Letters in Chinese

李察通訊 Letters in Chinese


Is there any prince on earth?


The old man turned his head and said, "Do you really want to know?"


The Duckling said earnestly, "Yes, please tell me. Where is she going?"


"You won't believe it even if I told you."


The Duckling only looked at the old man with her very sad eyes. She didn't want to explain how honest she was.


The old man cannot refuse and said:" She will tell you herself."

"What?" the Duckling cannot believe what she had heard.


Then she saw the grass under the swan moved a little. She saw the swan stretched her legs. She observed that the swan was opening her eyes.


"Wow", she jumped forward and hugged the swan tightly, "You are not going, do you!"


The swan made a big yawn like she had been sleeping for a long while.


The Duckling wanted to ask her where she had been. But now she was so happy that she had forgotten the question. And she had a far more important issue at her mind now.


The Duckling said, "Can I go with you?"


"Go with me?" the swan exclaimed. "Go where?"


"I wish to go to search the prince with you together. " She added, "No matter how far it will be."


"There is no prince on earth. Those are only beggars. Don't waste your effort. "


"No, there is, there are a lot of them!" She turned to see the old man, hoping the old man can help.


And the old man didn't give any answer. He just smiled.


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