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What is the right definition of God?

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If we agree that the purpose of God may be same as the purpose of life in all this universe, then, we might have a chance to know the definition of God, or to know what God is.  

God may not be singular,  God may not be many, God may not be non-exist, and God may not be heaven. God may not be the creator, because even if God is really our creator, there might be an ultimate creator, who had created God. And the ultimate creator may not be ultimate, as the so-called ultimate may be only an upper layer of creators. 

 We can only guess that God must have a purpose. And God’s purpose must be same with us. It is because our inner ability to growth is inborn, is embedded within us before we were born, that means someone must have planted it in our beings, then, we could be led to the believe that God is same with us, and God’s purpose is our purpose.

 Before we come to the idea of what is God, we may discuss “what is fate” first. Because if we know what fate is, we may discover what God is.

 And fate is undeniable. People can deny God, but no one can deny fate. We all comes with a “situation”. We were born in special places and special time, we were born to be with some kinds of people, we were born as we were. And we can say that is a particular willed or unwilled arrangement. And if people denied the term “arrangement”, they will think that things were just scattered, things were all coinstantaneous happened and were all random event.

 Were they willed or unwilled events? That is not the question. The question is: events do happen. If you find the events acceptable, that is good. If you find the events unacceptable, that is possibly also good as you are supposed to straighten them.

 You can be the one to arrange things. And why would you like to arrange them? No matter they are acceptable or unacceptable, we need someone to take it and arrange it or swallow it.

 And that is the essence of fate.

 In the long run of life, we all hope things could come up better.  And we cannot deny the suddenness or unexpectedness of things. Something happened suddenly. And you may not have time to arrange it. And it is very difficult to predict things. You never know what next.

 You are expecting something, but you will never know what will come next.

 People can deny fate, but they can never deny events. And seldom so people had not had the slight wish to have something better arranged.

 We all have the sincere hope of a better future.

 And some of us do welcome the intervention from an unknown place to have the things better arranged.

 If you do not believe in interventions, you still wish to change the course of something sometimes. And no one can deny change. It did happen.  

 For the clear minded people, now is the time to think:  Will the Gods intervene us sometimes?

 Are there interventions?

 If you have read history, you may know that there were times of darkness in history. There were no tomorrow for hundred and even thousands of years for some countries. Why did interventions not happen then?

 Change come sometimes one thousand years later. It did come. You might say it is “grand fate”

As for the personal fate, people who had witnessed miracles, would tell you what is intervention. And many of such people did exist.

 You need to have time to experience them. And time slots were also fate.

 And now shall we return to the problems of God.

 We would say, God is a kind of internal and external force, which is partly our creator and arrangement producer, as God or whatever name you gave him, is cooperative and is working with us together. Therefore, fate is not fate alone. Fate is a wonderful made-up from two sources, the inner self and the external universe. We would never know the percentage of the made-up, we would never know how big is our personal effort, but we can be sure that some of our efforts are effective. We would say it proudly that we are working with him together.

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