Letters in Chinese

李察通訊 Letters in Chinese


A Faithul Bee

The bee was faithful, she had no second thought.

One day, she entered a small farm house accidentally. There was only one closed window, and the window was made of glass.

The bee thought to herself, brightness is the only way out. So she flied directly to the glass and crushed her head.  She tried the second time, and third, and fourth.

Then she saw a fly. The bee was born with a fragrance, she never talk to flies who were born in a filthy ditch.

The fly was always flying in a blind way. There was no formula in his brain. He didn’t know what is brightness. He just kept trying. When he found the bright window was not an exit, he simply changed direction and was gone.

When the bee saw him flying directly into the dark, the bee, though very weak and painful, cursed arrogantly: Stupid!
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