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What is the basic character of the Chinese?

From Evernote:

What is the basic character of the Chinese?

It is  "Wu Nai", means helplessness.
When asked: "Don't you feel wu nai?" Lots of them will say yes.

Lots of the Chinese believe in fate, feeling they can do nothing, honor authority, and that means giving up the freedom of thinking. Lots of them are selfish, not willing to mind other people's business.

Dr Sun Yat-sen said they are like a basin full of loose sands. And sands are not like concrete, it is loose, cannot support anything.

Those are Confucian influences.

But this is not the original character of Chinese. Confucians had tried to eliminate ancient thoughts. They had marginalized almost all the non-confucian thoughts. They had changed the Chinese character.

However, not all Chinese are like that. Lots of them are in the opposite. May be that is the subconscious mind brought down  from the ancient. Lots of them are brave and daring people.

And that is the reason why there are always two different types of Chinese.

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