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What is the problem with Europe?

The problem had started long ago. Something important had slowed down and even stopped, but the people in Europe did not aware.

It was when business replaced the quest for truth, Europe had suddenly stopped growth.

People like Isaac Newton or James Watt or other inventors disappeared, instead, Generals and solders had taken the position to fight for markets in colonial wars.

At first, people are eager to search for truth. And when things were invented, people use most of their energy to sell them. Business had replaced Truth, or the quest of truth. No more new inventions, and no more new ideas were needed, instead, the knowhow of selling is more important. 

Europe was slowing down, and even stopped. 

They had been stopped in the level of Robinson Crusoe. It's a work by Daniel Defoe. Robinson Crusoe survived a shipwreck in a deserted island for many years. He had rescued some tools from the shipwreck, some firearms, hammers, nails, a saw and some seeds, etc. He used his scientific knowledge in that time to survive. To read the book is to revise the history of early science.

Were the Europeans really stopped in the level of Robinson Crusoe? Of course, this is only a joke. But it was true that they had stopped their quest for truth since. 

When people have a new invention, for example, an electric light or an early airplane, they need no business skill to sell it. 

But when the invention had become a commodity, business skill is important, especially when no more new inventions are available.

And the business skill was so important, that people use more and more energy on it and forget their original motive. 

When the Europeans found they cannot rely on colonies anymore, they tried to build their own market inside Europe.  They wanted to unite themselves to do a better business. This is the real situation of Europe. They had forgotten to search for truth, instead, they were searching for business opportunities.

And this, is the problem with Europe.

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