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On what conditions will China become leader of the world in the next 50 years?

9164  On what conditions will China become leader of the world in the next 50 years?   20180320

There will be two conditions only.

1. Growth. China must have a complete growth at all fields. They need to have new mathmatics, new physics, new medical sciences. They must have best universities in the world.  The term “new” needs to be define here. It meant new formats for most of the older sciences. For example if they have invented a new kind of mathematics that do not use numbers, the visions of the world would be totally different.  If the Chinese acquired new formats for knowledge, they will produce products non-resistable to the world market. They will be really rich then. For example, TV had been a non-resistable product. By selling TVs, some countries did won big markets. Can the Chinese produce some future dream products for the hungary mankind? That would be a landmark achievement for them.

2. Wisdom.   China needs to have wisdom to know the secrets of the Universe. They need to  create an really ideal country for all to admire. The old wisdom of the world was consisted in a certain kind of philosophies and religions. Now if the new era did have come, the Chinese must tell the whole world, what is the true idea about living on the earth. It meant China must have new philosophers. China has a great tradition of old wisdom. May be they can turn out the very best from their ancients for the human kind. People in the whole world will admire China then. Because China has already built the  idealistic republic like Plato dreamed about.

How many years will the  Chinese need to accomplish the dream? Will the heavens allow them 50 years? As some people had suggested, there will be a total peril for the human race in two hundred years. 50 years is very basic and very urgent time, for China and for us all.