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What is a sex breath?

From Evernote:

What is a sex breath?

People are breathing much more during sex. What is the difference between a sex breath and an ordinary sports breath?

I like to practice Qi Kung during midnight. One time, when the Qi came up from my stomach as usual, suddenly I noticed the different. I found I was breathing deeply yet heavily. It seems something more than the normal air are blocking the airway. I have to squeeze harder to let the air come up from my lung. The experience was very much like that in the sex, but not like that in sports. During sports, if you need more oxygen, you just breath harder and the oxygen will come as expected. But during sex moments, you breath harder and harder, the noise were not the same. Some thing more than air is using your airway, it is a traffic problem in the airway.

And now I was practising Qi Kung only, I was not making love. Why should such noise come up ?

I doubted that it was the Qi using the airway as well as the air. And  I think the Qi was not using the tunnel of the airway, but the tunnel itself. It was something like the water tube. the water use the airway inside the tube to move, but something else is using the tube itself to move.

And now I was practising Qi Kung only, not making love. Why is it that I got the same feeling?

It is not easy to call up the Qi during practice. It need years of practicing. But you dont need any practice, if you are making love to some one you love, the Qi would come up, as in the Qi Kung practice.

I guess it was the time for the male and female to exchange the Qi. When a positive or masculine Qi meets a negative or feminine Qi, they must be doing something.

Qi is unknown to human uptil now, however, it is something like electric, it is not a spirit. I suppose there must be some thing more than physical contacts during sex. there must be some spiritual contacts during sex. 
And I guess, it is this spiritual contact which brings life into the next generation.

And the strange part is:  even people do not love each other, still they can make love and produce babies easily. They might not have spiritual contact, but still , they could have babies, though the life of the babies could be different. Will the baby grown up as usual or, grown up as a misfit ?

We can just wait for the future studies. But for the moment, every one can observe the special sex breath easily.

I was once walking with one of my school mates. She was not my girlfriend, but we talked very often. It was the teenage years, we talked and talked, all about the most updated literature ideas.

We were walking uphill, and suddenly I found she was breathing very noisily.  She breathed and breathed, for a very long time. The sound was so strange, that I can remember it after so many years.

It was exactly the sex breath she was breathing. But I didn't know it then. I asked her, are you alright? she said, she is ok. And she refuse to sit down and take a rest.

But I still do not understand, why would such sex breath come up during a literature  discussion.