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How to communicate with an orange internally?

From Evernote:

How to communicate with an orange internally?

To know something externally is to measure, calculate, and explore, etc. You need some tools to measure an orange. You can cut it into pieces, put them into different machines to measure it. But to know an orange internally is a completely different approach.

It is the same with knowing a person, or a special situation internally.

You ought to use your mind.

What ?

First you have to put down your scanner, camera, ruler, etc. Forget those external tools. You are not to give up tools, however, put them down for a while, can help you create a silent mind.

May be, you can smile a little.

And then you say, ok, I like the orange.

You have started an important step. You have started to use your feeling. If you open the orange, perhaps, you will like it more.

Now you are in deep contact with the orange. Did you feel anything?

Or you felt nothing at all?

Yes, internal connection in not a very difficult matter. You have the feeling, and you are not crippled inside. You are using your inner feeling to contact the orange.

You have a feeling with the orange.

Did you hear the inner voice of the orange?

If you do, you must be very talented.

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