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What is so special about American Complex ?

American Complex is very special. As other complexes would bring in failure, American Complex keeps bringing in success. 

9063 What is so special about American Complex  20170401

What is culture complex?

People had little doubt about their culture. Almost every culture considers their culture sacred. It may not be true. Almost every culture had their own inner culture complex. 

We had mentioned the Indian Complex, Chinese Complex, European Complex, and a complex about the unknown, which needs more study. This complex might be the most harmful one.

We shall name this complex American Complex.

It sees every thing from the external side.

It forgets about intuition.

It denies the unknown.

9062 What is culture complex  20170331


Why do they put a pointer dog on the pointed roof ?

We were new comers to this little town. It was somewhere between New Zealand and Australia. I had never known weathers could be so nice. I had never enjoyed such good sunshine and fresh air. 

Our roof was just like any other roofs. It was a pointed roof, with a pointer dog guarding on it. 

I had never known why people did this. We just followed. Every family put a pointer dog up there. 

I tried to ask neighbors. They had no idea either. They would tell me a line from Confucius, which I could never manage to remember. As Confucius had said so, so there was nothing important to bother with. Every family kept a pointer dog up the pointed roofs. It was as normal as usual.

And it was another very common morning. I woke up early. I saw from the house wall windows, some students had already arrived. They were students of my wife. She was a Ballet teacher. The students and their helpers were all sitting quietly outside. They were waiting for the dance class to begin.

It was by this time, I observed my pointer dog for the first time. 

He seemed to be very sad. 'What?' I thought to myself, 'do dogs have feelings too?'   

I looked at him again. He seemed painful. Because I saw him bending his spine, and could hardly stand straight. 

There was dirty dark blood on his lower waist.

I hurried to move the dog down from the pointed roof. I thought, 'Oh, how happy should the dog be?'

When he was on the ground, I found that there was no dog leash. And he was so happy, and healthy, that he started to run. Now there was nothing wrong with his spine. 

I managed to have a large belt trying to harness the dog. But it was so large, that it could not fit in the neck of the dog. 

The harness was of no use indeed. 

He had started running. And me too. 

We were running.

( The End )

9061 Why do they put a pointer dog on the pointed roof  20170329

What is the meaning of unknown?

The meaning of unknown is I do not know. The meaning of unknown is not nothing. It is better to say I do not know than to say it is nothing.


Because it is not logical.

For example:  Can human dreams connect to the unknown universal in some way? 

You can say I do not know, but you cannot say it is impossible, unless you can prove it is really impossible.

This may be the most important psychological complex of modern people. 

They dare not to study the unknown. They deny them. 

9060 What is the meaning of unknown   20170329


What is the meaning of the death of the aid workers?

During the famine in March 2017 in South Sudan, six aid workers were killed when they have been travelling from Juba to a northeast town of Pibor. The news did not tell how much aid or food they were carrying by the time. Unknown forces have ambushed them. It was not the first time aid workers got killed. 12 have been killed this year alone and there have been a number of other attacks on aid convoys and warehouses.  

To help a famine country like South Sudan is no easy job. It should not be the job of ordinary aid organizations. This is only common sense that it takes an army to do that. 

And before you try to help, you need to unarm the rebels and even the Government forces in South Sudan.

That means, if you are for real, you need to do that. The so-called Non Government Organizations are simply not suitable to do it.
And that is why wisdoms are not wisdoms if they are not supported with a real power.

9059 What is the meaning of the death of the aid workers_  20170328


Why is it so important to have wisdom ?

It seems to be a simple wisdom. The famine happened in Somalia now is repeating it about 30 years ago or even hundreds of years ago. Whenever there is a good weather, grasses growing well, people are happy. They will try their best to have more cattle. And the cattle will consume all grasses, bringing in bad weather and drought.

Actually it is not only Africa. Global warming and lots of other human behaviors are the same.

Do human beings have not have enough wisdom? 

No they do.

But why are things still happen?

It is because the wisdom is not in the hands of power.

Power means the strength people use it to organize themselves.

To have a leader of wisdom is utmost important. 

9058 Why is it so important to have wisdom  20170327

Why there are famines?

According to an article (March 15, 2007) from BBC, The UN says in all nearly 20 million people are at risk of starvation. 

World Food Programme country director Joyce Luma says, "This famine is man-made." 
The main cause of the famine is conflict.
South Sudan has now been at war since 2013 and more than 3 million people have been forced to flee their homes. 

The numbers of food shortage are listed here:
South Sudan (4.9m) Ethiopia (5.6m), Yemen (17m) Kenya (2.7m), Somalia (2.9m) 

It is a total of 33.1 million people starving.

War might not be the only reason. There is a drought in Somalia. Cattle cannot live on a land without grass, and the families have no means to live without their livestock. 

It seems other people on the same planet can do nothing to save the situation. 

We need to have more wisdom to know what is going on and how we can help.

9057 Why there are famines  20170326


What is European Complex ?

It is like a self-sustainable closed fish tank. 

Put enough plants, air, and very small fish in the tank, the fish will not die for a long time, perhaps they can live permanently. Its because the plants would produce air for the fish, and the fish produce substances for the plant to live. If it is balanced in a closed place, it is self-sustainable.

European complex is the same. They are only thinking of commerce. Commerce is the basic circuit of every thing. If you can make some thing and then encourage people to buy it, it will create a healthy balance of jobs and production and market, etc. The banking system and money flow are like water and air in the fish tank. When every thing is arranged properly, people will live permanently.

Market is a very important factor in commerce. When you build a factory, you need a market. Europeans had colonies before, now the colony markets had disappeared; they wish to build a market in their own home, using every commercial technique. That is the thing called EU.

However, the Europeans had forgotten one thing. Commerce is secondary. First you need to create   new things. You cannot survive in the old items. Next you need to grow. Self-sustainable is the same as not growing. You can always limit population to a certain extend, but you cannot do away aging. 

The Europeans had stopped creating in a long time. It is because commerce had given them a good time. If you can sell, no matter it is opium or anything, you can make money. 

But now the balance is gone. Only the complex remains. They thought commerce could save them.  

9056 What is European Complex  20170325


What is Chinese Complex?

Qin Shi Huang, the first Chinese emperor had been thinking how to rule effectively until he read a book by Han Fei, which run a line like this:  'It is perfect to rule in the mind, the next choice is to rule in the words, and the last choice is to rule in the matters.'

To rule in the mind is to promote moral, or li, which is a complete set of behavior conducts.

Confucius was very angry when his student Fan Chi asked to study agriculture. Confucius said, it is useless to study the method of agriculture. If the kings promote the Li well, then every thing would be in track and need not to care about. 

It is very similar to Indian Complex, which can never get out from the debate whether desire should be suppressed or not.

Now the Chinese theme had been used for two thousand years, and thoughts had been knitted tightly on the net of moral. Few could run away.                                         
Can you keep your creative mind flying and neglect or forget about moral?

9055 What is Chinese Complex  20170324


What is Indian Complex?

Indian Complex comes from very early Indian culture development. In the early times, some Indian leading thinkers created stories about the ancient gods. They are created as sex-oriented gods. The gods liked sex and admired sex. As a result, lots other thinkers and philosophers and religious leaders tried to down play the sex-oriented nature of the Indian culture. Concentration had fallen into the wish to suppress desire. And the Indian Complex had developed since then. Whether to promote desire or suppress desire had become the main concern of all thinkers. The Indian culture was trapped into this very concern and neglected other important issue.  

Please refer to a book by Leechard: "Who will be rich tomorrow". It is written in Chinese.

9054 What is Indian Complex  20170323


Which is the most important language

Any one would tell you English is the most important one to communicate with the world.

However, language is more than communication.

Language is also a skill to think.

Chinese language has more connections with the right brain. It's a direct link to the thought through symbols. Though the connections are in many ways still unknown, but it is definitely different from English, which is more sequential and works in a linear manner more than Chinese.

English is the most important language now. Chinese would be more useful for serious thinkers in the future. 

9053 Which is the most important language  20170321


Can wisdom be taught?

Wisdom is more or less like being wise. If a nation is wise enough, that nation can be rich. 

But it is not possible to teach wisdom to someone else. A father cannot teach wisdom to his son. A teacher cannot teach wisdom to his pupil. No one had ever succeeded. 

This is a problem could be solved from another approach. 

Wisdom is a part of its culture. Wisdom is molded in a long history. When special way of thinking was set, people would think in a certain pattern. 

No one can teach a student, yet someone can mold a nation. 

May be this is the highest secret.

9052 Can wisdom be taught  20170321


where is the route to affluence

Affluence is more than money. It is the total development of a nation. In a place of real affluence, people need not worry the bread for tomorrow, and he is free. His inner freedom could be supported by outer freedom.  

For example, if he is Mozart, he has inner freedom to write music. In a real affluent society, he will have complete support. And the society will be benefited. 

When mankind had reached such status, mankind has real possibility to step forward to improve the planet. 

For the time being, may be we cannot hope for such real affluence. Our first aim should be higher income for everyone only.

Higher income comes from wisdom. 

Wisdom is philosophy. When people can think properly, they have wisdom.

Wisdom brings in might. 

With wisdom and might, you will be rich. That is actually very simple. 

9052 where is the route to affluence  20170320


How to create creative people?

For non-creative people, you can 'produce' them. And that would not be very difficult. Like technicians, doctors, engineers, fund mangers, accountants, drivers, you can produce them like hotcakes. 

But for creative people, if you can produce one Thomas Edison in Australia, Australia will be rich, richer than America. 

The same is Musician. If you can produce one Beethoven in Turkey, then the Turks will be more musical than Germany. 

But this is completely wrong guess. 

You can produce one Beethoven, but you cannot produce the whole audience at the same time. 

You can produce one Thomas Edison; you cannot produce the whole team of supporting scientists, and even his enemies, etc. 

You will have to produce the species of Beethoven, and the species of Edison. 

That means you will have to have the complete culture to be rich. 

How to create creative people? 

It is a problem of Cultural transformation. Without a cultural backup, creative people will be singled out and isolated and even killed.

They will not be rich anyway.


9051 How to create creative people  20170319


Is an ant better than a cricket

Some people choose the life of an ant. He would work hard, save hard. He will have lots of resources when winter comes. 

Some people ignore life pressure. He is either lazy or crazy. He is either a singer or a beggar. He sings and sings, until one day, the weather is too cold for him to live. 

These are two types of person. 

There is no beggar in welfare countries. The government takes good care of them. 

The crickets in welfare countries never sing. They are too busy eating. Some crickets prefer to die singing in a poor and non-welfare country. It is better to die singing than eating. 

It happens that their voices are from life pressure too. If they are not suffering, they will not be singing. The more they suffer, the more they sing.

And this is the mystery of life. 

You have a choice to choose. You can choose to be an ant, working for the Queen mother all your life, and have plenty of food in winter. Or you can choose to be a cricket. There will be no guarantee for you. No insurance and no welfare. 

What is you choice? 

Well, it depends.

9050 Is an ant better than a cricket  20170318


What is a life pressure?

To live on is a pressure. We need money to live on. So people choose to work. Working for money and for a better living is the aim of life for many.

Only in extreme cases could one see the reality of  life pressure. Like a small boat lost at sea. People on that boat have no food and no water for many days. They must fight for a living. And the pressure is so real that no one could ignore it. 

And the most important feature of life pressure is that it is a pressure for all mankind, not for the individual alone. 

Not all have feelings like that. 

If you can think in that way, you will have the ultimate life pressure in you. You will love your fellow human being, and you will know what to do.

9049  What is a life pressure  20170317


what to do if you are 104 years old?

If you cannot answer this question when you are 14, then probably you cannot answer it at 24, 34, 44 or 54 until one day you are 104.

The pressure in life will help a bit. You will be too busy working for a living; you have no time to think about it. 

Until one day the pressure was gone. 

And the question would come back. You will ask yourself when you are 104: What am I living for?

Some people have an early instinct to know such questions. They never have to ask it. They have a feeling knowing what to do. They are interested in something, or many things in life. They have an aim in life. They are lucky ones. 

The secret of the instinct is to look outside, not to see inside.  The lucky ones are the same human beings. They also have life pressure. But they know what to do in life. 

People without instinct must solve the problem when they were young. Or seek help with social workers, teachers, philosophers, etc. 

Don't wait until you are 104.

9048  what to do if you are 104 years old? 20170315


Who is Leechard?

Leechard is a man of questions. He asks and asks and asks, each day, he would raise a question and wrote down the question. Sometimes, he can answer, and sometimes, the question is not answered, waiting for some other people who are more interested. So far, since the year 1988, he had written about 9000 or more questions. Large parts of the questions were published and printed in a Hong Kong newspaper, Ming Pao. Later, when he stopped writing for newspapers from 2007, he put the questions in his blog. 

And this very question: 'Who is Leechard?' is the question number 9047. He should seek verification from the Guinness World Records. Just to see whether he is the most question raiser in the world.

He did write about other books. For he had written a few books about Zhuang Zi the ancient Chinese Philosopher. And sometimes, he wrote songs, using a violin to play his song in the streets. And he wrote fables and stories too. Most of the fables were works of Zhuang Zi, and some were his own imagination. 

Leechard is a man of questions. He asks and asks, until one day, he had found the most important secret of human life. It turned out that all human beings were living in the trajectory of cultures. When the culture was created unevenly, human beings suffered. And when the culture was created in a better shape, people get rich quickly. He had written his founding in a new book: 'Who will be rich tomorrow?' Interested people will find, there is really a way towards affluence.   

9047  Who is Leechard  20170314


What is the most impossible thing we need to do?

The world is aging. We are living in an aging world. Many young people do not like to get marry. Many married couples choose not to have babies. Old people will be more than young people. The world is running short of young energy. 

How do you encourage young people to do things like their grandmother and have more babies?

Young women are well educated.  They have their own career. They do not want to stay at home to care about family matter. 

The trend is to have fewer babies. 

It is almost impossible to change the trend.  But it is a trend we need to change. 

Aging means the young is less able to take care of the old. But this is not the most important. 

The more important thing is:  An aging country will not be so energetic and can hardly compete with other countries.

There are other impossible things too. 

For example, people do not like reading. Fewer and fewer people like to read. How do you encourage people to read? It is another almost impossible matter. '

9046 What is the most impossible thing we need to do? 2017031


What is the most important subject?

Or you may ask:  What is the most popular subject nowadays?

The most brilliant student chooses Business, Finance, or Economics. Many very bright students choose MBA as their second degree; no matter they were in Arts or Science. 

Business had become the most important thing on earth. 

People had forgotten something were far more important then doing business. 

You must have something to sell, before you study how to sell it. 

Invention must be the basic thing, and business secondary. 

Invention is to quest for truth, to search for a way, to see what is ahead of mankind. 

Business is to sell what you have already had in stock. 

That is the problem between soft and hard. 

Idea is soft. Product is hard. 

When people had changed their mind completely, they will get rich quicker then their counterparts. 

9045 What is the most important subject_ 20170312


What is the trend of future?

The conflict of yesterday was left and right.

People had divided themselves into two camps, one left, one right. The left used fast and radical method to deal with everything, the right was  opposite. 

Left and right is still our situation. You can say some of the radicle ideas are on the left side. Though you will not say they are leftist, but terrorists.

Future trend is the conflict between soft and hard.

Soft is ideas, inventions. Soft is creation. Like the mobile phone or drones are soft. 

But oil, land, resources from the earth is hard. If one country lives on its hard income, that means they need not invent anything and can be rich, so long as the resources are forever plentiful. 

They can sell their resource to make a living. They are hard people. 

But the soft people can only sell their creation.

The soft people need not start a war to grab land or resource, but only create their own products. They can also be rich very quickly.

What is the special meaning to soft and hard?

That means, there will be lesser wars in the future. People need not fight for resources, but compete to create.  

9044 What is the trend of future? 20170311


What is the problem with Europe?

The problem had started long ago. Something important had slowed down and even stopped, but the people in Europe did not aware.

It was when business replaced the quest for truth, Europe had suddenly stopped growth.

People like Isaac Newton or James Watt or other inventors disappeared, instead, Generals and solders had taken the position to fight for markets in colonial wars.

At first, people are eager to search for truth. And when things were invented, people use most of their energy to sell them. Business had replaced Truth, or the quest of truth. No more new inventions, and no more new ideas were needed, instead, the knowhow of selling is more important. 

Europe was slowing down, and even stopped. 

They had been stopped in the level of Robinson Crusoe. It's a work by Daniel Defoe. Robinson Crusoe survived a shipwreck in a deserted island for many years. He had rescued some tools from the shipwreck, some firearms, hammers, nails, a saw and some seeds, etc. He used his scientific knowledge in that time to survive. To read the book is to revise the history of early science.

Were the Europeans really stopped in the level of Robinson Crusoe? Of course, this is only a joke. But it was true that they had stopped their quest for truth since. 

When people have a new invention, for example, an electric light or an early airplane, they need no business skill to sell it. 

But when the invention had become a commodity, business skill is important, especially when no more new inventions are available.

And the business skill was so important, that people use more and more energy on it and forget their original motive. 

When the Europeans found they cannot rely on colonies anymore, they tried to build their own market inside Europe.  They wanted to unite themselves to do a better business. This is the real situation of Europe. They had forgotten to search for truth, instead, they were searching for business opportunities.

And this, is the problem with Europe.

9043 What is the problem with Europe_ 20170310


What is the wisdom of Lee Kuan Yew?

Lee Kuan Yew was the last wise man in the last generation. His peer were Mao, Tang, Churchill, and no more. 

We would look back and feel somewhat uneasy, as all the wise people had gone, and we are alone. 

Where are we, and what shall we do?

Lee Kuan Yew was a wise man. He can see the things as they are. He can know how would the machine go. 

Its very clear picture indeed, but we cannot see, as we are standing in a lower viewing point. 

In the case of some small islands in the South Sea, he said it is no point to fight China for the US. He said the Chinese would come back. If you defeat them this time, they will come back again, and  again and again. Sooner or later, they will win. He said, it is better to engage China, rather to contain China. He can see that China will be growing bigger and bigger, it is no point to fight with it, but to live with it. 

He is the best of the Pragmatists. 

He had his weakness. If he had no weakness, then we would be really alone. 

He cannot see things in the cultural aspect. 

He judged that China will be strong, but he cannot tell the culture reason behind, and he cannot find the weak points in China. 

He was always looking at things from outside. He cannot see the inside picture of history. 

In the case of EU, it is the same. If you see it from outside, you will find all the weak points in the  external structure of the EU. Only when you see it from the inside, you will see the whole picture of the Western Culture, and see why is the US so different from their European counterparts, though they are the same Christians, the same industrial countries, and bore the same spirit from the Greek and Hebrew.

Lee Kuan Yew would tell you that the European Union was a wrong step, but he cannot tell why were they walking that way. 

9042 What is the wisdom of Lee Kuan Yew 20170309


Is it a long-term policy to tax Chinese goods?

Lee Kuan Yew had said in 2013, two years before he left the world: 'If America`s politicians, for example, decide, perhaps out of electoral calculations, to impose a prohibitive tax on the Chinese for selling their goods under cost price, there will be some form of retaliation. Once you go down that route, it would not be long before other trading partners, including Europe and Japan, find themselves pulled into the conflict and having to consider similar measures. Then the whole trade system goes down by several degrees. The world will end up poorer overall.'

That is the trajectory of things. The free market will not be a free market, and the whole trade system will not remain the same. 

But the point is, whether this is a long-term policy of Donald Trump, or a temporary one. He must have study the situation thoroughly. Otherwise, he would not have taken away the TPP. He is a promoter of free trade. He must have considered the case completely. 

This is another thing needed waiting, and one will see if it is a long-term measure, or a temporary one.

9041 Is it a long-term policy to tax Chinese goods? 20170308


How long can Donald Trump stand?

Yes, this is important. If he can remain in position for his whole term, the world will be different. But it is doubtful.  Nobody knows how long can he stand up. The world can only anxiously watch.

Most of the media, it was said are controlled by the Democrats. Most of the media are against him.  He can only use his tweet to fight back. 

If he can remain in position for at least a year, then the world situation will remain steady.

It is not Donald Trump who makes the world situation unpredictable, but the political struggle in the United States is.

9040 How long can Donald Trump stand?20170307


What is the meaning in going to the moon?

That is something you cannot put into democratic discussions. If you make people vote for it, 99% of the vote will be against. 

Why do you need going to the moon? What is the meaning in it? Is it worth a try? 

It is something you can never debate with (The smart people), because only fools will rush in. 

And by nature, it seems, only the foolish Americans will do it. 

What is the meaning? 

The secret is: sometimes, you need no meaning to do anything you think you ought to do. And it is creativity.

9039 What is the meaning in going to the moon_ 20170306


Why must the world live under threats?

The threats are like time bombs. You never know who would set the alarm clock and when will they blow up. 

Radicals, Terrorists, and some of the Governments, are all threats to the world.

But the world is reacting slowly. 

It is just like placing a large bomb in the city center. An every day scene ignored. People just forgot that there is a bomb in the city center. People forgot that the bomb is linked up with a time machine. People forgot to check whether the time machine is in the hands of a normal person or not.

There is only one reason why people choose that way: 

They are too busy fighting. The Americans are fighting the Russians and the Chinese. 

They do not have time, or more space in the mind to think it over.

9038 Why must the world live under threats? 20170305


How do democrats ask questions?

During his confirmation hearing on 10 January, Mr. Jeff Sessions, the Trump Attorney General was asked: 'If there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign communicated with the Russian government, in the course of this campaign, what will you do?'

From the above question, we can see that in the case of hypothetical questions, evidence is not needed. 

Let us see another BBC report: 'The US intelligence community (which one?) BELIEVES (no evidence?) the alleged Russian hacking of Democratic organizations was carried out to help Mr. Trump defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton.'

And this is a typical example of how people of high intelligence using fake logic to fight with its own people. As someone of very high position in the United States had said: 'We should believe in the US intelligence community' (like you should believe in God)

This must be the dark side of politics, though we believe in the new concept that politics should be the way people organize themselves to achieve something of real importance.

9037 How do democrats ask questions? 20170304

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What is the aim of politics?

And we are not talking about boring academic . We are facing a very practical problem. The aim of politics? It should be the same as the aim of human beings.

As a human being, we have a very honorable aim. Much of the time we would forget that aim. And the only aim of modern politics is to fight with each other. It is the same as to fight with enemies. 

Politics is fighting. But that is wrong. 

Human race should be organized, and to achieve something important. 

Fighting each other is not important, people should be united and get together to work for something of real importance. For example, there is a famine going on now in Africa, go help them. Go go go, you rich American people, you rich Russian people, you rich Chinese people. Go now.

9036  What is the aim of politics? 20170303

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What is politics

  This is an old question, but we have new answers.   

   People hate politics, because it involves much of the dark side of human nature. But if we see from the newer aspect of politics, we will find it useful and not so dark as the traditional way.  

    Politics is to organize power. That power should be the power of the people, of every one.  

    That means, human is useful. We can do something, as we have power.

    Nations should be united, so as to do a better job for the world.  

    This is the positive aspect about politics.  

    A new era had come.  

     The powers of the United States, Russia, and China should be united. A new concept of ARC is ready now. The three great nations here could bring real progress to the whole world.   

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9035  What is politics? 20170302
by  Leechard



    今時今日的世界,政治並未能起到應有的作用。政治是人類力量組織成型的工具,但今日世界,卻只有少數政治強人,而且,這些政治強人多半只忙於國家內部事務,對於人類前途的整體大問題, 無暇考慮。




9034  何以今日世界是政治軟弱的?20170301