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李察通訊 Letters in Chinese


A Beauty in My Eyes

I have never had seen a beauty like her. And I have never had such an urge to get closer to a lady like her. I wanted to talk to her, to know more about her. I do not want to lost contact with her. However, when I had realised my thought and knew that was exactly my own feeling, and she was gone. I had lost a second or two, but actually I lost her. Never in my life I had such feelings. I was used to be a calm and quiet man. I have seen so many beautiful girls, yet I had never had such a thought. I would only smile and said to myself, oh, not bad a lady. I will never try to chase after someone. I was at a lost suddenly when she was gone. I keep thinking for myself a reason to follow her, to tell her I am a photographer and would like to take some picture for my magazine, etc, or to interview her for an article for my book, however, all illusions were gone when she disappeared in the crowd. I sat down, and wrote the following poem. Hoping some time and some day she would read the poem.

A simple translation and description of the following poem :

I saw a beautiful lady stopped in front of a glass window of the coffee shop. I thought to myself, why did she stop here. Would it be something special?  I saw her hooked her fingers and smile. Her smile was fresh as new. And I saw a boy of about six years responded. The boy was with a man, seemed to be his father. The man was busying at his mobile. The boy sneaked outside. He was talking with the lady, and she combed his head with her hand, then I realised she must be his mother. They hugged and hugged. The boy was on his toes trying to hold her shoulder, she bended to kiss the boy, her long hair covered the face of him. A few minutes later, they were saying goodbye. And the mother was gone in the crowded street. I saw her smiling tears when she turned. When the boy came back, the man was still busy with his mobile, without moving up his head.

Now the poem was finished for a week or more, and I realised another thing. I was an orphan,  I lost my mother in the age of eleven. A very special kind of loneliness is my life time suffer. And I thought that must be some kind of motivation for me. She must be the reflection of my own mother.  That is why she was so beautiful in my eyes. And that is why I don't want to lost contact with her. I still wish she can read my poem.


   (李察  一九年九月深秋)



Notes from the writer: 

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To promote the idea of a true duckling, we have music too. The Duckling Prince Suite was completed and the scores are ready…………and the recordings are ready too. Be patient for a little while.  

The Duckling Prince

The ugly duckling was very frustrated when she finally found out that she was forever a duck and never had anybody said she was a swan. 

And she was more than a duck. She was a crippled lame duck. She was bald, she had no hair on her head, and her wings were short, she could never fly. 

One day, the swans came again. They were the princesses of the lake. Everybody was silent with respect when they past elegantly. 

The ugly duckling tried to swim closer to the swans. The last of the princesses splashed her wings to go faster to avoid the beggar. Water hit the duckling mercilessly. 

She cried desperately: glee glee glee………

She could never have understood why she was not a swan. 

An old man happened walking nearby and saw the scene. He knew the question, and he was trying to explain it. 

He had got so many of the theories in his throat, but now, he could say nothing, he could only say: Hello, glee! 

The duckling looked and saw him, thinking that he might be the prince, the duckling swam closer. 

And indeed, he was the prince and got magic. The duckling gazed at him for two minutes and understood it all. She was enlightened.

She knew now she was a true duckling and it was natural. It was very natural. She was happy. She was happy so suddenly, she could not stop laughing.

Now her mother had called from a distance. "Ugly, Ugly, where are you!"

She made a somersault turn and answered happily: "Coming, coming, Ugly coming!"

Seeing these kinds of basics of the Universe and be happy about it, is the very beginning of everything.

Now the ugly duckling was freed from her old thoughts. She would like to swim to the same place to see the old man again. 

She didn't see the old man for a long time. 

Suddenly she saw something moving in the swamp. There was a very large white swan. The duckling wanted to hide herself, but the swan saw her already. Then the duckling went a little closer. She was inspired by the old man and was fearless. 

The white swan struggled to turn herself, she tried to flap her wings. But she could only make an unpleasant noise. 

The ugly duckling wondered what had happened to her. The image of a beautifully dancing swan was always her dream. She wished the swan could dance again. The ugly duckling went a step further and asked a wrong question: "Where is your prince?"

The swan said weakly, "I have no prince. I have searched for my whole life, but there was none." The duckling dared not ask why again. Then the duckling saw she was closing her eyes. "Sorry, are you sleeping?" It was a long pause, then the swan said again, "No, I am going."

And for a very long time, the swan was motionless. But the ugly duckling still wanted to ask: "Where are you going?"

It was at this moment the duckling saw the old man. The old man told her:" She is dead." 

The duckling found something strange in the air. And she did feel something. In such moments, there would be no ugly and pretty, noble and humble. She had forgotten that she was a beggar, she wanted to hug the noble swan. But one question remained in her mind. She turned to the old man: "Where is she going?"

The old man turned his head and said, "Do you really want to know?"

The Duckling said earnestly, "Yes, please tell me. Where is she going?"

"You won't believe it even if I told you."

The Duckling only looked at the old man with her very sad eyes. She didn't want to explain how honest she was. 

The old man cannot refuse and said:" She will tell you herself."

"What?" the Duckling cannot believe what she had heard. 

Then she saw the grass under the swan moved a little. She saw the swan stretched her legs. She observed that the swan was opening her eyes. 

"Wow", she jumped forward and hugged the swan tightly, "You are not going, do you!"


The swan made a big yawn like she had been sleeping for a long time.

The Duckling wanted to ask her where she had been. But now she was so happy that she had forgotten the question. And she had a far more important issue at her mind now. 

The Duckling said, "Can I go with you?"

"Go with me?" the swan exclaimed. "Go where?"

"I wish to go to search the prince with you together. "She added, "No matter how far it will be."

"There is no prince on earth. Those are only beggars. Don't waste your effort. "

"No, there is, there are a lot of them!" She turned to see the old man, hoping the old man can help. 

And the old man didn't give any answer. He just smiled.

"Those are only beggars…."

The words of the swan hurt the duckling accidentally. 

The duckling could have never known, these words were so powerful and could bring her from heaven to hell all in a sudden. "Wow, am I not a beggar?" And she had hugged her a moment ago. "Can a beggar accompany you to search for a prince?"

When the ugly duckling was sunk into her thoughts, she did not notice the swan had stood up and spread her wings. She was in the air. 

Misery and despair was like a cloud in her head. "I never was a beggar and never will be." She murmured to herself and she saw the beautiful swan was already on top of her and was trying to address something to her. It seemed the swan was saying goodbye. 

She flapped her wings to chase the swan and found they were too short to fly.  She could only stumble a few steps and felt. The swan tried to come down again. 

The duckling heard the noise of a string. A little boat had been closing in and a man was on the boat. He was aiming the swan with an arrow. 

"Oh no, no." The duckling tried to warn the swan. But the swan did not see the boat. She only saw the duckling and was spiraling lower. The bow was on its full strength and was about to shoot at the swan. The duckling jumped and made a loud noise to splash the water. The arrow missed the swan. The man turned his head and saw the duckling. He put on another arrow and this time, he aimed at the duckling and shot a second arrow. The duckling ducked down and was just in time to sink deeper to avoid the arrow. The arrow hit the grass and produced a loud noise. 

The duckling swam deep and hid behind a group of weeds.

She saw the boat was not coming near and was going to another direction and she was almost collapsed as she had used up all her strength. 

She found a piece of dry land and felt into a sleep. As she was opening her eyes again, she heard the swan was next to her. "Oh, I thought you were dead, you have been sleeping for a long time."

"I am not so easy to die." The duckling was happy again. 

"Thanks for saving my life." And it was the first time, the swan looked deeply into the eyes of the duckling. 

"Aren't you going to search the prince?

"Oh no, never. I had found one. "


"You are the prince. You are so beautiful. " 

The duckling was shocked to hear that. Never in her life had she heard someone commented at her in such a way. 

"Am I a prince? Not a beggar? You must be joking. "

"Yes, you are a prince, and there must be a lot of your kind in this world."

The morning dew were gone and the sun was very warm by then. It must be late in the morning. The Duckling was in a shock and cannot believe what she had heard.

And then they saw the old man. He was coming from a distance. 

The sun was so hot that they felt there was warmth in their back, their shadow appeared in  front. The shadow was growing bigger and bigger, but they had not noticed. They only saw the old man was smiling in the sunshine. 

The duckling turned and found it was like illusion. The swan was changing and standing up like magic. She was like a princess, in white ballet tutu. And she had pointe shoes on her feet too. 

Now the duckling turned to see the old man, and found a shadow of a prince in front. The duckling had been turned from a bird to a prince, and he was not aware of it yet. He saw only the shadow.  

The old man said to them, "Hi, good morning! "

The duckling murmured: "What had you done to us?"

The old man said, "As she said you are a prince, I presume you will not reject it? You are a prince."

The duckling seemed to be dreaming, not knowing what is going to happen. The duckling just looked at his own empty palms, he has never had such a pair of palms before. He fixed his eyes at the old man, while the princess was standing closely by his side. 

The duckling kept murmuring, "Why, why….." He had got so many questions to ask.

The old man raised his hand up to the sky, and retrieved a sword from the air. He put the sword on the duckling's hand: "This is your sword, it is the wisdom of a prince. You can go together now." 

"Go, go where?" 

The old man smile again, " Go, go search everything."

But the duckling said, "but I still got some problems in my mind. Can you tell more?"

The old man said, "Those are not important. You will find it later. "

The duckling murmured: "Wisdom of a what?"

When the prince and the princess were examining the sword on their hand, the old man disappeared. The prince shouted at the empty, as he was not satisfied, "Would you tell me what is important?"

There was no answer from the air. Yet the prince seemed satisfied. He knew it already.  

The princess looked at the prince, expecting some explanation. The prince started talking to her for quite a time. The sun was high by now, two small icons were brightly shining on the vast plain.  


And they knew, this was only the start of everything……..

(The End) 














A simple translation

Nonsense World

The nonsense world has a barren mountain
The mountain is in the air
Humans live in this world
It’s not hard to live.

 Hard is to know the  mystery
 You can search everywhere
 What do you think about the   world?
 Its the first problem

 Animals are  simple
 It seems difficult to be human
 Nightmares are lingering
 To survive needs a meaning

 Stupid is bare survival
 Someone meditates for his aim
 Beyond the universe is not far
 Imagining infinite dreams

 Born to have two legs
 Before, after, and afar can I go
 Pursuit of ideal
 A true freedom

 Human wisdom does not seem
to be ready
 Natural selection is prepared
 Ignorant prevails
 Abandon oneself in meaningless pleasure

 Life is just a way
 A difficult  way to  wisdom
 Pressure can't be avoided
 It needs to fight hard


Song Copy Right...... for sale

COPY RIGHT for the following song is for sale. 
Any one interested please contact the song writer 
Mr. Cheng Wing Lim


And if I were a little cat
You will listen to my call
I will call you and I say
Mel mel mel mel mel mel mel

And if you are a little cat
And if I am doggie bad
I will chase you forever
It's so funny let us play

And if I were a little flower
All the colors you will see
In the sunshine I will dance
for you and for you only

And if I were but human
Will you answer to my call?
Will you treat me like the same?
We are humans any way.

And if I were only me
And if you know it is me
You will see it very clear
This is the guy born for you.......you 

Copy right for sale




he has been flyng 
he carries nothing 
losts reduces mind 
mind produces success 
inside is burning 
reasons are raining
burdens alighted
seduces kicked away