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What if we do have a future ?

9195. What if we do have a future ?  20190430

Many people never think about a future. Any time beyond their life time is not to be considered. Any things happened one hundred years later is unconceivable.

It seems to be too far away. But it is not.  It is the only thing you have. If you have the time to ask yourself, what do I have? The answer is frustrating. The only answer is that usually we have nothing. Those who thought that they have some asset or processions were deemed to be wrong. And it needs no argue. Any one would admit it when they were old and feeble. Those were temporary things only. But now we have discovered another important answer.  Yes, we have nothing but we have a future.

If you ask a flower,  do you have a future? She will definitely tell you, yes I have.  She will tell you, in one hundreds time, she will be evolved into a more beautiful flower. You need to have such believe that you will fight on, then your precious species will last and not distinguished.

Yes you will fight on and you will be evolved. If you do not believe in future, you will meet final distinction before you die.

Yes we will have a future.  We can communicate with each other without using words or mobiles.  We can fly without using wings. We are smart. We understand and love each other. We will find a better way for our international cooperation.

                        *Leechard Asks*

(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

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What is a CHEAP WAR?

9194 What is a Cheap War?  20190420

It  is a big mistake to name such wars Cheap. It could be not cheap at all. It could cost more than nuclear war heads, fast planes and invincible war weapons. However, we still use the name Cheap War to denote such a new era of our history.

We had a hot war before, then a cold war. Now it is not hot and not cold, but Cheap.

You would see how a big country change completely from one form of paradigm to another.  

The leaders would wakeup from a sweet dream that they were supported by the people, then they found suddenly people were against them. They could be overturned overnight.

No expensive war machines were used. You don't see airplanes dropping bombs but angry people throwing stones only. How cheap is a stone? It costs nothing, however, it is powerful enough to throw away leaders. It needs no big money to replace them.

It could be cheap, however, it could cost big money in a secret budget.

It could turn a whole country up-side-down. Busy leaders won't have a time to think about this. Most of them were above the ground, they could only see figures and read fake reports. They won't have the real scenario in their mind. They didn't know thoughts are changeable.

You would never see how an elephant die from cancer. They didn't know the cells had deteriorated completely. And it is only skin deep. Smiles were also skin deep,  yet only a smiling face is acceptable.

We had mention Chairman Mao before. We had said he was an idealist. However, we could have never known why he had to start the Cultural Revolution. Is it only to bring out an ideal? It must be more than that. Yet the history facts are not easy to uncover. It should be the task for future historians, but I doubt that would be too late.

We would like to mention two forms of new history style here.

The First History Style is Group Evolution. China and the United States were competing for a better evolutional result. China is taking a position for an internal organization for their country, while the democracy system is external. An internal country is like a big tree. Each one is grown into a big life. Yet the democracy system is externally incorporating all the units in a commercial organization. It is a very clear vision if you can look at the present situation this way. The Chinese system is not perfect and need to evolve more in a longer time, yet the democratic system could be more open and acceptable.

The question is which of the system is better? We need an answer not from the scholars, but  from a longer view point from evolution.

The Second History Style is how they fight each other. Or how they compete with each other.

We would never like to see the nuclear weapon being used. It might be  the proof of real stupidity of human beings. However, they were smart to invent a new form of Cheap War for us.

Yet people would never know, the real essence of a Cheap War is to turn the other country people into stupidity.

Let their people never evolve into anything. Let them eat heartily and let them enjoy all forms of dirty sex pleasure. Could it be cheaper for a stupid country to be overturned this way?

One last question is that nuclear war could be possible for stupidity only. Now the countries were working very hard towards this goal of stupidity.

Smart people need to alert themselves.  

                        *Leechard Asks*
(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

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Why do we need mud?

9193 Why do we need mud? 20190419

Individual evolution is not easy to comprehend. You cannot observe something that happens in a million year in your own life time. However, for those equipped with the power to see things in different level, they can actually feel and see the things ahead. And it is simple, as the creator had told us so in different design of the creatures. If you observe and think carefully, you will find them. People will see easily that we can walk while the monkeys can't. But evolution doesn't stop there. We will fly in the future, and that is a sure-to-be-happened thing. Like the earth worms, they have only one feature in life. Their only desire is eating. They will dig inside the mud to find food, they don't even need to find a girlfriend. As their sex partner is already installed in their own body. And they need no light. They only need the feeling to know what is eatable. They don't need to see. Some of our human beings would think, at least we are more than the worms. We have a sex desire which is lacking in the worms.

It is lamentable that many would stop here. They have the desire of only two things, that is eating and sex pleasure. Their life is aimless and meaningless, if you are seriously critical you would think so. Though the creator may not think like this. If there are no such person on earth, the earth would be stopped. They are the basic production force of the planet, like the worms. You cannot do without the worms. We need to respect them.

The worms won't be easily irritated, but the worm people would. They will angry at anything more than eating and a self-sex-pleasure.  They want to preserve the universe as they see fit. They would tell you, it is them who produce all the mud on the planet for our consumption. Any desire other than mud is sin.

Yet they are one part of our evolution only.

It is not easy to feel the evolution force on our humble and short-lived bodies. However, if you are quiet enough, you will see the force for future is already here. You will feel the message coming every day and every moment.  

                        *Leechard Asks*

(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

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What is individual evolution?

9192 What is individual evolution? 20190416

It is very interesting to look at the individual evolution.  I suppose humans can fly without wings. I suppose the gravitation force is like a sound wave. You can easily remove a sound wave by producing an opposite wave. Now can we produce a negative gravitation wave to eliminate the  gravitation force on us, then we can fly. This is but one of the individual evolution in the future. It would be great fun in the future. And it is possible you and me would be there to witness it. Because by then, human souls are storable. You can put your own soul into the cloud of something, then find another body to re-install your life into it. Any one can live forever by then. But it was wrong expectation. Not every one wish to further their life in the future. Many would choose an eternal or timed rest. However, if you choose the timed rest, you will need to readjust your self for the future recovery.     

The question is why some people would feel tired about life but some not.

Please question your own noble self, will I be tired some time later? But it is not an  interesting question. The more interesting one would be, why are there some people never tired?

Yes those are mission-minded people. Time is never enough for them to fulfill their mission. They are interested at any thing and any level.  

If you are also mission-minded, then you will choose to live longer, just to work out more. People like to say work hard play hard. To the mission-mined people, work is play and play is work. It is only one thing. To play is to search another truth, and to work is to fulfill the mission. When you have two of them in mind, forgive me to tell you,  you don't have a mission at hand and you will soon found life boring and you won't be happy even at play.

People always doubt about eternal future. It is too far away, why bother.

Those are people not evolved enough to the present life. If you are evolved enough, you will be equipped a tool in  your brain that you can look at the upper level of life. It is only eating and drinking and sex pleasure in the present level. And it is nothing wrong and don't feel disturbed. It is  necessary for some people to think more for the future. Let them work and you can choose to play. You need only food and sex.

And you may or may not be interested in the future flying and longer life, as we might evolve into more senses and know some thing more than the food and sex level.. An eye-sight is a  feature of life to be proud of. You are much better then the earth worms, they have had not even an eye-sight. They would not know what is light. They can only dig in the mud and search for food and another sex partner which is already installed in their own body, so they need not search another sex partner actually. They need to do only one thing that is digging and eating. When people lament about the earth worms, they will come to understand that we human beings are evolving much more faster then the worms. We have sex and the worms don't. And you will find it interesting to know the next evolution in humans, though you would not know what is the upper level. It is so much fun if you are to have the 7th sense and know more then the lower level. You can join the upper level club now, it is never too late.  

Have a good time, friends.  

And please do not forward this article to your beloved-lower-level friends. They are learned and admired noble beings.   They will be troubled.

                        *Leechard Asks*
(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

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Can will power change the course of evolution?

9191 Can will power change the course of evolution? 20190414

Can we speed up, or slow down the course of evolution? It seems important to us, however, from the eyes of millions of year, it is not important. The Egyptians had been evolving for tens of thousand years, and the Chinese seems to have a shorter course. Yet it is only a split second in the Universe.

We are evolving in two ways. One is the actual development of the individual human form, we could be taller or shorter or to have more senses. Two is the group form of human beings. Country systems are important group forms. Now the Chinese are competing with the Western external Democracy in an internal organizing way. It is interesting to see this game. Should we develop some internal connections between us? We need to make it very sure about one thing. That this is a long-term game. There might be numerous wars ahead of us. In the course of ten million years, there might well be nine million wars, though all of us might come into peril in only one bigger war, yet that won't be the end of evolution. Some other species will take up our position.

Now we are going to encounter one amusement here:

"What are you talking about?"

From a lower level of understanding, we need only to survive, and that means money. Others are trivial and not important.

                        *Leechard Asks*
(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

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What is the secret of the success of China?

9190   What is the secret of the success of China? 20190411

One will never aware of the secret if he is not considering the case from the angle of evolution, that China is competing with the West in a game of country systems. Every nation need to find out the best system to compete in this cruel fight. Yet the system of China is far from perfect. Chinese is suffering of many setbacks in a not perfect system. No one could know when will the system be perfect, or at least, be more reasonable and more easy to handle. Will it be more sensible in a hundred years? One could only guess about that. And there is always a possibility of the failure of the Chinese system, which some people in the West is dreaming of. And if anyone do have a dream like this, they will be excluded from the awareness of a special moment of evolution. They will never know why the Chinese is so successful and why the West are deemed to fail. They will never understand or they will simply refuse to understand. Final  peril is ready for them. You will see naïve young person shouting slogans of democracy in the streets of Hong Kong, and many targeted place in the world, they are simply not able to see the things from the angle of evolution. Yet China is fragile. They are fragile because they are not perfect. If one day the Chinese economy is collapsed, the real essence of the Chinese system will remain unchanged. It is a fate determined by evolution, not by the plans of the West. And the Chinese will stand up again, though centuries will be lapsed in another hundreds of years.

What is the secret of China?

The only secret is they are forming an inner system to organize their people. The Chinese is working like bees or ants,  with inner connection in them. The inner connection within them are far from perfect, and it seems to be not sensible in many ways. Yet it it the basic of China. It is completely not the same as the Western democracy, where the people are loosely connected in a form of not-concern. Every one remained like a single unit in  the democracy system. The Western system is like a brick house. Every one is a brick in the house. Many of the bricks are redundant, and useless. The Chinese way is like a tree. Every one is a cell in the tree. It is only a metaphor here. Many of the cells in China is in a situation no better then the redundant bricks in the West. But we are talking about a trend. The Chinese trend is that they are growing into a tree, yet the West is not growing, but forming in to a more complicated brick system.

And the Chinese way is the only way in the whole world. It is like a new species in the old forest. Not one single country is like China. Will the Indians gain more speed and to compete with the West? Will there be any other country come up like China? The answer is too obvious to mention.

The Chinese are growing in a special form of their language. Though some of the separatists are always stressing the importance of different dialects in China. But they fail to notice the connection power is in the written form of the Chinese language, which is the basic unit of all dialects in China, and the Chinese people can communicate directly with each other through a common spoken Chinese and a written Chinese. And among all the issues in the languages, the ancient written form of Chinese is so important that it is the basic unit of the wisdom of the Chinese culture.

We are talking four things here. The dialect, the written form, the ancient written form and the common spoken form.  (方言,文言,漢字,普通話)

If any one of them is neglected, then the competing power of the Chinese is weakened. It is difficult to comprehend from the external angle of the West, yet it is the only important channel to observe China.

As for the Chinese themselves, one of the crisis is forgetting the ancient written form of Chinese, it is important for wisdom, yet they are neglecting it.  

                        *Leechard Asks*

(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

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Am I Changing?

9188  Am I Changing?  20190402

Yes, I am changing, or I am ageing, or I am growing.  But this is not the proper way to observe the real change in us.

The real change is in evolution. Every one is within the counting of a grand evolution change.

For example, did I gain more balance between my left and right brain during the years? If you do not know the difference of left and right brain, you may know the difference of intuition and logic. The problem is not whether you are logical minded or intuitional minded. The problem is whether you have noticed the difference and see the change in them. Can you see you are more logical or more sensible?  It might be a very slight change and not easy to notice. However, it is important for human evolution. I believe, if you can develop the awareness of a small change within you, you could do much better.

Am I changing?

There may be more sense improvement in a human body. The most easy part is the senses. We could develop more "6th senses" or even "7th senses".  It is important to help you survive in the cruel competitive struggle.

One ancient Confucian scholar had said that you ought to fear the unknown.  

There are always so much unknown things around us. The problem is not to fear them, but to feel and study.

We are living in a noisy place of happiness. We are feeling good. It undermines our feelings. Some people are more easy to lose the awareness in a busy place.

Am I Changing? Yes, I am aware of that.

                        *Leechard Asks*

(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

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Are We Evloving?

9187  Are we evloving?  20190401

Its not easy for most of us know that we are more than living, but evolving.

From the angle of evolution, many of our life problems could be perceived more easily.

From the individual problems like pairing, learning, fighting to group behavior like war, are all necessary procedures of evolution.

Why we are fighting each other without stopping? It is the same as pairing. We all seek a life time companion to living together. And we all seek a chance to beat our competing enemies.  Actually it is part of the arrangements of our evolution. We will be growing in the form of a grand species, more than a self.

So, the question remains like how are we going to better organize our countries to seek a better chance to survive?

There are always a way to success and a way to perish.

Now we shall return  to the question: Why are the Chinese growing  so successfully? What is the secret?

It is interesting.

There is always a fear in the minds of the West. Will there be a second Babylon?  Are we going to be perished?

The secret of the Chinese is interesting. I shall talk about that later. But we need to finish our topic here first.

Are we evloving? The answer is positive to almost everyone. No one would argue about this. But the question is not here.

The question is where we are evolving into.

What is the future of human kind? How perfect could we become?

Can we have more sense abilities? Yes.

Can we fly ?  Yes.

Can we see things in the future? Yes.

Can we live longer than now? Yes.

Can  we live forever? Yes.

All we need is some more imagination.

However, the answer is not answered yet. What is the future of us human beings? It is interesting indeed.

                        *Leechard Asks*

(#The author is a question raiser. He has raised more than 9000 questions. He is an expert on cultures and he is a qi master as well as a songwriter.

(#The author can be reached by Whatsapp at 852-91864286)