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Why do they put a pointer dog on the pointed roof ?

We were new comers to this little town. It was somewhere between New Zealand and Australia. I had never known weathers could be so nice. I had never enjoyed such good sunshine and fresh air. 

Our roof was just like any other roofs. It was a pointed roof, with a pointer dog guarding on it. 

I had never known why people did this. We just followed. Every family put a pointer dog up there. 

I tried to ask neighbors. They had no idea either. They would tell me a line from Confucius, which I could never manage to remember. As Confucius had said so, so there was nothing important to bother with. Every family kept a pointer dog up the pointed roofs. It was as normal as usual.

And it was another very common morning. I woke up early. I saw from the house wall windows, some students had already arrived. They were students of my wife. She was a Ballet teacher. The students and their helpers were all sitting quietly outside. They were waiting for the dance class to begin.

It was by this time, I observed my pointer dog for the first time. 

He seemed to be very sad. 'What?' I thought to myself, 'do dogs have feelings too?'   

I looked at him again. He seemed painful. Because I saw him bending his spine, and could hardly stand straight. 

There was dirty dark blood on his lower waist.

I hurried to move the dog down from the pointed roof. I thought, 'Oh, how happy should the dog be?'

When he was on the ground, I found that there was no dog leash. And he was so happy, and healthy, that he started to run. Now there was nothing wrong with his spine. 

I managed to have a large belt trying to harness the dog. But it was so large, that it could not fit in the neck of the dog. 

The harness was of no use indeed. 

He had started running. And me too. 

We were running.

( The End )

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