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Have the American intellectuals been back?

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I saw a miracle when I saw the American Ballet Theatre performed the Swan Lake in Singapore the day before.

I saw the English Royal ballet Swan Lake (by Anthony Dowell and Natalia Makarova) many years ago and was enlightened since.

 It was an original Marius Petipa version and that was important. In the final act, the prince and princess used their own death to kill the devil. And the devil was killed.

However, I was very disappointed afterwards. Numerous other versions had appeared and ALL of them avoided the scene.

They dared not to use the death of the prince to finish the act. 

They had been trying hard not to give the impression of suicide for love like the Romeo and Juliet story.

And for this reason, the real meaning of life was not presented for so many years, until the ABT with their artistic director KEVIN MCKENZIE had finally found the meaning of life again:

Life is for dedication. Only with a dedicated life can people found love and wisdom and improvement.

The American intellectuals had not been sleeping. They are back here. I was so happy about it. Though I was in a rather annoyed  feeling in Singapore for I had brought with me a cheap and light weight Acer computer. Some external virus had suddenly killed my computer, like a long range rifle.

Now I am using my mobile to type all these for you.

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