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What is the meaning of the death of the aid workers?

During the famine in March 2017 in South Sudan, six aid workers were killed when they have been travelling from Juba to a northeast town of Pibor. The news did not tell how much aid or food they were carrying by the time. Unknown forces have ambushed them. It was not the first time aid workers got killed. 12 have been killed this year alone and there have been a number of other attacks on aid convoys and warehouses.  

To help a famine country like South Sudan is no easy job. It should not be the job of ordinary aid organizations. This is only common sense that it takes an army to do that. 

And before you try to help, you need to unarm the rebels and even the Government forces in South Sudan.

That means, if you are for real, you need to do that. The so-called Non Government Organizations are simply not suitable to do it.
And that is why wisdoms are not wisdoms if they are not supported with a real power.

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