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What is Chinese Complex?

Qin Shi Huang, the first Chinese emperor had been thinking how to rule effectively until he read a book by Han Fei, which run a line like this:  'It is perfect to rule in the mind, the next choice is to rule in the words, and the last choice is to rule in the matters.'

To rule in the mind is to promote moral, or li, which is a complete set of behavior conducts.

Confucius was very angry when his student Fan Chi asked to study agriculture. Confucius said, it is useless to study the method of agriculture. If the kings promote the Li well, then every thing would be in track and need not to care about. 

It is very similar to Indian Complex, which can never get out from the debate whether desire should be suppressed or not.

Now the Chinese theme had been used for two thousand years, and thoughts had been knitted tightly on the net of moral. Few could run away.                                         
Can you keep your creative mind flying and neglect or forget about moral?

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