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Whatever will be, will it be ?

9201  Whatever will be, will it be ? 20190525

China has walked its path for at least 5000 years. United States has no less. US is the successor of the Western Culture; they are same with the Greeks and Romans. They are the heir of a great culture which seems more advanced than the Chinese.

We can see huge plates were forming like the Earth's crust. China has come into being through numerous breakdowns and re-compositions. However, The Chinese Culture has one big setback that made them lacking behind.

They are mostly introverts and right-brain oriented. The design of the whole Chinese Culture was a kind of organizations like a living being. Being introverts and being right-brain oriented were not a setback, but the lack of self-realization is. They have very good language and very good knowledge about the Universe and the human body, however, they had not study enough about that. The Chinese medicine and its practice could bring in huge profit globally yet the Chinese were not investing enough for a huge success.  

What they are choosing is the same method of the West. They were trying everything in an external way. They are observing the Universe in an external eye.

That means, the two large piece of Earth curst were merging together in a similar pattern. The Chinese has said they will not be another America. However, we can see that they are making another 5G phone which is similar to the 4G.

And it is very advantageous for the Chinese. It is because, for an introvert to learn things from an external view is easy, while it is very difficult for extroverts to see things internally.

Whatever will be, will be. Will the two pieces of Earth's crust melt together peacefully or not?

The only answer is, things will happen.

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