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What is the weakest point of China?

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China is like a tree; it is an internally organized country, while the US is externally built.

What is the weakest point in a tree?

Some believe that a tree is strong. They believe trees would never die.

However, we must use some reasoning power to ponder about this.

The weakest point of a tree is that it can never change itself.

Can a tree turn itself into a fish?

Or can a fish change itself into a bird?

No way. Though ancient philosopher Zhuang Zi had pointed out that a big fish can change into a big bird long ago. But I doubt 0.01 percent of the Chinese people had read about that. And my books have got very few readers. They are give away items, I cannot publish them.

All external items could be excluded from the body of a tree. Though I think my books are not external. Cells in a tree are always cells for a tree. You will not find a birds cell in a tree, though birds did build their home on a tree.

External system is another story. You can keep many things in a brick house. And you can change. You can build something else whenever you feel like. You can build a ship, a plane, or anything else to live in.

External things can change, while internal things cannot.

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