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Why do we need mud?

9193 Why do we need mud? 20190419

Individual evolution is not easy to comprehend. You cannot observe something that happens in a million year in your own life time. However, for those equipped with the power to see things in different level, they can actually feel and see the things ahead. And it is simple, as the creator had told us so in different design of the creatures. If you observe and think carefully, you will find them. People will see easily that we can walk while the monkeys can't. But evolution doesn't stop there. We will fly in the future, and that is a sure-to-be-happened thing. Like the earth worms, they have only one feature in life. Their only desire is eating. They will dig inside the mud to find food, they don't even need to find a girlfriend. As their sex partner is already installed in their own body. And they need no light. They only need the feeling to know what is eatable. They don't need to see. Some of our human beings would think, at least we are more than the worms. We have a sex desire which is lacking in the worms.

It is lamentable that many would stop here. They have the desire of only two things, that is eating and sex pleasure. Their life is aimless and meaningless, if you are seriously critical you would think so. Though the creator may not think like this. If there are no such person on earth, the earth would be stopped. They are the basic production force of the planet, like the worms. You cannot do without the worms. We need to respect them.

The worms won't be easily irritated, but the worm people would. They will angry at anything more than eating and a self-sex-pleasure.  They want to preserve the universe as they see fit. They would tell you, it is them who produce all the mud on the planet for our consumption. Any desire other than mud is sin.

Yet they are one part of our evolution only.

It is not easy to feel the evolution force on our humble and short-lived bodies. However, if you are quiet enough, you will see the force for future is already here. You will feel the message coming every day and every moment.  

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