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why we need to know the Jesus Philosophy?

From Evernote:

why we need to know the Jesus Philosophy?

Many people do not trust religion. It is because there are too many doctrines which are unfit to the modern world. And the doctrines were  not necessary only doctrines, but also a discription of the universe, which was always wrong.

However, it was philosophic thoughts under the cover of the religious doctrines leaded our history.

Religion tells  us where we should go, but  a philosophy tells us what it is, and we could choose.

To give up doctrines or religions are not necessary to give up the philosophy also--if we know what it is about.

A whole generation could run astray sometimes. A whole generation could turn into stupid sometimes. It is because, when people trust religion no more, they had given up everything, including the practical thinking tools behind it.

It is important to find out the true and original thought of Jesus.

It could be very useful.

In the presence of modern economic crisis, we need more wisdom.