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How to create creative people?

For non-creative people, you can 'produce' them. And that would not be very difficult. Like technicians, doctors, engineers, fund mangers, accountants, drivers, you can produce them like hotcakes. 

But for creative people, if you can produce one Thomas Edison in Australia, Australia will be rich, richer than America. 

The same is Musician. If you can produce one Beethoven in Turkey, then the Turks will be more musical than Germany. 

But this is completely wrong guess. 

You can produce one Beethoven, but you cannot produce the whole audience at the same time. 

You can produce one Thomas Edison; you cannot produce the whole team of supporting scientists, and even his enemies, etc. 

You will have to produce the species of Beethoven, and the species of Edison. 

That means you will have to have the complete culture to be rich. 

How to create creative people? 

It is a problem of Cultural transformation. Without a cultural backup, creative people will be singled out and isolated and even killed.

They will not be rich anyway.


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