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What is European Complex ?

It is like a self-sustainable closed fish tank. 

Put enough plants, air, and very small fish in the tank, the fish will not die for a long time, perhaps they can live permanently. Its because the plants would produce air for the fish, and the fish produce substances for the plant to live. If it is balanced in a closed place, it is self-sustainable.

European complex is the same. They are only thinking of commerce. Commerce is the basic circuit of every thing. If you can make some thing and then encourage people to buy it, it will create a healthy balance of jobs and production and market, etc. The banking system and money flow are like water and air in the fish tank. When every thing is arranged properly, people will live permanently.

Market is a very important factor in commerce. When you build a factory, you need a market. Europeans had colonies before, now the colony markets had disappeared; they wish to build a market in their own home, using every commercial technique. That is the thing called EU.

However, the Europeans had forgotten one thing. Commerce is secondary. First you need to create   new things. You cannot survive in the old items. Next you need to grow. Self-sustainable is the same as not growing. You can always limit population to a certain extend, but you cannot do away aging. 

The Europeans had stopped creating in a long time. It is because commerce had given them a good time. If you can sell, no matter it is opium or anything, you can make money. 

But now the balance is gone. Only the complex remains. They thought commerce could save them.  

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