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The Eating Robot


John is not a robot. He is a man working in a factory. The factory rents lots of robots to work. Robots come to work every day, and they will go back to their service center to recharge every night. The worse thing is that the robots use public transport. Public transports are always cheaper. And it was confusing, as the towns people can hardly know which one is robot and which one is not.


John is the head of robots. His job is to make the robots work according to orders. And the robots are very much the same look like a man, people nearby always confuse John as a robot. They would punch him or pinch him or molest him from time to time.  John is annoyed.


Every day after work, he would go to the nearby pub to drink, and sometimes he would drink overnight, and back to work the next day. The work place is for robots,  there is very little light and not enough fresh air. He is not happy.


And he would think: What is the difference between me and the robots. He had tried many ways. He would put on decent clothes and shaved his face. But it makes him more like the robots and brings him more trouble.


Then he finds out the difference. Robots do not eat and do not smoke. From then on, he would hang a cigarette on the corner of his lips whenever he goes out. And that makes a difference. He is happy again.


Towns people would kindly say hi to him. When he goes into the nearby coffee shop, the waitresses would flirt with him, thinking he is real.


One day, when he was inspecting the working lines as usual, he was very angry all in a sudden. He found, among the working line of twenty robots, one of them was smoking, with a cigarette hanging on the robot's mouth.


He shouted, "Hey, you, get out!"


No one was responding, as they were confused which is the one to take the order.


And that made him angrier. He said: "How dare you smoke in my factory!"  He went into the production line to fetch the robot. He wanted to beat the robot and give the robot a lesson.


The robot eased his tension with a simple responding line: "Sir, do you know how much I will cost if you break me?"


John was stunned as he heard it. He knew it perfectly well it would cost him his annual income if he broke the robot. He was trembling with a highly controlled voice: " Please tell me why are you smoking! "


And the robot said, "I need not tell you, it's not in the work orders."


John was trying to find something to retort, the robot continued: "It is none of your business and it is only between me and my creator."


John went to the pub that night, as he knew he could not sleep peacefully. He would drink for the night to settle his mind.


How much would be my cost! And it is easy to count. If a robot costs him his annual income, then a hundred of the god-damn-robots would be his own cost. Though he knew it quite well he cannot work for a hundred years.


Thoughts were dangerous.


He was in the roof of the two-hundred-stories high factory building now. He wanted to jump. As he could not settle his mind in peace.


He looked up at the sky, and thought, "If the robot can have arrangements with their own creator, what about me! And what is my value!"


The sky was white and very bright. No answers were coming down yet, though he had been there for three hours.


The roof door was quietly opened.


Two female robots, with a small tray of drinks and refreshments entered.


The first female robot said in an attractive soft voice: "Sir, will you take a seat, we have brought you the old man." As the second female robot arranged the table and drinks, an old man entered the roof top garden.


The old man said, "Hello John, we are glad to have your question and I would like to take this opportunity to give you the answer. "


John was a little surprised. The old man continued: "You have asked about the value of a human being, and that was a very good start. We would give a raise to anyone who have come up with that question. " It was in this moment, John was happy again. He wanted to know how much more he would earn in the coming months.  But he only said: "Yes?" and looked at the old man.  


The old man said simply, "The value is, Know the difference of a man and his creator."


John felt puzzled. "What do you mean, Sir?"


The old man said with a smile: "Your creator wants you to grow and he has encouraged humans and animals to compete and fight with each other to make progress. That is why you always have wars and fights and you are not happy. Now you humans need to have your own way to grow. Can you try to compete with each other peacefully and not fighting anymore?"


John was confused, "What do you mean, Sir?"


And the old man said: "that meant wisdom. If you have wisdom, you don't have to ask the creator anymore. "


As the old man left, John was deep in his thoughts to think, whether the old man was a human, or just simply another better made robot, or the old man was the creator.


And John did have a raise next month. He was happy. 


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“Those are only beggars….”


The words of the swan hurt the duckling accidentally.


The duckling could have never known, this words were so powerful and could bring her from heaven to hell all in a sudden. "Wow, am I not a beggar?" And she had hugged her a moment ago. "Can a beggar accompany you to search for a prince?"


When the ugly duckling was sunk into her thoughts, she did not notice the swan had stood up and spread her wings. She was on air.


Misery and despair was like a cloud in her head. "I never was a beggar and never will be." She murmured to herself and she saw the beautiful swan was already on top of her and was trying to address something to her. It seemed the swan was saying goodbye.


She flapped her wings to chase the swan and found they were too short to fly.  She could only stumble a few steps and felt. The swan tried to come down again.


The duckling heard the noise of a string. A little boat had been closing in and a man was on the boat. He was aiming the swan with an arrow.


"Oh no, no." The duckling tried to warn the swan. But the swan did not see the boat. She only saw the duckling and was spiraling lower. The bow was on its full strength now and was about to shoot to the swan. The duckling jumped and made a loud noise to splash the water. The arrow missed the swan. The man turned his head and saw the duckling. He put on another arrow and this time, he aimed at the duckling and shot a second arrow. The duckling ducked down and was just in time to sink deeper to avoid the arrow. The arrow hit the grass and produced a loud noise.

The duckling swam deep and hid behind a group of weeds.


She saw the boat was not coming near and was going to another direction and she was almost collapsed as she had used up all her strength.


She found a piece of dry land and felt into a sleep. As she was opening her eyes again, she heard the swan was next to her. "Oh, I thought you were dead, you have been sleeping for a long time."


"It was not so easy to die for me." The duckling was happy again.


"Thanks for saving my life." And it was the first time, the swan looked deeply into the eyes of the duckling.


"Aren't you going to search the prince?


"Oh no, never. I had found one. "




"You are the prince. You are so beautiful. "


The duckling was shocked to hear that. Never in her life had she heard someone commented at her in such a way.


"Am I a prince? Not a beggar? You must be joking. "


"Yes, you are a prince, and there must be a lot of your kind in this world."


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Is there any prince on earth?


The old man turned his head and said, "Do you really want to know?"


The Duckling said earnestly, "Yes, please tell me. Where is she going?"


"You won't believe it even if I told you."


The Duckling only looked at the old man with her very sad eyes. She didn't want to explain how honest she was.


The old man cannot refuse and said:" She will tell you herself."

"What?" the Duckling cannot believe what she had heard.


Then she saw the grass under the swan moved a little. She saw the swan stretched her legs. She observed that the swan was opening her eyes.


"Wow", she jumped forward and hugged the swan tightly, "You are not going, do you!"


The swan made a big yawn like she had been sleeping for a long while.


The Duckling wanted to ask her where she had been. But now she was so happy that she had forgotten the question. And she had a far more important issue at her mind now.


The Duckling said, "Can I go with you?"


"Go with me?" the swan exclaimed. "Go where?"


"I wish to go to search the prince with you together. " She added, "No matter how far it will be."


"There is no prince on earth. Those are only beggars. Don't waste your effort. "


"No, there is, there are a lot of them!" She turned to see the old man, hoping the old man can help.


And the old man didn't give any answer. He just smiled.


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The Dying Swan


Now the ugly duckling was freed from her old thoughts. She would like to swim to the same place to see the old man again.


She didn't see the old man for a long time.


Suddenly she saw something moving in the swamp. There was a very large white swan. The duckling wanted to hide herself, but the swan saw her already. Then the duckling went a little closer. She was inspired by the old man and was fearless.


The white swan struggled to turn herself, she tried to flap her wings. But she could only make an unpleasant noise.


The ugly duckling wondered what had happened to her. The image of a beautifully dancing swan was always her dream. She wished the swan could dance again. The ugly duckling went a step further and asked a wrong question: "Where is your prince?"


The swan said weakly, "I have no prince. I have searched for my whole life, but there was none." The duckling dared not ask why again. Then the duckling saw she was closing her eyes. "Sorry, are you sleeping?" It was a long pause, then the swan said again, "No, I am going."


For a very long time, the swan was motionless. But the ugly duckling still wanted to ask: "Where are you going?"


It was in this moment the duckling saw the old man. The old man told her:" She is dead."


The duckling found something strange in the air. And she did feel something. In such moments, there would be no ugly and pretty, noble and humble. She had forgotten that she was a beggar, she wanted to hug the noble swan. But one question remained in her mind. She turned to the old man: "Where is she going?"


The old man just turned his head and said, "Do you really want to know?"

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Ugly Coming

The ugly duckling was very frustrated when she finally found out that she was forever a duck and never had anybody said she was a swan.

And she was more than a duck. She was a crippled lame duck. She was bald, she had no hair on her head, and her wings were short, she could never fly.

One day, the swans came again. They were the princesses of the lake. Everybody was silent with respect when they past elegantly.

The ugly duckling tried to swim closer to the swans. The last of the princesses splashed her wings to go faster to avoid the beggar. Water hit the duckling mercilessly.

She cried desperately: glee glee glee………

She could never have understood why she was not a swan.

An old man happened walking nearby and saw the scene. He knew the question, and he had tried to explain it.

He had got so many of the theories in his throat, but now, he could say nothing, he could only say: Hello, glee!

The duckling looked and saw him, thinking that he might be the prince, the duckling swam closer.

And indeed, he was the prince and got magic. The duckling gazed at him for two minutes and understood it all.

She knew now she was a true duckling and it was natural. It was very very natural. She was happy. She was happy so suddenly, she could not stop laughing.

Now her mother had called from a distance. “Ugly, Ugly, where are you!”

She made a somersault turn and answered happily: “Coming, coming, Ugly coming!”

Seeing these kinds of basics of the Universe and be happy about it, is the very beginning of everything.

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A Faithul Bee

The bee was faithful, she had no second thought.

One day, she entered a small farm house accidentally. There was only one closed window, and the window was made of glass.

The bee thought to herself, brightness is the only way out. So she flied directly to the glass and crushed her head.  She tried the second time, and third, and fourth.

Then she saw a fly. The bee was born with a fragrance, she never talk to flies who were born in a filthy ditch.

The fly was always flying in a blind way. There was no formula in his brain. He didn’t know what is brightness. He just kept trying. When he found the bright window was not an exit, he simply changed direction and was gone.

When the bee saw him flying directly into the dark, the bee, though very weak and painful, cursed arrogantly: Stupid!
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The Firefly

A monk told the firefly, “Its useless to burn yourself here. Do you want to kindle a fire and burn the whole Mountain of the Universe? You will never succeed.”

The firefly wept for a whole night.

A passer by asked the firefly, “Why are you not burning? Its so dark. “

The firefly stopped crying and start burning again. He thought to himself, “I am not going to destroy  anything, I wish only to add a little light to it.”
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On what conditions will China become leader of the world in the next 50 years?

9164  On what conditions will China become leader of the world in the next 50 years?   20180320

There will be two conditions only.

1. Growth. China must have a complete growth at all fields. They need to have new mathmatics, new physics, new medical sciences. They must have best universities in the world.  The term “new” needs to be define here. It meant new formats for most of the older sciences. For example if they have invented a new kind of mathematics that do not use numbers, the visions of the world would be totally different.  If the Chinese acquired new formats for knowledge, they will produce products non-resistable to the world market. They will be really rich then. For example, TV had been a non-resistable product. By selling TVs, some countries did won big markets. Can the Chinese produce some future dream products for the hungary mankind? That would be a landmark achievement for them.

2. Wisdom.   China needs to have wisdom to know the secrets of the Universe. They need to  create an really ideal country for all to admire. The old wisdom of the world was consisted in a certain kind of philosophies and religions. Now if the new era did have come, the Chinese must tell the whole world, what is the true idea about living on the earth. It meant China must have new philosophers. China has a great tradition of old wisdom. May be they can turn out the very best from their ancients for the human kind. People in the whole world will admire China then. Because China has already built the  idealistic republic like Plato dreamed about.

How many years will the  Chinese need to accomplish the dream? Will the heavens allow them 50 years? As some people had suggested, there will be a total peril for the human race in two hundred years. 50 years is very basic and very urgent time, for China and for us all.


My computer was recovered

It had been dead for four days. It died very suddenly, like being shot by a long-range rifle. This morning I tried to turn it on. It  came back to life. I could not know what had happened. May be that was only a temporary collapse of the batteries, or may be that was a time-bomb-virus with a timer in it. It was almost 96 hours for the recover. It made me think, we the end users of computers are a group of weakest people who do not know the modern technology of the computer science or even the AI. We are not armed or protected. We can only suffer and being beaten.
(I brought it to two repair shops the day before, they asked for a repair fee for half the cost of the computer itself. I didn't let them do it. )

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Thinking habit of Steven Hawking

He knew only how to calculate external things. He didn't know that God is an inner strength within us and the strength is also in the universe. God is inner. God is a spirit and the spirit has a will. We have a will and we can see that God has a will too. Hawking could not calculate inner things, so he denied it. To search externally is Western experiences only. 
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Have the American intellectuals been back?

9163 Have the American intellectuals been back 20180318

I saw a miracle when I saw the American Ballet Theatre performed the Swan Lake in Singapore the day before.

I saw the English Royal ballet Swan Lake (by Anthony Dowell and Natalia Makarova) many years ago and was enlightened since.

 It was an original Marius Petipa version and that was important. In the final act, the prince and princess used their own death to kill the devil. And the devil was killed.

However, I was very disappointed afterwards. Numerous other versions had appeared and ALL of them avoided the scene.

They dared not to use the death of the prince to finish the act. 

They had been trying hard not to give the impression of suicide for love like the Romeo and Juliet story.

And for this reason, the real meaning of life was not presented for so many years, until the ABT with their artistic director KEVIN MCKENZIE had finally found the meaning of life again:

Life is for dedication. Only with a dedicated life can people found love and wisdom and improvement.

The American intellectuals had not been sleeping. They are back here. I was so happy about it. Though I was in a rather annoyed  feeling in Singapore for I had brought with me a cheap and light weight Acer computer. Some external virus had suddenly killed my computer, like a long range rifle.

Now I am using my mobile to type all these for you.

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Sorrow of the candle

The candle had been enjoying burning, now his wax was almost finished. He was upset. The old man said: "you have been working for a long time, now you might need a rest. " The candle said: "Where is my light? They are my soul, where are they?"  The old man said, "You know where they are, do you want them back?" The candle shake his head at once.
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The smiling orchid

She was always smiling. Poets wrote poems for her. Sentimental people smile together with her. She was happy because she felt happy. Birds sung around her: "how awful, how awful." Yet she was still smiling. She didn't know where she was from, she didn't know what she will do. 
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A note from the writer

My followers followed me from Hong Kong to Singapore.  With cameras. 


The Weeping Willow

She was always crying. Poets wrote poems for her. Sentimental people wept together with her. She was sad because she felt sad. Birds sung around her: “how beautiful, how beautiful.” Yet she was still crying. She didn’t know where she was from, she didn’t know what she will do.
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Two seeds

One seed was proud of himself: “I was from the claws of a honey bee. I was born with fragrance.” The other seed said: “I was from the excrement of a monkey.”  They despised each other.  The old man said:  "They didn’t know where they were from. They didn’t know what they will do."

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Are we different?

We seem to be different to each other, yet we are same.  It is because, we are in a group.  Wise leaders and wise thinkers would see things as a group. Time and space are meaningless to them.
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Total Fate

Total Fate

A total fate of the seeds is far more important. We must learn to use the grand viewing tool in our mind. It is called wisdom. It is everything.

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Definition of God, fate, seeds

Definition of God
God is strength within us, God is strength external to us.


Fate is within us, fate is external to us.

When Budda picked up a handful of seeds and throw away, the seeds fell upon different places. Some of them fell upon deserts, some in hills, only a few could reach a good fertilized field. And that was called “fate” since.


What is the high-noted hint from the Korean situation ?

9162   What is the high-noted hint from the Korean situation   20180310

The hint from the Korean situation is high-noted. It is so sharp and obvious, that it could be heard for the whole world.

 The brilliant players had played a good game this time. The players were Moon, Trump, and Kim. And there was a more important player behind all this. He was Xi the actual winner of the total situation.

 What is the hint for the moment?

 That there will be no war between China and America.

 The ultimate rules were set and the economic competition is about to start.

 Who will be the ultimate and final winner in the peaceful new situation?

 For South Korea, it is not an easy game. Now they are equipping the North for a more severe economic competition, and the competition is always under some political threat. We will see how clever is Moon this time. Can he secure some economic advantage from the US and China this time? The US is bound to give away lots and lots of economic resources to the North in exchange for the atoms. It would all be at the expenses of the South. Can Moon handle this?

 Moon have to swim in the mud of the Confucian old thoughts. And now he have to leave the mud pool, clean and dry his body to prepare another fist fight, which is no less fearful and the possibility of losing is real.

 We can be sure that in a few years later, the North will have a stronger economic stand to face the South. And Moon must have known it all too well.   

 It is the same situation for Trump.

 Can he beat China with a national economic policy?

 Does he know the real advantage of the American economy?

 American superiority is a history trend. It was from the Thomas Edison and Ford traditions. Now the superiority is less then ever. For the American people have to face lots of other problems.

 America is a giant. Now the giant is fallen on the ground. The media is very noisy this time. Will he pick up strength from the mother earth and stand up to fight again?

 We are eager to see the game to go on.

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What is the right definition of God?

9161   What is the right definition of God   20180308

If we agree that the purpose of God may be same as the purpose of life in all this universe, then, we might have a chance to know the definition of God, or to know what God is.  

God may not be singular,  God may not be many, God may not be non-exist, and God may not be heaven. God may not be the creator, because even if God is really our creator, there might be an ultimate creator, who had created God. And the ultimate creator may not be ultimate, as the so-called ultimate may be only an upper layer of creators. 

 We can only guess that God must have a purpose. And God’s purpose must be same with us. It is because our inner ability to growth is inborn, is embedded within us before we were born, that means someone must have planted it in our beings, then, we could be led to the believe that God is same with us, and God’s purpose is our purpose.

 Before we come to the idea of what is God, we may discuss “what is fate” first. Because if we know what fate is, we may discover what God is.

 And fate is undeniable. People can deny God, but no one can deny fate. We all comes with a “situation”. We were born in special places and special time, we were born to be with some kinds of people, we were born as we were. And we can say that is a particular willed or unwilled arrangement. And if people denied the term “arrangement”, they will think that things were just scattered, things were all coinstantaneous happened and were all random event.

 Were they willed or unwilled events? That is not the question. The question is: events do happen. If you find the events acceptable, that is good. If you find the events unacceptable, that is possibly also good as you are supposed to straighten them.

 You can be the one to arrange things. And why would you like to arrange them? No matter they are acceptable or unacceptable, we need someone to take it and arrange it or swallow it.

 And that is the essence of fate.

 In the long run of life, we all hope things could come up better.  And we cannot deny the suddenness or unexpectedness of things. Something happened suddenly. And you may not have time to arrange it. And it is very difficult to predict things. You never know what next.

 You are expecting something, but you will never know what will come next.

 People can deny fate, but they can never deny events. And seldom so people had not had the slight wish to have something better arranged.

 We all have the sincere hope of a better future.

 And some of us do welcome the intervention from an unknown place to have the things better arranged.

 If you do not believe in interventions, you still wish to change the course of something sometimes. And no one can deny change. It did happen.  

 For the clear minded people, now is the time to think:  Will the Gods intervene us sometimes?

 Are there interventions?

 If you have read history, you may know that there were times of darkness in history. There were no tomorrow for hundred and even thousands of years for some countries. Why did interventions not happen then?

 Change come sometimes one thousand years later. It did come. You might say it is “grand fate”

As for the personal fate, people who had witnessed miracles, would tell you what is intervention. And many of such people did exist.

 You need to have time to experience them. And time slots were also fate.

 And now shall we return to the problems of God.

 We would say, God is a kind of internal and external force, which is partly our creator and arrangement producer, as God or whatever name you gave him, is cooperative and is working with us together. Therefore, fate is not fate alone. Fate is a wonderful made-up from two sources, the inner self and the external universe. We would never know the percentage of the made-up, we would never know how big is our personal effort, but we can be sure that some of our efforts are effective. We would say it proudly that we are working with him together.

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 (#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter. 

Leechard is an explorer of the Chinese Culture secrets. Send a stamped return envelope to GPO Box 4048 Hong Kong for a free DVD on the secrets of the "Dream of the Red Chamber" by Leechard. Or you can order one of his books. Donation is very much appreciated, it will be acknowledged in his books. And if you love music and like to sing, you can ask for a copy of the scores he has written.)

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Should we change the definition of God?

9160  Should we change the definition of God? 20180307

I don’t know whether it is the right time to do so. As we all know, different cultures were given the definition of God from the very ancient beginning. And those definitions had been governing our thoughts since.

 And we have limited our imagination in two ways only. Either there is a God or Gods, or there is no God at all.

 We as a human being have not probed deeply into the question about what is God.

 While the Indians had the most colorful explanations about Gods, the Western people thought that God was singular and unique. But the ancient Chinese thought differently. They thought that God is “Heaven”, and heaven is not necessary perfect. However, the modern trends went into denying God. In some of the minds of nowadays people, God is negligible even if Gods do exist.

 There was a reason for this special thought.

 Seldom do modern people accept the doctrines from the ancient religious priests but they do not have a modern doctrine to guide themselves.

They do not know what to do and where to go. | If God is neglected, it meant only to neglect the old doctrine, which in the modern minds are somewhat unbelievable and absurd.

 The definition about God is not so important nowadays. In reality, it is a question of what to do and where to go actually. If we know what we are going to do and where we are going to go, that means, we had discovered what God needs to tell us.  

 All problems remain into one question, that is the purpose about life.

 We are a living life. Do we need to know what is the purpose of life? May be. Even if we do not know the purpose of life, we are still living and that a will in the minds of every thing to live on is very clear.  Even a little ant in the wild is trying desperately to live on, not to mention the flowers and plants.  

 So, it is not so important to worry about.

 But we as a human being had discovered another important point:  Consciousness.

 We need to be more conscious to live on. Those who are conscious will be happier, it is what some people believe.  Though the unconscious people could be still very happy also.

 It is only when sometimes we had discovered some or our fellow beings had lost the will to live on and were in a very unhappy situation, we will come to the thought about all this and the thought about consciousness is risen suddenly.  

 And some of us will suddenly turn themselves into angels to help people.

 What does that mean?

 It meant we had something built in our minds.

 We had a natural thought of what to do and where to go.

 And the minds of God or Heaven and the minds of human are the same.

                         *Leechard Asks*

 (#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter. 

Leechard is an explorer of the Chinese Culture secrets. Send a stamped return envelope to GPO Box 4048 Hong Kong for a free DVD on the secrets of the "Dream of the Red Chamber" by Leechard. Or you can order one of his books. Donation is very much appreciated, it will be acknowledged in his books. And if you love music and like to sing, you can ask for a copy of the scores he has written.)

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