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Ugly Coming

The ugly duckling was very frustrated when she finally found out that she was forever a duck and never had anybody said she was a swan.

And she was more than a duck. She was a crippled lame duck. She was bald, she had no hair on her head, and her wings were short, she could never fly.

One day, the swans came again. They were the princesses of the lake. Everybody was silent with respect when they past elegantly.

The ugly duckling tried to swim closer to the swans. The last of the princesses splashed her wings to go faster to avoid the beggar. Water hit the duckling mercilessly.

She cried desperately: glee glee glee………

She could never have understood why she was not a swan.

An old man happened walking nearby and saw the scene. He knew the question, and he had tried to explain it.

He had got so many of the theories in his throat, but now, he could say nothing, he could only say: Hello, glee!

The duckling looked and saw him, thinking that he might be the prince, the duckling swam closer.

And indeed, he was the prince and got magic. The duckling gazed at him for two minutes and understood it all.

She knew now she was a true duckling and it was natural. It was very very natural. She was happy. She was happy so suddenly, she could not stop laughing.

Now her mother had called from a distance. “Ugly, Ugly, where are you!”

She made a somersault turn and answered happily: “Coming, coming, Ugly coming!”

Seeing these kinds of basics of the Universe and be happy about it, is the very beginning of everything.

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