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How can you know China is much stronger?

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Napoleon had tried to beat Russia. Now the same is with President Trump. I had said some times ago, that Trump is very similar with Napoleon. Their personality are very much the same. Even the way they talk and the manner they treat others, were similar.

Russia is strong not only in their vast land, but in the Russian mind. It is not easy to name someone who is greater than Tolstoy and Peter the Great.

Can a small army general like Napoleon understand that? If Napoleon can be a little wiser,  he would not be end up so tragically. What Napoleon can see is his temporary power, which was limited in his army which was in his own eyes, a mighty army.

What he cannot see was the unseen.

Yes we must put the unseen into consideration. It was same with the US and China. If they can foresee the unseen, they will be better off.    

Yes China is much stronger. Much stronger than anyone can expected.

However, China is also very weak. They are weak in the unseen also. In that case, President Trump can be sure about himself more, if he really knows what is going on.

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