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What is bully?

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First, the one who bullies others is a coward, and a failure. He cannot compete with those who is many times better than him, he could only choose the tactic to bully. It is only natural response from a weak person.

A weak person is happy to see anyone who is weaker than him. He would bully the weak just to show his is superior. He has got nowhere to show his superiority, he can only bully the weak.

And sometimes he would see someone who is deeply stirring for him. He knew he could never compete with such person. What can he do?

He can form a circle of friends just to isolate the one he envies. That is why talented people are always lonely, they are the target of bullying. Many of them are beaten or ill treated by their peers.

Now the US is trying to bully China.  They have trade war, and cheap wars for China.  

It is interesting to see the final outcome.

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