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What is the trend of future?

The conflict of yesterday was left and right.

People had divided themselves into two camps, one left, one right. The left used fast and radical method to deal with everything, the right was  opposite. 

Left and right is still our situation. You can say some of the radicle ideas are on the left side. Though you will not say they are leftist, but terrorists.

Future trend is the conflict between soft and hard.

Soft is ideas, inventions. Soft is creation. Like the mobile phone or drones are soft. 

But oil, land, resources from the earth is hard. If one country lives on its hard income, that means they need not invent anything and can be rich, so long as the resources are forever plentiful. 

They can sell their resource to make a living. They are hard people. 

But the soft people can only sell their creation.

The soft people need not start a war to grab land or resource, but only create their own products. They can also be rich very quickly.

What is the special meaning to soft and hard?

That means, there will be lesser wars in the future. People need not fight for resources, but compete to create.  

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