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What is Water?

From Evernote:

What is Water?

"Water" might be the only mind-concept that was concrete in the minds of a few very early Chinese philosophers.

mind-concept is the special Chinese way to think. They would use a pictogram, or the graphic symbol character, to represent a mind-concept, which is usually not definable by the reasoning power of the left brain,  for example, "tao" was a mind-concept, and left-right another.

What is a "water"?

From the books of  Zhuang Zi , water is something like wind, it could float things. If there were some water on the table, you could float some small bits on it. But if you put a cup, the small among of water cannot float the cup, the cup would stick on the table. Zhuang Zi was the most  balanced talent by that time. He can look into the facts, and find out the truth. However, Lao Zi was not that balanced. What is water? Lao Zi would not see into the reality of the water, but only saw the symbolic meaning of the water. He said, water was the symbol of weakness:  and he changed his attention  immediately from water to "weakness', which was another important mind-concept. According to Lao Zi : being weak is good, as it can turn into strong.  Weakness  is  strong,  like  water is strong.  As water has no form, can go every where,  is an undefendable weapon in war.

Fail to look into reality, was the weakest point in Chinese culture. Whenever they see something, they would use the mind-concept to analyse it , and try to find out the "inner" meaning.

And actually, the so-called "inner meaning" could be another trap in the front steps of a treasure mountain. In a balanced mind like Zhuang Zi, things are always reachable both from the external side and the  internal side, and only the balanced mind can see into the real reality which is not necessary the same as a symbolic moral. A water is a water, which is a real thing, and of course, you can see that as a symbol and try to find out the inner meaning.

Why is it a trap?

But in the old times, people cannot distinguish between "inner meaning" and "moral". They thought that every mind-concept has got some "moral" in it. 

The trap is forgetting the internal search. It is not only moral . There is an inner meaning for everything. To search only outside, is the fatal dead end for any civilization. And the Chinese were not mainly internal searching, they had confused the internal with the moral.

And that is why, Confucius was so much fond of moral and neglecting all the scientific and external search. All the books by the Confucian scholars were moral books, not even one of them science.


What is the meaning of being "big"?

From Evernote:

What is the meaning of being "big"?

The Chinese way of thinking is very different from the West.

They use pictogram, and are mainly right-brained.  They would like to use a graphic word to represent a "mind-concept", and the mind-concept could be a basic building block of the thoughts. Or it could be an ideal, or a trend.

a mind-concept is not like a paradigm. It is just a concept, but the concept is usually not definable.  Tao( the way, or the truth) is the main mind-concept among the concepts in the Spring, Autumn & Warring States period(770-221BC)

Philosophers tended to corner a mind-concept, and then develop their explanation.  Once they found a new mind-concept, they would be very happy.

Big, or Bigness is a very simple mind-concept at the very beginning. However, this mind-concept has been extremely important in Chinese Culture.

Zhuang Zi had written an article in the very early stage of Chinese History. By that time, no one seems to aware the situations of human beings. They dont even have a concept about the "human being", and not to mention the concept of the earth, or the creator, etc. Zhuang Zi was a very imaginative philosopher. He wrote about a big bird in the article "The Flying" (refer to my bloc for the original text). The bird is so large, that it can fly from the Northen Unknown to the Southern Unknown. What is it like flying in such high places? No one had gone up such high places then. Zhuang Zi wished to use such impact to guide the thought into another mind-concept, the boundless infinity. In the boundless infinity, one could find absolute freedom.

However, people at that time simply cannot understand such advanced mind-concepts. Infinity and absolute freedom is too complicated for them. Instead, they had found only the concept of bigness is acceptable. Lao Zi said, Tao is Bigness. And many other writers wrote about bigness then. Some other "Zhuang Zi"(many other writers declared themselves were Zhuang Zi, but actually they were employed by the Han Rulers to use the name to promote Confucian doctrines)said, in front of Confucius, no one can claim the title of  bigness. (The Autumn Water, a faked work of Zhung Zi) . The thought of being big is very popular from that time on.  Lao Zi said, "the sky is big, the earth is big, and the man(the Emperor) is big. "

Being big had become an ideal then. the proverb " Be inclusive and be big"  ( You Rong Nai Da  )was impressive in the Chinese mind from then on. However, the more advanced mind-concept of infinity had been marginalized since then. It is another sad story of Gresham's Law, bad money drives out good.  "In search of bigness" has become a main concern of the rulers. They can never understand the thought of oneness, or the thought of infinity.

Being Big, is the comfort zone of the Chinese. It seems that being big is something to be proud of, and safe. And more importantly , it is compatible to Confucian doctrines.

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What is the basic character of the Chinese?

From Evernote:

What is the basic character of the Chinese?

It is  "Wu Nai", means helplessness.
When asked: "Don't you feel wu nai?" Lots of them will say yes.

Lots of the Chinese believe in fate, feeling they can do nothing, honor authority, and that means giving up the freedom of thinking. Lots of them are selfish, not willing to mind other people's business.

Dr Sun Yat-sen said they are like a basin full of loose sands. And sands are not like concrete, it is loose, cannot support anything.

Those are Confucian influences.

But this is not the original character of Chinese. Confucians had tried to eliminate ancient thoughts. They had marginalized almost all the non-confucian thoughts. They had changed the Chinese character.

However, not all Chinese are like that. Lots of them are in the opposite. May be that is the subconscious mind brought down  from the ancient. Lots of them are brave and daring people.

And that is the reason why there are always two different types of Chinese.

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What is a sex breath?

From Evernote:

What is a sex breath?

People are breathing much more during sex. What is the difference between a sex breath and an ordinary sports breath?

I like to practice Qi Kung during midnight. One time, when the Qi came up from my stomach as usual, suddenly I noticed the different. I found I was breathing deeply yet heavily. It seems something more than the normal air are blocking the airway. I have to squeeze harder to let the air come up from my lung. The experience was very much like that in the sex, but not like that in sports. During sports, if you need more oxygen, you just breath harder and the oxygen will come as expected. But during sex moments, you breath harder and harder, the noise were not the same. Some thing more than air is using your airway, it is a traffic problem in the airway.

And now I was practising Qi Kung only, I was not making love. Why should such noise come up ?

I doubted that it was the Qi using the airway as well as the air. And  I think the Qi was not using the tunnel of the airway, but the tunnel itself. It was something like the water tube. the water use the airway inside the tube to move, but something else is using the tube itself to move.

And now I was practising Qi Kung only, not making love. Why is it that I got the same feeling?

It is not easy to call up the Qi during practice. It need years of practicing. But you dont need any practice, if you are making love to some one you love, the Qi would come up, as in the Qi Kung practice.

I guess it was the time for the male and female to exchange the Qi. When a positive or masculine Qi meets a negative or feminine Qi, they must be doing something.

Qi is unknown to human uptil now, however, it is something like electric, it is not a spirit. I suppose there must be some thing more than physical contacts during sex. there must be some spiritual contacts during sex. 
And I guess, it is this spiritual contact which brings life into the next generation.

And the strange part is:  even people do not love each other, still they can make love and produce babies easily. They might not have spiritual contact, but still , they could have babies, though the life of the babies could be different. Will the baby grown up as usual or, grown up as a misfit ?

We can just wait for the future studies. But for the moment, every one can observe the special sex breath easily.

I was once walking with one of my school mates. She was not my girlfriend, but we talked very often. It was the teenage years, we talked and talked, all about the most updated literature ideas.

We were walking uphill, and suddenly I found she was breathing very noisily.  She breathed and breathed, for a very long time. The sound was so strange, that I can remember it after so many years.

It was exactly the sex breath she was breathing. But I didn't know it then. I asked her, are you alright? she said, she is ok. And she refuse to sit down and take a rest.

But I still do not understand, why would such sex breath come up during a literature  discussion.

Will there be spiritual contact in love making?

From Evernote:

Will there be spiritual contact in love making?

When I was practicing Qi Kung ( A kind of Kung Fu) I found I was breathing very heavily. It is not like the breaths in sports. It is rather like like the breathings in sex. Heavy, noisy.

It is a stimulating thing. And I have a question:  Will it be the same Qi ? When people are making love, the male and female might have a contact of Qi.  They might have contacts not only in skin and sperms and eggs, but also in Qi?  Could they exchange Qi during love making?

And most important of all, their spiritual situation might have some effect in the arrangements of the genes. A happy couple produce better offsprings, do you believe that?

spiritual forces could arrange genes, that could be a very important study.

And I must make a note here:  Qi is not spiritual. They are not the same thing. Qi is a matter, like electricity. May be, those  are the helpers of spirit, not the spirits.

What is "Love" ?

From Evernote:

What is "Love" ?

This is the most asked question in Google last year.  And there are numerous definitions of love listed in the web.

Why  are  so many people curious about love?

Because life is linked. Even in the most terrible solitary confinement, still, one is linked.

Love is the communication between minds. The communication can be physical or spiritual. The communication could be strong  or weak.  And the feelings of communication depends on different people.  Some people have a stronger feeling then others. But the links between people are always there.

And that is why we are one.


From Evernote:

How to pick philosophy from religion?

Religion is a taboo today. Lots of people have given up religion. When they gave up religion, they gave up the philosophy too.

There are always two parts within a religion:  philosophy and doctrines.

Doctrines are always the work of clergymen, but philosophies not.

Oneness is the basic idea of Jesus. And it is almost same with Zhuang Zi.

Why is Oneness important?

Because Oneness is the reason of love.

When people realize that God is Us and We are God, his thought will be in a much higher level.

What is the meaning of "We are God"?

It means human conscience is divine.  And divine is human conscience.

If you can seek from your inner conscience, you will discover many things.  For example, homosexual need not be a sin, but dishonest is. If we can honor honest and give up lying,  many problems could be solved.

And this is the philosophy from Jesus.


She Loves The Baby


She Loves The Baby

She loves the baby
She kisses the baby
She hugs the baby
She collects clothes with the baby
The baby slips
The baby falls

She cried
I will follow you

Angels took them both

(  A baby and her maid fell  from a high building yesterday in Hong  Kong. )


How to communicate with an orange internally?

From Evernote:

How to communicate with an orange internally?

To know something externally is to measure, calculate, and explore, etc. You need some tools to measure an orange. You can cut it into pieces, put them into different machines to measure it. But to know an orange internally is a completely different approach.

It is the same with knowing a person, or a special situation internally.

You ought to use your mind.

What ?

First you have to put down your scanner, camera, ruler, etc. Forget those external tools. You are not to give up tools, however, put them down for a while, can help you create a silent mind.

May be, you can smile a little.

And then you say, ok, I like the orange.

You have started an important step. You have started to use your feeling. If you open the orange, perhaps, you will like it more.

Now you are in deep contact with the orange. Did you feel anything?

Or you felt nothing at all?

Yes, internal connection in not a very difficult matter. You have the feeling, and you are not crippled inside. You are using your inner feeling to contact the orange.

You have a feeling with the orange.

Did you hear the inner voice of the orange?

If you do, you must be very talented.

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Who is most influential in Western Culture?

From Evernote:

who is most influential in Western Culture?

Western culture are luckier then Chinese.

It's very not easy to find the most influential one in Chinese Culture. As Chinese Culture had been broken by the Confucians, and many of the ancient thoughts were willfully destroyed, so the Chinese thoughts were shattered; though we can piece it up with the insight from Zhuang Zi the ancient thinker, however, the thoughts are not systematic.

Western Culture was more lucky. We can trace the thoughts back to Ancient Egypt, and then Greece.

Most influential were Jesus.

Jesus was a heavily covered philosopher,  He was covered by the religious doctrines. But if we uncover all the  layers, we can see a system which is the ideal of the modern world.


why we need to know the Jesus Philosophy?

From Evernote:

why we need to know the Jesus Philosophy?

Many people do not trust religion. It is because there are too many doctrines which are unfit to the modern world. And the doctrines were  not necessary only doctrines, but also a discription of the universe, which was always wrong.

However, it was philosophic thoughts under the cover of the religious doctrines leaded our history.

Religion tells  us where we should go, but  a philosophy tells us what it is, and we could choose.

To give up doctrines or religions are not necessary to give up the philosophy also--if we know what it is about.

A whole generation could run astray sometimes. A whole generation could turn into stupid sometimes. It is because, when people trust religion no more, they had given up everything, including the practical thinking tools behind it.

It is important to find out the true and original thought of Jesus.

It could be very useful.

In the presence of modern economic crisis, we need more wisdom.

Evernote:Why is philosophy important?

From Evernote:

Why is philosophy important?

Religion was very useful to politics. Politicians needed religion to guide people in every way of their life, while religion needed politicians to help them.

Suddenly things changed. People believe religion no more.

It brought in a period of  mind lost. Matalialism has come to replace religion. People had become short-sighted and eager to grab money.

I have a point here.

Its best to let the politicians become philosophers.  They can lead the way very well then.  And the second choice is to use philosophers, use their thoughts to lead the country.

In that case, a high imagination enabled country would become higher still.


What is freedom ?

We need to re- define freedom.

We have two types of freedom. Internal and external.

According to Zhuang Zi, we are absolutely free. We can do anything as designed by the Creator. It is a Choice. And the Choices are ours.

Why sometimes we are afraid, and feel not free? That is because we do not understand the meaning of life. If we do, nothing is impossible. The most fearful thing is death. But if you know the meaning of life, death is not a threat. Life is not a body; life is a purpose. If we do have a purpose, then life will be useful. Our internal freedom is absolute.

And many things govern our external freedom: Law, Moral, Regulations, or the common thoughts, etc.

We need to re-examine carefully, that whether any of this limitations infringes our ultimate freedom.

Ultimate Freedom is to guarantee the next set of mindset have a chance to grow. New thoughts should not only be allowed, but also supported. If Writers, Artists, Thinkers and Philosophers are starving to the point of distinguish, how can new thoughts emerge?

Yes, they can be beggars. But it is unlawful to beg. To beg is not allowed. Freedom is thus destroyed.

Freedom is not like waves.

Waves are always pushing one another. The front wave will always give way for the coming wave.

But human minds are always resisting.

The old thought will never give way to the new.

The old thoughts, armed with modern technology, are stronger and stronger, resisting to retire, suppressing the new and the young.

For example, democracy itself is an old wave.

It is never easy to criticize democracy. Though it is like an old wave, will be gone sooner or later.

How are we to protect ourselves from losing freedom?

Last resort is the internal freedom. The thought of internal absolute freedom is the guarantee of a healthy growth of our external freedom. We all need to know thoroughly about it.

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Why is Jesus not happy?

Yes, he will not be happy with a situation like this. I can feel it.
( I am still working on the system of Jesus. Coming soon)


Jesus: and he is not happy

A photo taken from today's IHT, Aug 5, 2013
Title:  Seeking escape:  Pakistanis trying to flee rising waters in Karachi on Sunday. Heavy weekend rains and flooding left dozens dead in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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Why you need to know about the system of Jesus

I am working on this topic. It is important, yet interesting.

Why important?

Why this couild be the most important question we need to know?