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What is the high-noted hint from the Korean situation ?

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The hint from the Korean situation is high-noted. It is so sharp and obvious, that it could be heard for the whole world.

 The brilliant players had played a good game this time. The players were Moon, Trump, and Kim. And there was a more important player behind all this. He was Xi the actual winner of the total situation.

 What is the hint for the moment?

 That there will be no war between China and America.

 The ultimate rules were set and the economic competition is about to start.

 Who will be the ultimate and final winner in the peaceful new situation?

 For South Korea, it is not an easy game. Now they are equipping the North for a more severe economic competition, and the competition is always under some political threat. We will see how clever is Moon this time. Can he secure some economic advantage from the US and China this time? The US is bound to give away lots and lots of economic resources to the North in exchange for the atoms. It would all be at the expenses of the South. Can Moon handle this?

 Moon have to swim in the mud of the Confucian old thoughts. And now he have to leave the mud pool, clean and dry his body to prepare another fist fight, which is no less fearful and the possibility of losing is real.

 We can be sure that in a few years later, the North will have a stronger economic stand to face the South. And Moon must have known it all too well.   

 It is the same situation for Trump.

 Can he beat China with a national economic policy?

 Does he know the real advantage of the American economy?

 American superiority is a history trend. It was from the Thomas Edison and Ford traditions. Now the superiority is less then ever. For the American people have to face lots of other problems.

 America is a giant. Now the giant is fallen on the ground. The media is very noisy this time. Will he pick up strength from the mother earth and stand up to fight again?

 We are eager to see the game to go on.

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