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李察通訊 Letters in Chinese


What is the most important subject?

Or you may ask:  What is the most popular subject nowadays?

The most brilliant student chooses Business, Finance, or Economics. Many very bright students choose MBA as their second degree; no matter they were in Arts or Science. 

Business had become the most important thing on earth. 

People had forgotten something were far more important then doing business. 

You must have something to sell, before you study how to sell it. 

Invention must be the basic thing, and business secondary. 

Invention is to quest for truth, to search for a way, to see what is ahead of mankind. 

Business is to sell what you have already had in stock. 

That is the problem between soft and hard. 

Idea is soft. Product is hard. 

When people had changed their mind completely, they will get rich quicker then their counterparts. 

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