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What is the wisdom of Lee Kuan Yew?

Lee Kuan Yew was the last wise man in the last generation. His peer were Mao, Tang, Churchill, and no more. 

We would look back and feel somewhat uneasy, as all the wise people had gone, and we are alone. 

Where are we, and what shall we do?

Lee Kuan Yew was a wise man. He can see the things as they are. He can know how would the machine go. 

Its very clear picture indeed, but we cannot see, as we are standing in a lower viewing point. 

In the case of some small islands in the South Sea, he said it is no point to fight China for the US. He said the Chinese would come back. If you defeat them this time, they will come back again, and  again and again. Sooner or later, they will win. He said, it is better to engage China, rather to contain China. He can see that China will be growing bigger and bigger, it is no point to fight with it, but to live with it. 

He is the best of the Pragmatists. 

He had his weakness. If he had no weakness, then we would be really alone. 

He cannot see things in the cultural aspect. 

He judged that China will be strong, but he cannot tell the culture reason behind, and he cannot find the weak points in China. 

He was always looking at things from outside. He cannot see the inside picture of history. 

In the case of EU, it is the same. If you see it from outside, you will find all the weak points in the  external structure of the EU. Only when you see it from the inside, you will see the whole picture of the Western Culture, and see why is the US so different from their European counterparts, though they are the same Christians, the same industrial countries, and bore the same spirit from the Greek and Hebrew.

Lee Kuan Yew would tell you that the European Union was a wrong step, but he cannot tell why were they walking that way. 

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