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李察通訊 Letters in Chinese


The Dying Swan


Now the ugly duckling was freed from her old thoughts. She would like to swim to the same place to see the old man again.


She didn't see the old man for a long time.


Suddenly she saw something moving in the swamp. There was a very large white swan. The duckling wanted to hide herself, but the swan saw her already. Then the duckling went a little closer. She was inspired by the old man and was fearless.


The white swan struggled to turn herself, she tried to flap her wings. But she could only make an unpleasant noise.


The ugly duckling wondered what had happened to her. The image of a beautifully dancing swan was always her dream. She wished the swan could dance again. The ugly duckling went a step further and asked a wrong question: "Where is your prince?"


The swan said weakly, "I have no prince. I have searched for my whole life, but there was none." The duckling dared not ask why again. Then the duckling saw she was closing her eyes. "Sorry, are you sleeping?" It was a long pause, then the swan said again, "No, I am going."


For a very long time, the swan was motionless. But the ugly duckling still wanted to ask: "Where are you going?"


It was in this moment the duckling saw the old man. The old man told her:" She is dead."


The duckling found something strange in the air. And she did feel something. In such moments, there would be no ugly and pretty, noble and humble. She had forgotten that she was a beggar, she wanted to hug the noble swan. But one question remained in her mind. She turned to the old man: "Where is she going?"


The old man just turned his head and said, "Do you really want to know?"

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