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Am I Changing?

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Yes, I am changing, or I am ageing, or I am growing.  But this is not the proper way to observe the real change in us.

The real change is in evolution. Every one is within the counting of a grand evolution change.

For example, did I gain more balance between my left and right brain during the years? If you do not know the difference of left and right brain, you may know the difference of intuition and logic. The problem is not whether you are logical minded or intuitional minded. The problem is whether you have noticed the difference and see the change in them. Can you see you are more logical or more sensible?  It might be a very slight change and not easy to notice. However, it is important for human evolution. I believe, if you can develop the awareness of a small change within you, you could do much better.

Am I changing?

There may be more sense improvement in a human body. The most easy part is the senses. We could develop more "6th senses" or even "7th senses".  It is important to help you survive in the cruel competitive struggle.

One ancient Confucian scholar had said that you ought to fear the unknown.  

There are always so much unknown things around us. The problem is not to fear them, but to feel and study.

We are living in a noisy place of happiness. We are feeling good. It undermines our feelings. Some people are more easy to lose the awareness in a busy place.

Am I Changing? Yes, I am aware of that.

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