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Is an ant better than a cricket

Some people choose the life of an ant. He would work hard, save hard. He will have lots of resources when winter comes. 

Some people ignore life pressure. He is either lazy or crazy. He is either a singer or a beggar. He sings and sings, until one day, the weather is too cold for him to live. 

These are two types of person. 

There is no beggar in welfare countries. The government takes good care of them. 

The crickets in welfare countries never sing. They are too busy eating. Some crickets prefer to die singing in a poor and non-welfare country. It is better to die singing than eating. 

It happens that their voices are from life pressure too. If they are not suffering, they will not be singing. The more they suffer, the more they sing.

And this is the mystery of life. 

You have a choice to choose. You can choose to be an ant, working for the Queen mother all your life, and have plenty of food in winter. Or you can choose to be a cricket. There will be no guarantee for you. No insurance and no welfare. 

What is you choice? 

Well, it depends.

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