find another special way to write the words which was a tool for the right brain. And that leads to different ways, one seeing things from outside while the other see things from within.

Thousands and thousands of years had lapsed and now the different methods were still not balanced. The Chinese had simply find the western external way easier to make money.

The introverts were never as competitive as the Western extroverts. To balance the two, I guess, need more time. And I cannot tell would it be hundreds or thousands of time needed.  

The confrontation here is not real confrontation of different culture, but powers only.

The Chinese had chosen the methods of the West, while their manner defers. The Chinese are not eager to conquer like the Romans. To conquer is a manner, but the way to see the nature of the world, is a method. It is difficult to comprehend, but our readers are wise. To make a phone is a method, to make war is a manner.

The Chinese had tried desperately to avoid confrontation. Maybe they knew from their inner sense that this confrontation is meaningless. Their aim is simple. They wish to have a chance to share the cultures with the West.

They hope to live happily together, work together and get rich together, with everyone.  

The Chinese will not lose the battle, anyway.

As we can see, the inner wisdom of China had not been fully developed. Up till now, human wisdom is to see the world from outside only.

If by one day, we can see the truth of human beings from both inside and outside, it will be a time of real fortune for everyone. And the real confrontation, if there will be any, will be more meaningful.

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