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Will there be a war ?

9200  Will there be a war between US and China ? 20190520

Sincere people hope that politicians will use their mental power to avoid a war. But I doubt that. As we have not been evolved enough. It must be very high consciousness to make that decision. They will not choose the option to live happily together with one and other in the present time.  

There will be war.

Before the war, they will try to dry up each other.

Though the chance for Military War is slim, but it cannot be neglected.

They will try other option. A Cheap War is more powerful than the Trade war. The Trade War is false, but the Cheap War is real.

China had very limited control over the media in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The Cheap War tactics were so successful there, the younger generation are so confused, that the situation is full of crises.

A successful Cheap War will lead to Military War.

The Trade war will be over very soon. Business leaders are well aware of that. A fortune is there waiting for clever people now, at least, before the unwanted Military War happens.


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