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What is the most impossible thing we need to do?

The world is aging. We are living in an aging world. Many young people do not like to get marry. Many married couples choose not to have babies. Old people will be more than young people. The world is running short of young energy. 

How do you encourage young people to do things like their grandmother and have more babies?

Young women are well educated.  They have their own career. They do not want to stay at home to care about family matter. 

The trend is to have fewer babies. 

It is almost impossible to change the trend.  But it is a trend we need to change. 

Aging means the young is less able to take care of the old. But this is not the most important. 

The more important thing is:  An aging country will not be so energetic and can hardly compete with other countries.

There are other impossible things too. 

For example, people do not like reading. Fewer and fewer people like to read. How do you encourage people to read? It is another almost impossible matter. '

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