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Who is Leechard?

Leechard is a man of questions. He asks and asks and asks, each day, he would raise a question and wrote down the question. Sometimes, he can answer, and sometimes, the question is not answered, waiting for some other people who are more interested. So far, since the year 1988, he had written about 9000 or more questions. Large parts of the questions were published and printed in a Hong Kong newspaper, Ming Pao. Later, when he stopped writing for newspapers from 2007, he put the questions in his blog. 

And this very question: 'Who is Leechard?' is the question number 9047. He should seek verification from the Guinness World Records. Just to see whether he is the most question raiser in the world.

He did write about other books. For he had written a few books about Zhuang Zi the ancient Chinese Philosopher. And sometimes, he wrote songs, using a violin to play his song in the streets. And he wrote fables and stories too. Most of the fables were works of Zhuang Zi, and some were his own imagination. 

Leechard is a man of questions. He asks and asks, until one day, he had found the most important secret of human life. It turned out that all human beings were living in the trajectory of cultures. When the culture was created unevenly, human beings suffered. And when the culture was created in a better shape, people get rich quickly. He had written his founding in a new book: 'Who will be rich tomorrow?' Interested people will find, there is really a way towards affluence.   

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