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What if you are proud of yourself?

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What if you are proud of yourself?

Anything can happen (Part 1)

(Part 2)

I want to share with you this beautiful film, 'Anything can happen' by Marcel Łoziński 

This is a film ought to see. Because it reminded me a theme I had not talked about in a long time.

What is the meaning of life?

What kind of life I wish to have?

A six-year-old boy goes into a park, and talks to many of the old people there. At first, you will find the boy is interesting, he has got lots of wonderful questions we will never ask. But later, you will find the main theme are on the old people, you will see, how do they feel about their own life. They are mostly lonely, and not happy.

That is the important thing in life.

We must do something meaningful, and to be proud of it.

Are you proud of your true self?

Some guy has brought an expensive car. He was proud of his car, and the money was from his father. He is not proud of his true self, but only his other self. The other-self will be gone in time, but your true-self will not. It remains.  It is yours always. You will be happy in an eternal way. You will be happy when you are old. You will never feel lonely, because,  you will know, you are one with the universe. And that is why, we need to do something meaningful. 

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