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What if we do have a future ?

9195. What if we do have a future ?  20190430

Many people never think about a future. Any time beyond their life time is not to be considered. Any things happened one hundred years later is unconceivable.

It seems to be too far away. But it is not.  It is the only thing you have. If you have the time to ask yourself, what do I have? The answer is frustrating. The only answer is that usually we have nothing. Those who thought that they have some asset or processions were deemed to be wrong. And it needs no argue. Any one would admit it when they were old and feeble. Those were temporary things only. But now we have discovered another important answer.  Yes, we have nothing but we have a future.

If you ask a flower,  do you have a future? She will definitely tell you, yes I have.  She will tell you, in one hundreds time, she will be evolved into a more beautiful flower. You need to have such believe that you will fight on, then your precious species will last and not distinguished.

Yes you will fight on and you will be evolved. If you do not believe in future, you will meet final distinction before you die.

Yes we will have a future.  We can communicate with each other without using words or mobiles.  We can fly without using wings. We are smart. We understand and love each other. We will find a better way for our international cooperation.

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